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Week No. 22
Last Update: 23 November 2020

Auric Colours And You

Jade Green

Trust on an astral (earthy) level often seeks praise when vanity is lodged in the subconscious mind. That which is truth holds no praise, it is not vain neither has it any power but its own. Vanity can be behind everything that is done, even in one's daily job one has to do better than anyone else so that praise is given. One can feel good when others take notice and look up to the one who through needing praise to be happy can never be quiet, the lessons a burden, made so when little praise comes to boost the flagging senses.

One married, be it male or female, the love that is wanted when this colour is active can never really come, as love holds within it contentment and the warmth of consideration for others. Vanity does not allow such love, for reiteration of praise needed does not give quiet or consideration as one has to be thanked and praised for everything that is done. The lessons do not include the vain seeker, for miracles do not come until all the lessons are an active part of life.

Should one activate the partnership without praise to the one vain, they will not stay in the vicinity as their light of goodness and love can be easily sapped, and vitality is only full in doing that which brings promise when serving others. One will begin to spend less and less time with the one who stops the energy and cannot love unless being made the best or the head in the home. This can cause one to be selfish, not respecting the love of giving in the partner who could constantly wish to make a break but will often stay because of feeling they may be in the wrong at wishing to be away from the house as long as possible. Vanity should be overcome to be sure that true love can come and will last.

The one praised loses all and is alone

Many are the demands made upon God and much is then gone because of the loss of life of the Teacher, whose blood is thought to cleanse: but no one can feel clean if not clearing from the self all traits of character that take away light, impoverishing the soul from the power it can use.

It is often too late that vanity is seen for what it is and one who would be praised loses all and is alone, happiness gone because there is no soul to bless it.

Truth may come under many headings, it is the most valuable colour (magenta) man can have, for without speaking the truth there is no sincerity and no light with which the soul is able to live on. The light is life; reduce it and life will not easily find new life with all that can bless it. Light flowing out from the self shows a beautiful personality, which could be praised far more than that which could be done of the earth and is thought good because it is given praise and possibly thanks, which can very easily satisfy.

The God ruling the earth has ultra vanity, starting wars to make men turn to him and to praise him for the winning side! Slow to learn is one such as this for truth can never come.

Truth cannot be gained from a corrupted atmosphere, as the brain being but a channel does not know the difference if not discerning, but only following what has been taught from childhood, making it easy for man to find seeming absolution as those of the earth give penance to be followed, allowing the full cause of corruption as all must reach for money to supply the greed that is a natural outcome of avoiding responsibility and putting the blame where innocence should be blessed.

Truth will bring the New Earth nearer

The Second Coming of the Christ is long past; he will only make himself known to those whose soul is like his own. Truth can and will bring the New Earth nearer, where the following of the Sacrifice will not be known. All will live in joy and contentment, the light full and once again children could be born in full light.

But how many will there be when people have been made to fear that heaven is not for them when God does not lead and the Christ hung lifeless? The cruelty of this should not be taken for granted. As Paul gave word, not knowing they came from low-minded spirits who fed him with words that could be used on behalf of the warlike God of Moses so that goodness could be ruthlessly murdered. Even right up until this present century, where we saw the good of the living Christ working through people, which was not tolerated by the judges of the land who meted out imprisonment and insanity to those who spoke the truth and were caring of their neighbours and those in distress.

Disaster has come from this; who will be left to serve when more seeming natural accidents and bad weather brings drought, flood and devastating winds to take life? Its continuance cannot have those who serve when none are left to run and help in any disaster. Can corruption be brought to a halt before more terror can prevail?

© Gladys Franklin, March 2000