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Week No. 14
Last Update: 6 April 2020

Auric Colours And You

Cherry Red

The blush that is so beautiful on the skin of the cherry, not covering it fully but impressive to know of its presence.

Such is faith, a small part of human nature that not always favours the right sort of faith but having it for what one might be strong enough to commence and to carry, often waiting for God or someone else to take the next step forward.

There is little faith in doing nothing; faith lies in the amount that is built up to allow the mind to set going the positive inward self on its journey upward, where the desire is to learn.

There is no spiritual evidence which may mark one person from another, all is natural to life or unnatural to it. Faith is seen when in sleep one may be seen building the life yet to be, allowing the soul to have the light necessary to its leadership and its expectancy of a happy continuing life. Teachers to help are few as faith is cut from the soul. A spirit can answer a call for help, usually on the astral level, in which case the soul is given up as a servant to the helping spirit. The receiver of their bounty will remain in an astral plane of life as their future home and like the friends of Job to wait upon the spirit, little comfort in it for themselves.

Action is necessary to be seen

Learning the words only but not being the example of them, clarifies no colour as action is necessary to be seen by other people and felt by them so that appreciation brings the light of the soul to which the colour adds itself and the feeling of being made lighter can come.

In this way healing is a major portion of what the soul light might do. When a spirit interested in teaching finds one of earth putting into action the colour, there is then a rapport between student and teacher and much may be seen in the earth as the student moves towards the upliftment truth can bring. One proves it for oneself, not seemingly helping people that lean and are supported but they encourage other people by being the example of showing the way, not carrying others who by their lack of faith can take the life force from the teacher by taking their light to use on their own behalf.

In this way one helps those who want to learn how to help themselves; no one else can do it for them. Direction of life's journey is of the soul, since it first began its travels between the earth and back to other astral places where people, termed spirits, have learned how to become earthbound and need people in their sleep to feed and nurture them. Some would move on when encouraged, it is the prerogative of the one learning which way they accept to go. Very rarely is money the Mecca of those who learn that miracles can come to those who build the soul and work with the light as the example will show its value.

Doing for other people cannot aid the faith

This lovely red gives much of peace and strength to the one learning, for the one who is building the soul learns to love and to be at one with themselves. Wanting to use power by doing for other people cannot aid the faith one might have as this is broken down by the lack of appreciation that in itself feeds the soul, showing that the leaner who has received help only wanted to get through trouble instead of truthfully learning to be kind and loving within the self.

Therefore one does not seek to love everyone and everything but builds the love within, finding the benefit with all the colours that build love, which are seen and felt. The self feeling more of the benefit when not seeking to carry anyone, but showing the way by what they are themselves doing at all times. Know that one step on the way down could cause a landslide from where one might find life extremely heavy, until leaving behind the fall downward, learning by it and being thankful to restart building up the light again.

Freeing the self from the dark one has entered into could find the self bereft from the radiant benefit of this fulfilling colour and the blessing of it in sleep that when positive and a seed sown the outcome should prove worthy and fully beneficial. It is often found that one who falls is like Peter who denied Christ, by acknowledging it suffered far more than he might have done. He was the stronger because of his fall and he encouraged the true Christians - who were followers of the Teacher - to die without fear, as the arena was powerful with their singing. The terror watchers hoped to hear as the lions tore at them was not heard as the singing rose above and the noise of their disappointment was overcome.

Much has brought the earth to devastation

Faith carries no burdens as it does for those who have no soul, having given it away for the dross that the earth provides, which throughout the centuries has brought money and perhaps big businesses that now are fighting one another to become the biggest. But what does the times allow as much has brought the earth to devastation? What should we see that man himself, though blaming God, has created with the force of life that was given to all men free of charge?

All have their own reward, the lack of benefit that should have allowed all to share will see those who care and help leave the earth, the light of the sun going with them. The light comes only from the good in man, his soul the lamp shining in the darkness; the astral will find no sun as evil has no light and clouds covering the sky could in time take all water from it. It is up to man today to bless the good. Since the time of the Teacher all that is good is being gradually destroyed, death and imprisonment widespread as the greed in man has taken command. Shall we see love winning the day, bringing light from the good being given life? Good itself will never die, the soul will go on and love will find the way, its blessing bringing happiness and full prosperity. All being allowed to live and to share, this is the only way.

Jesus will not show himself for man to kill; he has been, he has seen and has gone on his way. Only light will find him living, and meeting with love and peace, will share the way. The second way of Paul bringing nothing to bless, only death is on his way. Look and see with open eyes, and hear with open ears what the sharing of love has to say.

©Gladys Franklin, December 1999