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Week No. 25
Last Update: 20 June 2022

Will Geof Ever Be A Doctor?

Chapter 20

The bewildered man, not knowing what had happened pleaded to be let free. Somehow he knew he had failed, that his son was lost to him, fear coming from him, as if he were afraid.

"I haven't been drinking." He tried to exonerate himself.

"Worse," said Jim, "you lost your temper and nearly marked your son for life."

"I did not!" Jack was irate.

"You still have your belt in your hand, you struck him and was going to add to it." Jim looked with pity upon the bewildered man; how easy it would be to let him go, but what of the next time? Something had to be done now. He did not know Alice had seen this and was wondering what she could do about it.

Geof got off the bed, pulling his torn shirt around him. Jack had not known that it was himself who had torn it, until it was pointed out to him; even then he found it difficult to believe. Geof passed him, going downstairs he went back to the table. Grace laughed and he did the same. The twins had not moved, they had enjoyed having everything to themselves.

A light-hearted feeling was in the dining-room and Alice coming into it shook off the dreaded feeling that her married life was finished. Smiling now she too sat down.

Mrs May had gone to the kitchen. "What's it to be," she called, "jelly and ice cream, fruit or banana custard?"

The twins had never heard of the latter before, shouted back the custard.

"I'll have to make it, it is better hot."

"We'll wait" they chorused as they heard Jim coming downstairs and Jack still saying he was innocent. He was not given a place at the table but sat in a chair at the back, morose and quiet as no one was taking much notice of him.

"I am taking Jack with me, he will be able to see a doctor who perhaps may know more of what has happened." All seconded his words and Jack felt cut off from everyone. He certainly did not know that unseen people could take over his brain when wishing to secure what he wanted and losing his temper to get it. Few people would be able to see the inmate in the dark green power that would add strength to his arm and yet not know it was there.

The sweet was brought in and much enjoyed, none was left, the twins scraping the dish until all was gone.

'I am their father, why cant I be as happy as they are?' Jack mused as he sat by himself, waiting for the meal to finish. He looked at his wife, she was still young; how he loved her, he had never wanted to hurt her.

The party began to break up. Geof said, "Let's go, I have some studying to do."

His aunt quite willing looked at Alice. "Would you like to spend the night with us?"

Alice was profuse with her thanks but said, "No, my sister will be waiting for us. I will go back home later perhaps."

Grace nodded, Geof hugged his mother. "You are not going to lose me you know, though I shall have my hands full."

"I understand," his mother held him tightly, "I know your place is not with me, I want only the best for you."

Tears stood in Geof's eyes, "Mum, you are the greatest," he said as he ushered his auntie to the front door, "we'll catch a bus, too far to walk."

Grace laughed, "It is a long time since I went on the bus, it will be an adventure for me."

"Us too," the twins spoke together and all laughed; they were not wanting to be left out. Could they have seen the colour floating about them they would have been quiet, but as they could not see, the colour changed as they excitedly asked whether their father was coming as well; they had not really understood what had happened and how the future might affect them.

© Gladys Franklin, January 2000