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Week No. 22
Last Update: 23 November 2020

Will Geof Ever Be A Doctor?

Chapter 21

Jim talked for a while with his mother; he was somewhat at a loss to know what to do. Could he have seen the amber colour with the dark brown around it that came from Jack, who was mutely assessing what had been done, he would have taken him to the police station straight away. The animosity and the dark depression was beginning to fill the kitchen, the spirit would be back the moment Jack was a free man.

He covered himself as he cogitated, wanting to find an answer for the moment of how to extricate himself from Jim whom he now feared; he would get his own son back; there was no two ways about that.

Meanwhile Alice was with her sister who was happy to have Alice and the twins with her. Alice could not repress how she felt. 'Jack has been caught again, I know that policeman is determined to hurt him,' she thought.

She had no idea of what her ideas would bring to her. She was not able to see the visitor she had brought back with her, and was not quiet enough to see the dark colour she had seen before. It quite escaped her notice, though it would have been seen if letting her brain be quiet. This would have helped her and shown her that Jack was now ruled by a spirit, and not only Geof was menaced but she herself and the twins would not escape his hidden temper and the fun the spirit would have as he struck the blows the spirit wanted in order to hear the cries of pain.

Alice's true nature could have fully protected her, but once letting herself be caught up with the dark colour she had brought to herself because of her own feelings she had no idea that she was encouraging her husband and he could get free because of the feeling she was encouraging. Ignorance was certainly bliss to her, but would she follow, one wonders?

Unknowing of the thoughts coming from Alice, Grace thought Geof was safe. He had not the dark strength of his father when the spirit added to his desire and increased his temper.

Geof happy in his freedom to study did not sit with his auntie and she did not expect it. She was all for his study and was looking through her husband's books to find a certain one she knew would help, when the phone rang.

Alice was agitated, straight away she said, "I am complaining to the police supervisor about Jim's behaviour and they are going to release my husband. We are not going home until tomorrow, I know Geof will not be harmed."

Grace did not argue and was somewhat nonplussed. 'What should I do?' she thought.

She then heard a voice within herself, "Do nothing, it will be quite all right in the end."

She was greatly surprised. 'How could that come from inside myself?' She did not know that her own love in the past and now for Geof had built up her soul and her inner being could speak. Only at night had she used her inward self and it was the same voice and body it used in her sleep, when she was with her husband on the rare occasions when they were able to meet.

Accepting the words she found the book she wanted and took it to Geof. It was a pocket book full of notes of her husband's findings listed in it, and a lot of basic tuition caught his eye.

He thanked her as he put it in the inside pocket of his jacket.

"Goodnight," she said, "try not to stay up too late." Closing the door quietly she went to her room, but before she could enter it she heard the phone ringing again.

Alice spoke quickly, "Jim has been suspended and is to be reprimanded."

Grace said nothing, she was thinking about the voice she had heard; so something was going to happen, and she hoped Alice would not regret what she had done. Quietly putting the phone back on its rest she made her way up the stairs to speak to Geof about his mother and what she had done.

Geof spoke quietly. "I won't go to bed, I will continue to study and do what my father says."

"That is just what I was about to suggest; do all he wants you to do, I know all will come right, a voice told me so."

Geof looked at her, love coming from him. "I shall go back, I know how to avoid his temper; and will do as he says until something is really proven that his mind has gone and possibly won't come back."

Laughing quietly Geof hugged his auntie, who fully assured went to her bed, but whether to sleep that was quite different. She did not know that sleep might give her more information, but that we shall know when the morning light awakens her.

© Gladys Franklin, January 2000