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Week No. 05
Last Update: 26 July 2021

Auric Colours And You

Turquoise Blue

There is a particular colour in the aura, its workability a jewel, for with it the subconscious mind will not go against itself; truth is in it and it would not be put out. Its value is perhaps greater than any other colour because of what it can do.

Turquoise blue is an earned colour; without the clear support of the brain it cannot await being used in the subconscious mind. Truth must have its particular value before the brain as a channel can allow discernment to be translated into words, which is the work of the brain. A block can be put by the brain on any one colour should the brain not portray it rightly, as brain cells have a habit of closing up when translation of a colour is not wanted by the thinking self.

Having the quality of this lovely colour near to the self, possibilities give confidence, trust in what is being thought can stay and be proven trustworthy when the brain is no enemy to it. Its basic formula gives its own help and support as friends can trust one's opinion and perhaps follow its lead.

The foundation of all truth

In decision making one does not have to look outside the self to quickly grasp the answer. The brain must find the answer from all the debris that is encouraged when not really of use. This takes time, it may not be long but what is already in the mind can be found much quicker; a good speaker values greatly the soul, which is the foundation of all truth and its pliability when necessary for speedy answers to questions.

Light of the soul is the truth of the self, built up from the various light giving colours that fill the soul and giving it the power to achieve what the brain is unable to accomplish. The most necessary of the colours is the lovely quality of this different shade of blue that cannot be mistaken for any other; though varied in itself it is yet striking in that which builds it up. One could say it is the ruling factor, a blessed asset as the soul is not full without it and the brain through which it must work must believe the wisdom it shows in all decisive matters. Practical in the extreme, never failing to honour a promise, trustworthy in monetary matters, without coveting what might be needed but having sufficient confidence in its goodness to bring fulfilment where other people might have failed, never fearing loss but also never persistent in gain.

Power comes with speedy thinking, the aura the promise of power that need never be lost whilst one is true to oneself, not given to hiding words that clutter the brain, stopping the full beauty of the mind taking its place among the teachers of this world, who though few in number are strong in the miracles that the love of life can bring.

© Gladys Franklin, October 1999