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Week No. 08
Last Update: 12 February 2018

Auric Colours And You

Brilliant Green

When loving and kind, this lovely colour glows with light, the soul adding to the light when caring for those who have no understanding, but who are appreciative of love being given. The light is then more powerful, it can do the impossible that the earth brain could never do.

To be positively useful to the self the aura must grow with wisdom and not stray from the light, which is very easily done. There are five differing colours to gain this one as a working colour, causing a foundation in life that will not let the self down.

The light does not come from good deeds done

One does not see this colour around an individual, neither does it cling to the self like the shadow that shows only when a light is showing it up. The love of light takes its shape by the movement one makes when utilising the inward self. Likewise this could enhance the light when one is at peace and the brain has no darkness with it. The light does not come from good deeds done, but from the appreciation shown to one who has used the light on behalf of someone else, not on behalf of oneself.

Strong is the light when finding it necessary to glow by helping another, their words of gratitude build the light speedily. This is the example; words are not easily felt, but in feeling the light and love of one who uses the soul it is a never forgotten experience. It is not possible to feel the words that can be offered, the example being used and one really loving another may feel and see it, knowing full power to move the self to miraculous understanding. In sleep the soul has every opportunity of doing what the brain might want to do, but has no power of doing.

Tolerance is the main usable factor

To have love fill the soul, tolerance is the main usable factor, being tolerant adds a lovely rose red, shading itself with light and being appreciative as the feelings uplift someone else; it does not work the same when wanting to be tolerant only upon one's own self. Being tolerant of others' mistakes is a great blessing, but using brutal punishment brings the devil into play in the heart of one in pain.

The colour of the ruby, its glowing red shows patience when other people become irritable and have no peace. The three colours commence the light and can heal, but only when the patient is receptive is it a blessing to the giver. Should anyone try to take from the soul of one who gives willingly, sickness of the giver is the result as the life force is stolen from the soul and vitality in the giver is lost.

There is no God that gives peace

Adding to the reality of love is peace, beautiful rose pink is the colour that adds itself to light, making the soul brighter and more powerful. There is no God that gives peace, the quality comes from peace being built in oneself, a very powerful giver to the soul when at night it leads the inward self to where all people are exactly the same, as will be the New Earth when fully inhabited.

The greatest power added to the light during the day is full appreciation of what is done for the self; the generosity of mind holds much light, as one discerning in what is done that all comes under the same heading. No mistakes overshadowing the light that is of a wonderful brightness and can move anything out of one's way that could stop the light from being used.

Not until the soul has the support and light of these helpful parts of the natural nature can powerful miracles really happen. The lovely bright and powerful green colour will be seen often with flecks of gold upon it or by themselves that truly brings the wonder of the soul to bring necessary happiness to the everyday life.

© Gladys Franklin, November 1999