Auric Colours And You

Deep Pink

Generosity is not truthfully only the aspect of giving. It is a very stable part of the soul, and is an overall help to life, because it is ever ready to put out a hand to help someone else when in need. This does not mean leaving what one is doing if it is necessary to other people as well as the self. There is a way of helping with the inward self that gives opportunity to those who are unwell and perhaps unable to leave their bed. In this way they may be generous of mind, helping the soul of the self at the same time.

No doubt it could be immediately said, "That is an impossibility," when it is said, "There is nothing too hard for the Lord." Here I would transform the word Lord and instead use the word soul. This is what was used by the Master, and was the part put in the womb of his mother (before the conception of the matter body), that she thought was the child, but it was the major part of the child. His soul was built up on his love of giving, his generosity of mind a strong and lovely auric colour; belonging to the peace, its neighbouring colour presents when being used the glowing colour of the deep pink, radiant when one takes one's own life in their hands to save the life of another, or work in a team in the horrifying circumstances of the present day, which may be considerably worsened.

Pieces of gold fall

This rich and beautiful colour coming together with similar natures is a key to a bountiful life when losing the earth life.

This bright and benevolent colour adds gold to its beauty. Pieces of gold fall, as if falling from the ceiling and showing in the pink as one is kind and caring, being generous in action and causing the colour to look as if it is alive.

The colour may only be seen if one is really being the example. Diana was a true example, caring for those who had no love and no comfort, only a shop doorway in which to lay their head. She left her comfortable bed behind as hate stopped her sleeping, to bring them her love. The hate made it dangerous to sleep lest life was taken from her, in fact this did happen in the end.

We show her as an example of one being victimised; the one hating her appearing to win, but there will be no success where hate gives hurt and a generous heart has been broken because loving care cannot withstand the hate they had not themselves.

The generous mind will have great rejoicing when finding the outcome of their own efforts. Diana would be more than pleased to see others follow in her footsteps, for this would indeed show love for what she did.

Love has many fingers that point the way as the generous mind cuts through the brain to exercise its authority. Today many are leaving comfort behind to go to the rescue of helpless people, perhaps saving many lives, even in the face of merciless onslaught that might strike hard on its return.

There will now be utter thankfulness

Money is necessary it is known, but is the lesser addition to the light. Not always are there fair handlers of money, but one who is and puts forward themselves shows the deep pink of the kind thought and action that takes away the sting of the hurt and the forgetting of past difficulties. There will now be utter thankfulness building the light and beginning to sweep away corruption, and become as they follow the Master, the light of the world that he himself was to be, but had no opportunity to receive the throne that should have been rightfully his.

He was aware that few generous people could save him; now he is back he will serve only those who have him as a king in their hearts. Others will want to lean on him to save them from learning how to be generous in nature and show in action the light-giving power that could stop malicious destruction the corruptive have started going mercilessly, taking life that may try to persuade people to once again harass and kill without warning.

Love creates light. May it save and bless as the power of it moves in the earth, stopping the death-dealing blows forever!

© Gladys Franklin, February 2000

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