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Week No. 08
Last Update: 12 February 2018

- Snippets Of Wisdom -

Snippet no.1:

Drive into the open window of the mind, through it all can be seen, it will speak of truth, the wisdom that is always there. Use of the might it is allowed to have though the brain that thinks it knows it all gives it nothing to stay, be wise! The beams of light are a wonder to see, to use them miracles are of every day.

Snippet no.2:

What is your gift for Christmas? Will it last only one day or two or can it be with you all the year through? Does it please or is it put aside? How valuable is it? Giving happiness or pain? How can one bless it or do you not know and how can one be told? Of one thing it is sure that love within the self when pure has greater value than the most expensive gifts money can buy, for only if one wills it love will never die, it spreads like a cloak around the self and even in pain can protect and give of its joy.

Snippet no.3:

Is the watcher in your home happy with the lot that is there? Will they have to tell when meeting with the questions of those who want to know whether or not they can treat the family well? Perhaps you do not know but every year as it comes, the watcher is not on the outside, they are in the house when you are there. One who makes others happy will find a happier life all the year through, but one who makes others sick or sad, destroying the good they have done will find hands turn against them and nought is the hope that will be there.