Will Geof Ever Be A Doctor?

Chapter 23

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Grace opened her eyes with a jerk, a bad dream coming to an end wherein she had felt darkness around her, and Geof eating the chocolate she had given him. She could not see her nephew but was aware the place had very little light and that he would have no food to sustain himself.

Picking up the phone she was answered by Alice, who quickly said, "You have phoned to let me know that Geof is unharmed."

"On the contrary, Geof has been kidnapped, and you are to blame." Grace continued, "I have been on to the officer that you spoke about, and now we shall see the truth emerging. There will now be criminal proceedings whereas it might have been settled more easily."

Alice went very quiet, she did not feel she had done wrong and said, "There must be some other reason, Jack would not do such a thing." Her voice rose as she added, "I thought you were my friend, perhaps Jack was right that you wanted our son!"

Grace felt sad, she felt a cold shiver move down her back, and quietly put down the phone. Just at that moment May had used the key she had been given and on entering the hall found her friend slumped in a chair weeping.

Moving quickly, she soon put her comforting arms around the friend she now knew well. She had not needed to ask about the bad news that upset her, but instead began to tell her of Jim's talk with his super'.

"It is now thought to be a kidnapping and Jim has been allotted some good men to help him." Grace brightened considerably as something seemed to leave her; the cold feeling and the dark green colour of a spirit unseen by the two women had left.

Alice, left with her own words, tried to convince herself that she was right. Shrugging her shoulders she turned to find the other members of her family near to her.

"Where is dad?" they wanted to know.

"I can soon find out, I will ring his works to see if he is there." This for the moment satisfied them.

Ringing the works, Alice asked for her husband, and was not further inquisitive when finding out he was busy for the moment and did she wish him to call her back.

After telling them not to bother, she assured everyone that he was busy at his work. "We will go home now and be ready for him when he has finished work."

The children wanted to be among their own things again and though loving their auntie, Alice knew they were pleased to go.

The day passed quickly, the house bright with the cleaning it had just received. Jack's favourite meal was cooking, and the children rushed to the door when they heard his key in the lock. Two happy faces met him, but he was annoyed because he wanted to be alone, needing to go out again. It was in this frame of mind that husband and wife met.

Smelling the food for a brief moment he felt different, but dismissing the feeling he shouted, "What are you here for? Checking on me I suppose!"

"No," Alice answered, "I am sure Geof is alright."

But before she could say anymore, without a word he struck her across the cheek and she fell heavily to the ground. She cowered away from him shocked and the children screamed. A neighbour hearing them came in but by that time Jack had gone.

© Gladys Franklin, January 2000

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