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Week No. 13
Last Update: 19 September 2022

Biographical Notes on Gladys Franklin

Born Gladys Mary Windmill, 14th February 1909, in London UK, in a working class family.

At the age of eight, started to see nightly visitors in her bedroom and to converse with them. This aspect of a close link with disincarnated people has remained a constant occurrence throughout her life.

During her teenage years, she joined The Hendon Brotherhood with her father and brothers (an association who entertained others) where she learned to play the violin: the acting and dancing prepared her for public work.

This is where she met her husband and at twenty-one she became Mrs Henry Franklin at Hendon Baptist Church of which they were both members.

Her first two children suffered with ill health in babyhood, which caused her to stop all her artistic and social activities. After the birth of a third child, her husband developed tuberculoses and was housebound for many years, which made her sad.

One morning, shortly after she became depressed, she woke up face-to-face with a Red Indian, who started her writing stories for her children who were exploring their dreams, and sometimes visions, with her.

At the age of twenty-seven she was introduced to Spiritualism where she finally found people who had an affinity with her own gifts. She developed her abilities and became a well-known medium but she found that her clairvoyance and other gifts were not really helping people to be happy and she was not being taught of the reality of the Spirit underlying these activities.

She stayed at home to concentrate on her self-development through meditation, and she was visited by a Chinese gentleman named Sing Foo who offered to train her for a greater work, which he did for two years.

Then Le Chang Su (also Chinese) took over and together they investigated the relationships between the earth life and what comes after, for the next fifty years. As a result of their work, Chang has now opened a university in the spirit world and helps others to know and accept responsibility for their own actions.

During the Battle of Britain she exorcised RAF pilots who because of exhaustion were coming under the influence of evil spirits. At the end of the war a fourth child was born ten years after the third.

She taught in Spiritualist churches for many years, these circles being the only places where people were open to the reality of her own experiences. She had to distance herself from them and eventually cut off all contact in order to develop her own soul. She opened her own well-known centre in London during this time.

After the marriage of her fourth and last child she was divorced, and lived in small communities with young people on the south coast. They were known as The Fellowship Of Truth and at times toured the country.

Eventually she was introduced abroad: Gibraltar, Holland and Canada where she travelled repeatedly and lived for two years. Many people were then studying her lessons; they were known as The Universal Philosophy Study Groups.

In her later years she married a younger French-Canadian gentleman, Roger Boutin, and gradually had to stop her public work. She concentrated on postal courses under the name "Studies On Life". Her teaching came directly from her own soul without leaning on a God, and serenity was achieved.

She left the earth at the age of ninety-one in March 2000, repeating at times, "It took me all these years to really learn how to love!"