Will Geof Ever Be A Doctor?

Chapter 4

The journey was not too long and the day was fine. As the scene changed they both felt the pain of parting but cheered each other; and the orange, the beautiful colour of determination stayed with them, a companion that would not leave while each one did their daily round cheerfully and happy as events showed the outcome.

When they reached the house they did not have long to wait as a trim maid soon opened the door and smiled as she welcomed them in. Like a blanket peace enfolded them, and Geof straightened his back as he realised he was to be a part of this large establishment. At first he was afraid he could not match up with it, but then his mother took his hand as the maid opened another door and an elegant lady came toward them. Geof had never seen his aunt before and within himself he said, 'I can't fail with her behind me.'

Alice took Geof's hand and put it into Grace's hand, as if giving her son to the older woman. Grace thought, 'What a lovely boy, we shall get along famously.' Had any of them been able to see the colour that was given off, it would have given them great pleasure. The main feeling was Alice's who was thinking, 'I knew my dream was right, he fits in here beautifully.' The turquoise blue of compatibility became stronger, and Geof squeezed the hand he held as if to give assurance that he would look after her.

Discernment was in all their minds as Grace asked whether they had had a meal, and as Alice shook her head she asked her maid Mabel to bring in some refreshments. Mabel had looked at the handsome boy and her brain began to work for her as she judged Geof to be like the other boys she had met and what they had wanted her to do.

She felt some animosity rising in her at having to do more work, and what was she to get out of it? An amber colour seemed to float around her. Geof as he caught her eye felt he would not be able to trust her and he must watch out for what she would do.

Grace and Alice were soon seated and deep in animated conversation. Grace listened to her sister relating the dream that had changed their minds, adding how pleased she had been at hearing the young man wanted to be a doctor. For a moment she had seen a very bright shade of red around his head, a cherry red; 'How lovely' she thought. Then laughing, she shook her head and said, "I thought I saw a colour around the boy's head. I wouldn't mind seeing that again." She did not know that this colour represented the fact that Geof had faith in himself, and she would find a wonderful companion in him when his studies gave him some free time.

She could see that he would work hard, and she made up her mind that she would give him all the help he needed. She was unaware of another really bold colour that was near her, a bright magenta, sweet and lovely. Her heart would have been very glad had she known that the colour was of truth, as she would keep her word.

© Gladys Franklin, January 2000

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