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Week No. 08
Last Update: 12 February 2018

The Mother Of Jesus

Mary, the mother of Jesus, feted and praised as the instrument to give to the world the one chosen by the God of Moses to bear the sacrifice he needed to make his ruling of the world sure. She it was who caused him to start his ministry from which a cruel death had to be his.

Mary did not question the angel; she thought she was with child and lived with that assumption. There was not a child until Mary was made the wife of Joseph; but she continued to think her son was of God. She knew his power to do miracles and encouraged him at the wedding to turn water into wine. This meant she had set in motion the fact of his violent death. She had not thought of her son being a king; if starting with the right people in authority, he would have brought peace. At the time his mother pushed him to reveal what he could do, the wrong people were in authority and his death was sure.

The Bible tells it all, the ruling God is now trying to stop peace coming into the world. Psychic phenomena is being used to change people's minds, but will he win? The outcome might surprise everyone for miracles can still be done with the right people. Good people will reach through, even the Prime Minister where we see evil coming against him because he is seeking peace. Good must survive, history is in the making.

© Gladys Franklin, June 1999