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Week No. 02
Last Update: 6 July 2020

Auric Colours And You

Baby Blue

Time is speeding up, almost all people are having to move faster than in previous years. Few people have the opportunity to give the brain a rest, allowing it to be quiet, letting it be still. There will be nothing missed when by being still with the brain, the mind (which is built up by the feelings one has) is able to be quiet also and an easier way of life is found because of it.

Many people toward the end of their earth life begin to misuse the brain, remembering often what it would have been best to rid the self of, which often leads the thinking self the wrong way, with mental havoc the outcome.

By taking time to be still in the brain this lovely pale colour, pale yet rich in its beautiful colouring, becomes manifest.

The mind only works when the aura is full of gracious colour and the soul able to give voice. This same voice has been heard by many good prophets who often lose their life because of their goodness.

The voice of the soul can be heard! It was the voice Elijah heard when listening on the mountain. He thought it was the voice of God, but his soul knew what he had to do and made him aware that to do it was very valuable and no one else could do it for him.

God has no voice

It is the same today, God has no voice and carries no responsibility for man, who needs the brain to be very quiet to allow the inward self to do what is best so that life would be lived with surety and peace of mind.

The channel of the brain often wastes valuable thought, still thinking whilst reading or listening to someone else talking, making itself ready with an answer. The brain taking thought from the atmosphere would not know truth or untruth and perhaps putting down the truthful speakers. Brain cells can easily close when the brain is constantly used, given no rest.

© Gladys Franklin, September 1999