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Week No. 22
Last Update: 23 November 2020

- Gems Of Clairvoyance For This Week -

Giving birth to a baby.

Both male and female may have this wonderful feeling of a new life coming to the self when a much happier feeling within the self shows great promise.

The neglect of a new born.

Should neglect follow the birth, the child could die if not being taken care of by someone who will lovingly take over, and in wishing to serve will do all for the gift given to the self that is symbolised as being a child.

The continual feeding of a baby.

Feeding the child is not the only part that has to be watched, but also the traits of character used daily are progressively increased.

A balloon ready to rise.

The beginning of a project which will commence well, there should be no hitch to it gaining height speedily.