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Week No. 25
Last Update: 20 June 2022

Will Geof Ever Be A Doctor?

Chapter 2

The night went quickly and was uneventful; no one appeared to want much breakfast and the children spoke in whispers, no happy laughter. After her experience of the night before Alice was anxious to speak with her son.

"Where's Geof?" Jack asked as he said, "I'll change my mind, bacon and two eggs for me; do the same for Geof, he will be hungry. What is he doing, sulking? I'll soon put a stop to that!"

"No" said his wife, "he is packing and going away; I am taking him so you won't flog him anymore when I ask you to talk man to man with him."

Jack looked aghast and blurted, "He is going to work with me!"

"No, his hands are sensitive, they are doctor's hands. Grace offered to pay all the expenses but he turned her down. But by beating him you altered that, and I am glad. Everyone should do the best they can in life."

Jack looked deflated. "I have felt grand," he said.

"You would, but Geof is hating you. So it is up to you to get rid of your own miseries yourself, not taking it out on our son."

To Alice's discomfort Jack burst into tears and said, "But that is what my dad did to me; mum was always on at him about it."

"Then it is a pitty you did not learn from it!" His wife was emphatic about that.

Then Alice put her arms around him and kissed him, saying, "Go and tell him your sorry and wish him well, and any help you can give him he has only to ask."

Jack squeezed her arms and hurried upstairs, but his son backed away from him. "It is all right my boy, I will never do that again. Forgive me, don't hurt yourself as I have done, be happy and you will do well."

Geof was amazed at the change and went to his father. They both felt that something more was happening; could they have seen the colour around them, they would have seen a lovely apple green that spread from them and would adhere to the walls and ceiling and perhaps be seen again as loving people got together. Could they have seen the lovely pink like the rose they would have known that peace had now come into the house and would stay as hate had been driven out.

© Gladys Franklin, January 2000