Auric Colours And You

Azure Blue

Bright is the beauty of this colour's beams that do much to clean hurt from the world which inadvertently is worsening in many places every day. Sincere are those people who bless and do not give pain for someone else to bear. All is part of the light, but its life is no longer being restored, destruction is near and all who do not share and light life with love cannot care, and dark is the night that lies ahead.

The sincere thought is felt! Being one of the strongest feelings the subconscious mind holds dear, part of the treasure each one can store that will add to life, sincerity causes the soul itself to live, giving life, without which there is only death. The body need not die but all who live only to gain happiness solely for themselves and the coin that is thought to make it, are dead already; no soul to give life means no love to bless, tiredness being the first sign of the loss of light which is the loss of life.

When one sings the blessing for harvest home, does the farmer feel blessed? Is his heart full, is he glad sincerely in his heart of feeding many? Not only is it his livelihood but it is his life and the strength of it to do whatever is necessary.

The child kicking the legs of the mother

Today we see in families the children wanting their own way and often giving hurt to gain it. One might note the child kicking the legs of the mother when she has not enough money to pay for what is wanted.

The colour in the aura cannot be there if not being seen all the time, sincerity is seen behind each word said, each action done. It is not so much in the temporary action here and then gone, as another may not speak of their satisfaction. This should be behind the feelings seen in the night as colour, and in the day the feelings can show themselves through what is thought and what one has to say.

Through what is felt the real love shows; without such love the giving loses much of what could be there, the blessing only increasing when the light of love shows but decreasing when the light has no blessing to keep it bright.

Untruth is known for what it is

Day by day it brings the truth and untruth is known for what it is. In the colours that increase light the soul grows bigger; the light showing as rays can leave the inward self, visible up to five feet around the self but able to travel thousands of miles and being felt by someone miles and miles away.

From a letter sincerity comes out and is felt by the one who reads; a parcel also says a very great deal, but should no blessing be upon the giver and the receiver has no light, the soul of the giver is not enlarged and love is not felt. The giving however, is not lost for the sincerity in giving stores its blessing and it can be known by what is felt.

Christmas is coming, all families are known for what they give and how they think.

The report is taken to those who note every detail; if sincere they will find help for what they are doing after the holiday is finished. The angel taking care of children is often believed at, but the watcher taking note through the month previous to the holiday is rarely believed and no knowledge of the mind is thought to be known for what is given. The watcher in all homes speaks the truth. Sincerity in giving enlarges the gift and the soul of the giver is blessed as the outcome of all that is done comes under enlargement. There can come great blessing and full life restored, but without sincerity and being given for a good purpose one will lose out and perhaps sickness give a great setback to all that was required.

All that is given with love will find love, otherwise difficulty could be expected. All is up to the individual; may you know blessing true and strong and all you wish to do being sincerely given bring back much to you.

© Gladys Franklin, October 1999

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