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Week No. 08
Last Update: 12 February 2018

Seeking Naturally

To learn how to seek naturally is by the letting of one's own love move out from the self into the atmosphere, instead of turning it round and round in the brain. It is important for everyone that is seeking for the truth of life to be natural!

Praising and prayer seem to be the answer, but from whom does it come and from where will it take the self. Is the Kingdom of Heaven so near at hand? Can it be given just for the asking? No doubt, like myself, you have wondered! One cannot prove this point to another person's satisfaction, each one must prove it for the self! For it is an earned quality, no one else can give it or take it away.

One's own home is the training centre. The proof is the contentment that is in it, no matter the poverty or labour it needs to keep it going. Miracles can happen and changes take place; it is vitally necessary, however, to know as and where they come from. The basis of this is in our papers, but it was felt more should be said about the home and its happiness.

Love never makes mistakes

While wishful thinking may appear to help, it is often a hindrance to the love that must be in the general background. Love is a power in itself: it is warm and tender, patient and kind, tolerant and forgiving, compassionate, and fully discerning; it will never make mistakes or lose its necessary influence once it has been able to use the power it has. Then one can do the greater things that have been promised to the true followers of Christ, those that use the first way and not the second commenced by Paul.

An example of one's traits of character is the amount of love the soul is built upon. Each good characteristic being light giving adds itself to the light the soul must have to keep the self alert and full of vitality. Once losing the light, energy falls away and one is always tired. It can be said one is lacking oxygen, but the loss of life force the soul has suffered is nearer the point.

The soul reaping the benefit of full light loses the darkness that temptation might have tried to bring in. The walls of the house receive the light, and anyone entering it would feel peaceful and probably say so. Even the neighbouring house may feel the benefit.

One can kill the soul of others

Healing would be an easy task when full light is present and no emotion of any kind shakes the power of it. To see colour is to know the presence of a trait of character that is being used. One person suddenly harassing other people by resenting word or action can destroy their own light, perhaps after great difficulty to build it up.

The walls of the house holding the light will rarely find danger attacking it. Once the house is full of light a rainbow of colour will form over it. Frustration could destroy it if allowed to enter, even after that rainbow has been seen. When lost, it is no longer a home protected and miracles no longer possible.

Reaction must be watched most closely as, without warning, reaction can destroy peace and all that could come from the efforts one might have put in to succeed. One must be versed in the ability to let love move out into the atmosphere; should everyone do this then no one would cheat another and no bomb blast be heard.

Men not only kill the body of a person but could also kill the soul in them; for this they pay the penalty of losing their intelligence, tuition and power to look after themselves. They would also lose their friends who might have supported them; only out of fear they might find their daily bread.

All have the choice of life; full life does not depend on cash but is of mind and its embellishments of true love, peace and kindness, that is the core of power.

Building in part the soul, there is little the brain might conceive to do that will be successful.

Happiness needs success. Love is power, and success is present as it never wavers or dies.

© Gladys Franklin, March 1997