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Week No. 25
Last Update: 20 June 2022

Will Geof Ever Be A Doctor?

Chapter 10

On awakening and seeing the sunshine Geof quickly showered and dressed, his mother had laundered everything. Grace could find no fault with his attire, and this pleased her.

"I will do all my own laundry," Geof said, grinning at his auntie Grace, "I am used to helping and will do the same here. We have no need of a maid, mum has a woman who comes in a few hours a week and the place is always clean."

Grace laughed, "Did it show that much that I can't do much these days? I will do as you say, those last few days have shown me how right you are. It seems the dream you had has warned your father off; how good it is to find help in this way. Your uncle loved the Cavaliers, although I think he could have been a professor or someone teaching more so than a soldier in that time."

Faint colour was coming around them, it could not be seen but suddenly Grace shivered. "Hasn't it gone cold all of a sudden?" she continued saying, "maybe your dad is around somewhere, I can't imagine him bringing warmth anywhere, but poor dad is his own worst enemy."

Grace picked up a tray with much that was needed for the table. "I'll take that," he spoke quickly as if he thought his aunt might refuse to let him carry it.

Seeing his hesitation she said, "I was wondering whether you would mind eating in the kitchen?"

Geof let out a laugh that was infectious as both at once started to unload the tray. "How many do we have for breakfast, there's enough to feed an army here? I prefer the kitchen, it is cosy and smells lovely, and where you are it is better still." Tears stood in his eyes as he spoke without thinking of the breakfast. Grace put her arms around him and both were happy as each hugged the other, Grace now in happy tears.

"I always wanted a son, you are just like your uncle, he loved the kitchen too."

Just then Geof shivered, it was as if he was feeling the walking stick his father used on his back.

"Father has not let go, and I will never return home even for a visit; he has no mercy, he just doesn't know how to be a father. Why mother loves him, I do not know? But I think he has met his match in her, I feel she has had enough. I myself know I am glad to be here." Could they have seen the colours that had come around them they would have hugged each other again for joy.

Mercy showed itself in the rich almond green, both appreciated what was happening, another beautiful green was near the ceiling, like the new green only seen in spring as new leaf come upon the trees, and because both could see the truth of what the father wanted to do they had to be practical and a rich navy blue came close around them, drawing them closer together. Just at that moment the phone rang; they looked at each other, somehow they both knew that it was Jack and that he was not in a good mood. At the sound of the ringing of the phone the lovely colours fled but Grace said, "Leave this to me, you are not here."

The rich dark blue moved with the woman and she lifted the receiver and said, "Mrs Grace Upton here."

A rough voice answered her, "I want my son and I am coming to get him."

"He is not here, he is some distance away, you will not reach him. I will let Alice know of your intentions straight away." And putting back the receiver she turned to Geof with a smile. "We will go out now, I am taking you to see about your scholar interview, but first we must see a friend of mine."

Geof thanked her. "It's wonderful, I should not have known what to say."

"I have left my shoes upstairs in my room, will you get them, please?" she asked.

Geof was quick to mount the stairs, wondering what his aunt was going to do. 'She look,' he thought, 'like the cat that had found the cream.'

© Gladys Franklin, January 2000