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Week No. 08
Last Update: 12 February 2018

Life And Its Extension!

We have talked in past papers of the continuation of life and the soul's journeying to retrieve goodness. There does not have to be a retrieval should the soul build up its life-force, almost forgotten as man took the place of creator and goodness with the caring of the truth of love has left this earth. Since a God - made in man's image - has taken over and even flourishes as death in its many guises is only a few days of news, being of little or no account except to those who know love and blessed its increase in the activity that further adds to its credibility.

Like the dangerous ocean's tides, ruthless in their mowing down of the innocent, as greed and covetousness over the many years past have made nonsense of the Beatitudes whilst nurturing the Commandments, that in sleep can be used, and death comes again unwanted; the world knows little or nothing of the peace and love of life which can be renewed and happiness made permanent!

There is no God to blame

The brain of man creates from the heights of heaven to the depths of hell of his own desires. All that is created lives on! The hope of all who walk in the dark is that they will not be found out in their nefarious comings and goings, their brain unnoticing that for every step they tread someone is behind them so that nothing is hidden or goes unnoticed. Whoever signs another's death-warrant, whether deliberate in the way it is said to be done or not, responsibility lies in the hands of man; for there is no God to blame and no sacrifice to cover the sins that from one or another are hatched out in secret behind four walls which do not bend at the scream of pain, nor when one soldier stops to aid a dying friend when the order is given to attack.

Nothing is overlooked and none can excuse the self or delay truth. Such is the truth waylaid that all who would be kind fear to be so, as many take advantage and the proffered help can become a hell for one who in innocence is not believed when evil comes from caring for the one asking for help.

In my long life I could speak of much that could have quelled the writing I had been requested to do. Money is the root and the plant of evil; it is a killer of peace of mind as fear takes over and love is rejected whilst personal desire seeks its own fulfilment.

I have had to prove what it is possible for the soul to do, both day and night being open to serve and to bless even though it may not be known to whom new life may be given. The creation coming through the soul is not easily pushed aside and though opposition might appear to hold up progress, all being known it can have a way of overcoming opposition when all is brought into place and the self begins to know of all that is possible.

When speaking of the terrors of the earth and the happenings that are becoming more frequent, God is blamed; even when this is of advantage to some it is not considered as to whether there is truth in this so-called statement. When men lose the right to find blessing there are only warlike and death-dealing people who will appear to be of practical help.

Where does this take true believers?

The value of belief is in the quality of life that is lived. One may go to church and listen avidly, piety perhaps more so than truly following the word of Christ. True followers can find life running far more smoothly than when one is pious, which is not goodness.

Unfortunately people who have really followed the Teacher have done so at their own peril, many being imprisoned and perhaps losing life, as the Master did himself. Since the time of Saul who murdered truthful people, seers of good repute, there has been annihilation of good seers speaking truthfully. Lesser truth being accepted as untruthful seers gave false evidence of the way ahead.

The Woman of Endor has been grossly maligned. The spirit of Samuel was angry at being recalled once having told the King the truth that he would die and all his sons with him. Having repeated his message to the King who at last realised the quality of life that he had allowed to carry on, cut down good and prevented anymore good from showing itself.

Vision and dream show the way

The idea of true goodness was not at that time given an opportunity to flourish and the truth of God was not known.

Today we find that followers true to their word will find all will go right in life for them, as they make no mistakes because vision and dream show the way that is good and the right way appears miraculous.

Truth made known gives much to a family, for all who are peaceful and quiet know the way as there is no hate, which is a killer when man seeks to sleep as the hate kills whilst the brain that is cautious is asleep.

The power of life that shows promise of all that is good, then taking life, and leaning on death to clean oneself, as did the pagans when kept in line and made to serve, unhappiness being the outcome!

The power of life is not made a God, but the God of Moses is given a human status and human emotions, evil from this creating the power to cheat and to destroy what man has built up. Man being the creator has the use of this power but few find truth bringing its blessing as untruth has already disposed of goodness and those who lean heavily on another are not free to use the power designated for man to beautify the earth with all that is freely given.

The power of life

In the earth happiness coming from the creation of love finds truth. The power of life cannot stand still, its use needs the feelings of man to lead the way, all being in the atmosphere. The brain of all who seek making power work by stealing the creations from neighbours instead of loving them as one is taught to do and the soul coming to the forefront. When light is needed to save life men deny other people the right to all that is in it.

The plagues of Egypt were a joy to the God of Moses to instigate; he has many helpers in the earth and in the other lower astral planes of life. Those who rejoice at what is gained when guns bark their evil message, trying to find peace through violent means is the forerunner of more evil cluttering the atmosphere and men ready to use the polluted power whereby further evil is spread.

Love, pure and blessed with light, is sought and found by the sincere, it is the only way to stop the outcome of this God's despoilment, his psychic power able to cause the avalanche of snow or bring out the inward fire of volcanoes. The strong wind comes from the screams, often unheard of those who suffer as many have done in incarnations past.

The terror of the young that I remember when having been repeatedly tortured in my last incarnation and in previous lives when wars brought death to the innocent. Life being held cheap the mother and child suffers whilst the makers of war go free.

Wars and hate gain nothing, death comes and though love is not present there are more who are innocent than those who are guilty, and reclaiming life in a return to the earth to help clean the atmosphere, an absolute must if the earth is to survive.

Much rests on the soul of man and the power of light whereby the extension of life adds years to all who love and are kind; whilst such as these are killed there is no opportunity for truth to be revealed and its beauteous outcome being a blessing to mankind.

© Gladys Franklin, July 1999