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Week No. 17
Last Update: 18 October 2021

Auric Colours And You

Bottle Green

This dark and very negative colour is very much loved by spirits who take advantage of intoxicated and over-exhausted people, taking possession by entering into the nerve centre of the solar plexus. They cling tightly, being very difficult to unseat from the self when once they begin to cause interference, the brain being used out of context with everyday life.

Young men flying in the Battle of Britain came to me so that they could be relieved of the interference when being unable to go home on their short leave; they were able to do so after the spirit had been seen to leave the body. The difference in behaviour was very marked, the spirit being greatly surprised when being ejected from the body.

During times of great stress their grinning faces coming from the body were so stubborn that it took time to remove them, and they could very easily be seen. Maladies were mostly affecting the mind and the awkward balance that had to be borne when walking hinted at their presence.

An individual that had to suffer the unhappy circumstances of such a visitor would not know what was happening to them. Even when being told of the problem, they would have to suffer many nuisances from the presence, because few people would be able to dislodge the intruders from their comfortable hiding place.

The main point that could also be seen is a dirty misty green that might be noticed in the aura of one entirely covetous of something they desire and being unable to gain it will draw instead an inmate to their consciousness which would enlarge the desire to a very great extent.

The evidence of great mental disorder

Under conditions of persuasion the desire might turn to something more menacing that would allow the spirit to have supreme control, shown through the evidence of great mental disorder. It is useless to take drugs to ease the brain when the dark colour becomes strong enough to override all other colours in its efforts to house the spirit that will enjoy the situations allowed it when a drug gives it free rein to do as it wishes.

Perhaps taking at first the individual to where they might find pleasure is staying, but on return the spirit leaves until it becomes imperative, the body needing to be released from everyday endeavours. The spirit becomes more and more pleased when drugs become utterly necessary, and they can add to the desire to find the outlet the brain needs, as life would appear to be too irksome.

Covetousness can be in countries. When it is, it can bring in the taking of life as wars and skirmishes take place to make available what the enemy hopes to find. Tortures come also, the bottle green filling the atmosphere where torture takes place, including the mind of the torturers having this murky colour fully surrounding what they are doing.

They are giving pleasure to the unseen one

Once allowing the colour to gain strength, the brain being but a channel will have everything passing through it touched by the unhealthy atmosphere. It rarely leaves the consciousness of the one whose work it is to cause pain. The spirit drawn to the colour delights in the discomfort it brings the one whose hands give pain and may not know they are giving pleasure to the unseen one. Where cruelty is loved, a very unhealthy visitor where evil dwells is attracted and this particular colour being built up from the desire is always present, sometimes being active and at other times allowing the brain to work as a channel freely, without pressure.

The world since the Crucifixion has had a great deal of this dark colour as all goodness and the cleansing of sickness has been subject to evil. Many good and blessed individuals have met a cruel and painful death from false accusations. The use of trial by water where the innocent was only found so if they drowned! Burning at the stake was another favourite method with people who have this colour to work through them to harass goodness and to take life.

Now the change is coming where all good people are being taken to the New Earth. Those with the fully dark aura leaves them open to where this dark colour is fully manifest in the atmosphere and where death by violent means will be a daily occurrence. This great change will remove from the old earth the daylight; goodness being the creator of light but as the life force has been dirtied by man the result will be total darkness. There could be floods at first and when these are no more: a lack of water, which can follow the pattern of the lessening of the great species of animal life many millions of years ago - the heat age when all animal life was lessened in size.

The atmosphere of the earth must be cleared of man's corruption of greed, covetousness and violence. The end product cannot truthfully be seen as businesses try to be the biggest to survive. Whether this will bring the necessary cleansing for everyone and not only for those who gain monies, which does not always bring a happy life, remains very doubtful.

The quality of life in any one place is according to the feelings each one preserves as being their own. Learning how to help the self is most valuable, the benefit far more than can be stressed! At this time may life be lifted up for you, and peace and goodness bring prosperity to you.

© Gladys Franklin, January 2000