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Week No. 25
Last Update: 20 June 2022

- Gems Of Clairvoyance For This Week -

An insect coming from one apple.

One in a meeting can disturb the whole group. The one should be taken out to be kept clear of the others.

A monkey jumping about

Mischief in some form or other can be expected when noting a monkey, but if its antics are doing no harm, the self will be the onlooker at someone playing the fool and causing much amusement to other people.

A rabit running away

Their friendship is not worth cultivating, for if required to back friendship with action in time of trouble, distance would be covered quickly and the friend unseen.

A camel walking with a heavy load

Full trust can be put in an individual portrayed in this way, for they will go far without complaint. Nursing sick people is to them a blessing, for invariably they look for service and find it where it is most needed.