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Week No. 25
Last Update: 20 June 2022

Auric Colours And You

Bright Pink

Today we have opportunity to look around more than in any other period of time. It is possible, by taking note, to see the varying attitudes of people and to realise to some degree the attitude of mind that they follow when seeing the active reaction to emergencies when they arise. In a family especially, knowledge of character is easy to detect, one rarely has to take too much notice to observe as the characteristics of every individual in the family are natural to them. In the colour of bright pink is seen the active measure of compassion. It is not easy to see the deep sense of feeling that compassion arises, for often it is a hidden quality and to a certain extent must be observed closely to recognise its fuller presence.

Newspapers, magazines, books of all kinds show varying attitudes of mind. Certain writers however, tend to talk freely of characters using compassion in their book. They little realise that when one does rise to the point of action because of the deep feeling inside, that this lovely rather brilliant pink is present within the aura. Today, the practical minds of people do not think to study the deeper rotation of one's attitude, to like sufficiently enough to be subservient of colour in the aura. Where there are people who learn about these things and who feel good about understanding the beauties and power of colour it remains in the auric field of an individual, as the wonder of it passes out. There is little encouragement to children to learn of colour and yet when we look at the drawings of these children we see the bright splashes of colour they love to use. It is not realised where the potential of an individual can reach as the artistry in a child gains wisdom, and from someone who will teach them the usable quality of colour in the aura, not only the bright and beautiful colours that give so much but the dark and lower colours that should be avoided.

Eyes that observe see a great deal as each colour is recognised

One might ask why this should be. With a smile it could be said that it is the most wonderful thing in the earth, because from almost every action for good or for evil a colour shows the presence of itself around about an individual. Eyes that observe see a great deal as each colour is recognised and is seen as to what colour is uppermost and its effect upon other people as well as upon the self. Being compassionate would sometimes bring hardship to life, for one could not help oneself, helping and activating circumstances to give aid to someone in need.

It is good to see that charitable institutions today are having widespread advertisement by ways of entertainment upon the television and the many people who, in small or large numbers throughout the year, carry the desire of getting together moneys great and small to give upon this one day. Thus totalling together many thousands to be shared among charitable works as done by other people. Those especially who would stop sickness, maladjustment, wars, murder, rape and the pain of the elderly when living by themselves with no one to care. It is good to know the blessing this can be, but how many of these good people would support those who know how bodily ailments could be avoided, by watching the tongue to be told about being hurt etc. could start the commencement of a cold? This is but one illness that could be avoided.

Those who make it there business to care use compassion; very often however the real cases of hardship are not found, neighbours not caring enough to bring it forward from those who are unable to make it known of themselves. Should this wonderful activation of compassion, bestir those whose minds are desirous of service, be used to seek and find such cases, the gift of being compassionate would be used by a great many people, who gathering together and being one in mind, begin to shape the earth world, renewing the old earth by loving activity of one person to another.

Prisons would be emptied. Those who are untrue would be unable to bear the light that would come from the many who serve with love. The warmth of love must also be present when compassion reaches out to bless where it can, it reaches those who are in dire need. It is far more often those who are able to look after themselves who gain more compassion from friends and relatives because they do not let others forget their need; but those who sit in their chair and weep because of lack of care and love are not known, for they feel they are not worthy to be served.

People who care seek to do service but often forget it is ever close at hand, and not having compassion the desire to serve reaches only where one would. It is therefore very necessary to learn how to bring this bright colour to be more regular in one's auric field, especially by those who desire to serve. Seeking may find the right people, to them compassion would be granted. It is a two-way process, for those who are compassionate and who have this bright and beautiful pink in the aura are known by higher and beautiful spirits. Angels of mercy one might call them, they themselves can do very little, but inspiring one of the earth who is compassionate can be done! Through these delightful persons blessings in return can be given.

Everyone needs to be blessed; without it there is little life force because God is not truly known as the living force of life in everyone. When it is enlarged by love, one's heart is full, satisfaction and happiness will go hand in hand, and God is in the soul.

© Gladys Franklin, March 1997