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Week No. 09
Last Update: 22 February 2021

Auric Colours And You

Ice Blue

This pale, almost colourless but forceful colour does a work that no other colour can do. It has an effect upon the body of rejuvenating it as it is transferred from the earth life to its place of habitation after transition is completed.

It brings a certain sense of quiet with it that allows the subconscious mind to take the inward body to where it can relax before the actual heritage is met and the body awakens to its new life. It is without a doubt to where the truth of the inward self may be proven and no mistake made of its passage of time on the earth; all things are taken into consideration.

Welcomed to a holiday camp

A holiday camp is one of the first places one goes to when there is no one to meet the newcomer. There is very little difference between the holiday camp of the earth and the one in the planes unseen that makes welcome the one leaving the earth behind. At this time the inward body is whole, the malady from which the body is relieved that is sick does not linger on with the inward self. But should there be the clinging in the mind to an impediment, this could very well take over the body and continue on!

Those aged who have so impressed the mind that they are useless will find that age still may have the same affect, which shows itself in the conversation when meeting and talking with others of a similar age. Difficulties of this kind despoil the real reception of one's arrival. There is a need to help the self, food being necessary one should be willing to learn how food is found, for in the Astral planes eating is as compulsive as it is upon the earth, though the body does not produce waste which needs to be cleared.

Where it has the right to live

Eating is often a surprise to the newcomer; food is found in the holiday camp but once having proof of the real habitat then food must be found for itself. Impediment will stop the earning power one may have and starvation is as real as when living on the earth. The body getting thinner and thinner cannot die if there is the smallest amount of life force in the soul, which takes the body to where it has the right to live and to meet friends and relations when love has built a bond between them that causes the welcome and the real happiness love can bring.

So many ideas of life beyond the earth have been spoken of that have a wrongful position to play; especially one relying upon the crucifixion will forfeit their life, as crucifixion of individuals still carries on. The planes of life being the past where man has lived, perhaps many years previously but still holds to what has been believed, making life somewhat easier, but not so when oneself has to lose life in this way.

Belief is a downfall

No thought of a God is in the higher mentally enlightened places, each individual being responsible for themselves and still continuing to learn.

As one thinks and is a part of a belief of any kind, after transition that is the place one may reach, no matter how far back in time it is. Should the mind believe as the inhabitants believe, one of like mind moves to that time and can be just as limited in life as the inhabitants already living in that place.

Keeping the brain pliable, not finding a belief but learning to love and be kind, the colour takes one on a journey and blesses with peace the new life once earned and happy to meet with people who care and will share until one moves to one's own rightful heritage and its reward for loving and giving.

© Gladys Franklin, November 1999