Will Geof Ever Be A Doctor?

Chapter 11

Observing her husband at the breakfast table, Alice was nonplussed: the feeling she knew her husband was hiding was not pleasant, he was deceiving her. Yet she knew from the outside he was almost beside himself, like a little boy having stolen the last piece of cake.

There was nothing she could put her finger on, he was polite and kind but within herself she knew he was up to something. She had to take the girls to school and as that was not near at hand she would be some time before she could return home.

Jack had said he might have to get some materials he required, so was in no hurry to go to his job, he would relax awhile before going out.

Could she have been able to note the dark colours that were moving about the room she would have known he was not telling the truth. He was hiding very well the fact that his intention was to go and outwit Grace who would be on the alert for anything unusual he might do.

He was not aware that Geof had seen him in a dream and that plans were being made that could put him in a very difficult position. He was tense with excitement, his boy would not get away as easily a second time he thought.

As the front door shut on his family he jumped up from the table and hurriedly cleared the dishes and washed them. He thought by doing this he could blind his wife to what he was going to do. He laughed, how easy it was to climb over the wall at the back; a dream had shown him what to do, he did not trouble himself to remember everything. They would not expect him coming in the kitchen door; few had used that way he had told himself and with Alice having to go out she would not be able to follow him.

He crept to the phone, half expecting someone to stop him. After ringing he felt that Grace had been disturbed, he was sure; what a tale she had told him, of course Geof was there and he would soon have him back and Alice could do what she liked. Geof was his, and he was going to do what he was told or it would be the worse for him. He chuckled, he could even now feel what he would do if Geof disobeyed him, Grace could do nothing to prevent him.

Meanwhile Geof had brought down the shoes; he knew she was planning something and had put back the phone after speaking with someone, he felt sure it had been about him.

Turning quickly to him she said, "Pack everything you've brought here with you, a taxi will be here in a minute."

Up the steps two at a time Geof raced, it did not occur to him to argue as to what they were going to do, his auntie had made it clear to his father that he was not there. She had not been believed he was sure, and no doubt she was taking him somewhere else for his protection. He felt really happy, his mother would have something to say if she found him back with his father.

A knock sounded at the door and the sharp rat-a-tat of the knocker showed a lack of patience with the caller. Grace was not perturbed, "That is the taxi man, no doubt he is in a hurry."

Shutting and locking the door they hurriedly got into the car that stood at the kerb. Once seated it moved speedily away, leaving the house empty, but would Jack find it as they had left it, no one there?

Grace was going to the lady who had replaced her maid, and with whom she was already firmly entrenched as much as a friend that she could trust.

Mrs May Fuller had a son - he was a policeman, tall and well built. The two women talked together and soon a plan was formed, and as they had a cup of tea Geof knew his auntie was all for him and laughed at what was being planned. Mrs May's son was to play a large part in it! Jack found the back of the house difficult to spot and cursed his son for putting him to so much effort, but he would win. 'There will be no stopping me this time,' he thought. The police and Alice's brother would not know what he had done until it was too late. He rubbed his hands in expectation of what he was about to do.

At last he found the place, his dream had showed him what to look for. Climbing the wall was not easy and he vowed that he would make his son pay for what he was having to do.

Jack had no idea that his brain was not as agile as he thought it was. Grace and Geof where somewhere he could never find.

© Gladys Franklin, January 2000

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