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Week No. 19
Last Update: 10 May 2021

Auric Colours And You

Pale Yellow

Yellow speaks of the soul being built up to produce light. The pale colour speaks of fear; a very human trait of character - usually inherited from the past or through the harsh treatment meted out to the child when young.

Such fear is a false companion to the self, it usually causes the self to trust the wrong people, who often seek one who fears but is also a good worker and happy in doing good. Fear gives an opportunity to those who wish to take advantage. The little word "No" is rarely heard, for thinking to feel wanted they will invariably say "Yes" and then have much regret for not being strong enough to make a break from the one who is misusing them.

Should the colour become a shade deeper through wanting to gain friendship, it is possible for the fear to start being overcome, perhaps working with friendly people and making friends with them.

Trust could quickly follow a warmth of nature

A child fearing people is said to be shy; the parents would be wise to mix with other people and teach the child to hold love within themselves, trust could quickly follow a warmth of nature that could never be mistaken.

Encouraging the shyness, unhappiness all through life could be prophesied as there are always people who are very much aware that fear can prove them taking advantage that can cause the fear to grow greatly. The subconscious mind could be strengthened by trust and one fearing, through really finding a friend could become stronger if not leaning on the friend and becoming a burden for them to carry!

Fear caused by rough treatment, when a child, could bring an early death, as great fear is a killer and there is no stamina to care for the self.

It is wise to choose friends carefully and not staying anywhere should there be a feeling of not fitting into the scene, leave well alone where trust has no possibility of finding a firm and full foundation.

Take note if having dreams, they could warn of someone not worthy of the kindness that one fearful might have as a natural colour. Not becoming entangled with that person will benefit the pale colour and using the soul the colour will increase and become full as the soul light can do the impossible - fear is then lost altogether.

The colours in the aura, when strengthening, can fill the soul with light and life becomes worthwhile with the miracles it is able to do.

All who use this God give blame

Creation is man's prerogative; he it is who builds with the aid of the brain all the intellectual side his nature requires. The God of Moses using the ancient power of psychic phenomena sees ahead; all who use this God give blame and again we see the good of love and peace crushed beneath the action of war and death as he did with Jericho. So it was in the gas chambers from which great fear was seen; this repetition of his delight has found men of peace trying to help war hungry minds to change.

The many thousands of dead will increase as his words in Revelation show that when anyone is changing the war like attitude and searching for peace, the plagues of Egypt will come into being.

Only the light of the soul of men will reveal the light of goodness and all who seek to build light will have the joy of seeing. Baal is the self imposed God held in his position by Paul, who put religion and the many deaths that it has brought in to cause the fear of destruction and goodness has lost its power in creation as the souls of men have been betrayed and the desolation of light lost all it has had.

"Poor thing . . ."

This pale colour with the fearing mind, along with its difficult pathway, could cause sympathy to come in, which gives nothing to help, only satisfying to the one who says, "Poor thing, she is so afraid; everyone does as they like with her."

To the fearful quietness is a gem, a book a wonderful companion; getting involved with a story of courage and love could feed the soul of the fearful and allow the beautiful colour of quietness, the baby blue, to bless the aura and add to the light in a way that an active brain would be unable to do.

The soul is far more important than the prestige of the earth, the fearful mind may appear to be a set back but is in fact a great blessing when not being unhappy about loosing prestige in the earth, for heaven could be very near when sleep takes the inward body with the soul to where its future habitat might be.

Strong the hope of life might be when not holding back the self from the way wherein false hope is encouraged.

Pity would not be wanted and to speak on behalf of another adds strength, the bright red adding its wonderful power to the soul as other people have help and serving someone else is a happy relaxation.

There is blessedness in the quiet mind that many who carry responsibility do not have; so let us bless the fearful and add the further strength they need to show others how to relax and be at peace.

© Gladys Franklin, February 2000