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Week No. 09
Last Update: 22 February 2021

- Gems Of Clairvoyance For This Week -

A bottle or jug half full of liquid, filling itself up after some has been taken for a drink.

This means whatever has been lovingly given to another can in some way return in kind back to the self.

A pile of washing in a corner.

One should look at what one is doing as, it is causing a clean up later; even after passing away the washing still has to be done. Gossip, not always true, is one of the conditions of life that cause the extra work that has to be cleared up.

A golden crown, seen in vision or dream.

This gives great promise, it points to a teacher - not of the earth - congratulating one of the earth for coming through a period of time, holding on to truth when much could have turned them against it. Even though certain spirits are giving pain to break the love when low with discomfort. Coming through there is a renewal of life and pain is lessened.

A number of small fish in a pool of water perhaps inside a house.

Such small fry are very important, each one is a person sincere in their desire to learn. Small though they be, with truthful tuition they will grow and will support fully the one who has taught them.