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Week No. 13
Last Update: 19 September 2022

Auric Colours And You

New Leaf Green

There is one basic light building characteristic, that when being a true part of a balanced nature, works more freely and is more valuable than many of the other colours for the beauty of the aura, which makes for the loveliness of the nature, finding blessing as it is used and full trust is put into it.

I speak of the natural nature of a firm and enlarging appreciation for everything that is done, not only to please, but in every way giving being followed out, for from all can something be learned that can in its finality give benefit and happiness.

A new green that is the tiny beginning of the new leaf; when the whole tree has a lovely mist of light green, it shows appreciation: one blesses what has been done, increasing its value, widening its power as it makes larger the light, which for true benefit feeds the soul.

What one might call the God in man

The soul is the store of light that the brightest of colours builds up; it adds to life - being what one might call the God in man - because it is the real good in man and is to the benefit of the body during the day, and at night is the builder of the place where one will live after transition.

I might hear it said, "If this is the case, I have no need to start early in life." Should one leave it until late in life much unhappiness can make any goodness sleep; it may take some time to clear up following the various reincarnations, causing in some much difficulty, only the light giving benefit of a sure peace of mind.

Giving appreciation in many ways has lost its recognition. It is not so long ago that students wilfully wanted to erase the word from the dictionary, not too surprising as goodness - through the ages - has been stamped out. Only in this present century is there some small form of understanding that goodness in people has found death given to them because it shows up the evils of greed, lust and deceit.

A charge of witchery

Some people with creative power - especially in time of war - put truthful seers into prison on a charge of witchery! Had they known the true witch they would have found unhealed sickness around them and they themselves preening the self for making so called enemies sick, sometimes terminal taking life from any who are showing up what they do. No form of appreciation comes from them and light lessens; when it will be seen, the good discerning and cutting out evil intent so that thankfulness is not deterred and light becoming all powerful will alter the nature, perhaps of millions.

There are many people who have said, "Why is it the good die young?" It has been my privilege to look into words like these. To know of its truth we must include that almost all those who are really full of appreciation and love lose life, as religion calls for the death of the innocent more so than the guilty.

Encouraging violence

There are differing mental levels in a family. From one or two being intelligent and wanting peace whilst some are watching wilful violence on the TV. Others have no thought except for the pleasure of themselves. It is possible that a vivid dream will leave the body in pain, the violence passing through the brain; for what is being seen draws evil intent to the subconscious mind of the one getting emotional concerning the film.

No one notices that the bad dream is coming from the one encouraging violence. The next morning a sickness may be found in the one who is not violent, who will need a doctor and perhaps not find a quick relief, but get rather worse; and the doctor can give no hope but could wonder why it has commenced, not knowing of the deadly power started with the violence of a film.

People may ask, "If the patient is so good why has it happened?" Low minded spirits come to the one enjoying the film or even a conversation that has brought ideas of violence; the dark spirits menace the good in the sleeper and can organise sickness and perhaps death.


People keep asking the eternal "Why?". The spirits follow the way of the world from where almost all good has left. The dark storm, the accidents and tragedies come because the light is gone; many more incidents may come that may yet prove more of man's nature. He does not know his nature can kill or cure. Man does not know of the reaction to his own nature. All who may be made sick by his seeking of violence, no matter in what form the violence comes to him, in his own incarnations he will suffer in the same way that previously he had made others suffer. No excuse can be given, except offering to repair any hurt given and receiving forgiveness from past victims.

Where forgiveness should be required and it is not given, there will be a repeat of what has previously happened. Violence will come upon the one who gave it without seeking to find the result of what has been enjoyed, then evil will have to be suffered.

May light soon be far more understood and give of its blessing, as appreciation is encouraged and can use its power.

© Gladys Franklin, December 1999