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Food For The Soul

Week No. 08
Last Update: 12 February 2018

- Tips For A Happy Day -

Tip no.1:

Frustration is an enemy that often comes to stay if made welcome; appearing now and then, it will cast out hope and become the seeking factor of one's mind.

Tip no.2:

Happiness cannot be manufactured, it can come from the self, lightening every load.

Tip no.3:

Happiness is born when love is truly of the soul, never breaking up but always there ready to bless. Hurt is never accepted, joy is there all the time.

Tip no.4:

Happiness is not present when emotion of any kind oppresses the self. To find the truth of oneself is to be able to see the self truthfully, and from this a clarity of vision will come - perhaps when sleep is allowing the brain to be stilled and the subconscious mind can be seen for what it is.

Tip no.5:

Has it ever occurred to you that the soul has been through every incarnation to find its full life, that of peace to wipe out all pain and violence?

Tip no.6:

Has the sun in your life gone down, its beams no longer lifting up your heart? There is a greater sun that gives off light; seek it, happiness is to be found.