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Food For The Soul

Week No. 08
Last Update: 12 February 2018

- Gems Of Clairvoyance For This Week -

Blackheads appearing on the nose (mostly in dream).

This shows the self letting petty irritations cause irritability; when seeing them cleaned out, be sure it doesn't happen a second time as it will keep repeating if one does not clear the self. If taking too much notice of what other people are doing and saying it will hurt the self. Should one build the light in the soul dreams and visions can teach better than words.

A hearse at the end of a road, a coffin inside (mostly in vision).

This symbol does not speak of a bodily death, it speaks of the putting down of something that has caused undue unhappiness. The conditions should be put down, and though perhaps one has liked it the flowers speak of the happiness of ridding the self from that which must come to the finish.

A bouquet of flowers being put into one's hands.

Someone to love can be made known and two can get together. Should the bouquet be turned over and face the floor, leave well alone any offer that comes as they will not last long.

A stile in between to fields.

A very helpful and encouraging dream. It speaks of one being able to move about freely and able to do what they wish without any impediment. Trying to enforce the condition it may not work. Let circumstances open the way and the brain keep clear of any undue emotion.