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Week No. 17
Last Update: 18 October 2021

- Gems Of Clairvoyance For This Week -

A white rat.

A rat cornered will bite. There are many white rats; they will bite also and think it is right to do so. Beware the rat that says, 'I'm a friend.' If not getting their own way and coming out best their bite will kill, they will take the best and the soul is left devoid of light.

Buying or making a new dress.

One is going through a period when it appears that nothing one does is pleasing. The dress will give understanding that effort to benefit the self must be used.

Putting on a new dress.

This shows an overall change. One should be pliable in the self so that what might be expected of the self can be done and a very generous and loving feeling from the self will make people take note.

Wearing a dark dress.

This will do nothing to encourage; in the dream one should look for a colourful and well cut dress that is pleasing to the self. One is then assured that a happier picture of life will displace that which has been frustrating and disappointing.