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Week No. 13
Last Update: 19 September 2022

- Gems Of Clairvoyance For This Week -

An egg (in a nest).

Look closely at what is wanted to be hatched out; be true to the self and the egg will hatch out and what is required will bless.

A hen's egg.

Be sure it has not been boiled; if it is, nothing can hatch out. Should it be fresh when received in a dream, the answer will be what effort has been put in will find much coming in and long continuity.

A strawberry (in a basket).

The fruits of one's labours are still known today; when given or seeing a strawberry the outcome from effort is good and life is lifted up because of it.
     At no time worry, this brings very few answers to any problem.

Washing clothes.

Words would appear to stop when once said; if it were so the symbol of washing clothes would not be necessary.