Will Geof Ever Be A Doctor?

Chapter 15

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Jack seated alone, looked around the kitchen. "What is wrong with me? I can't accept things as they are, why shouldn't I have my son?"

It was as if someone answered by saying, "Yes, why shouldn't you have your son, he belongs to you?"

"Who's there?" He sat up quickly, "Is someone making fun?"

All was quiet. Jack did not know he had another part of himself he could not see, and it was this part that was pushing him, his own feeling of possession was holding him tight. Could he have seen the brassy yellow colour he would have known why he shivered and could not rid himself of the resentment he felt as he thought he was losing his son.

Had he thought with the same feeling his wife had he might have seen gold, a rich and wonderful feeling of giving to another instead of taking away the freedom of will of someone else.

Alice could not be happy but had a quiet resistance to the feeling that her husband would never change. When he was happy he was kind but it seemed that something was propelling him to the obsession he was using where Geof was concerned. She was sure his own feelings were not so strongly based, and that if she could hold her own feeling of love for him it might in some way ease the situation.

Grace and Geof having finished all they had to do, were ready to sit down for a meal when the phone rang. Geof was about to answer when Grace hurriedly picked up the phone and motioned to Geof to be quiet and not to speak; she relaxed when hearing the voice of her new housekeeper, who was anxious to relate all that had happened and what her son Jim had done.

Grace was sorry not to hear everything but thanked May and said, "We will talk about it in the morning, Mrs May."

May felt somewhat piqued, she had hoped to have a chat with the lady she so admired, not realising it had been a long and tiring day for both Grace and Geof.

Grace could feel the disappointment that was being felt and thought to herself, 'I should have said the meal was on the table.' So giving the phone to Geof she pointed to the number and told him to ring Jim and thank him, telling him the meal could not be kept hot.

It was as if she understood the change of feeling her housekeeper would feel that would not only affect them but also Alice and her husband as well; the colour from the feeling moving out to all who had taken part in the situation that had brought about the seizing of Jack in his precarious position.

Alice rang later and said she would see her friend the next day, bringing the twins with her. By hearing this Grace knew that Alice had left her husband, but was not too worried by her leave of absence.

The few minutes had brought news and Grace felt perhaps some progress would be made; of one thing she was certain: they would have no one coming during the night to take Geof from his new life.

She was happy for him, his interview had been very satisfactory and he would succeed. She really felt that the day had been well spent, yet for Jack she could find no sympathy, but said to herself, 'I shall lose no sleep over him, it would be a waste of time. Perhaps Alice will have the truth as well as dear Mrs May and Jim; what friends to have!'

© Gladys Franklin, January 2000

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