- Gems Of Clairvoyance For This Week -

Rug or carpet with beautiful colours.

Being given a rug speaks of a gift - sometimes given in thanks, its colours very encouraging. This is nothing to do with the aura, but shows a sincere and appreciative feeling by receiving a gift that will last a long time and give mental and physical comfort. The carpet is usually given in gratitude for help given on a large scale. A lasting and blessed comfort is given that other people may see.

Being given a piece of fried fish.

Should the fish be full of bones, it will give nothing but probably be a hindrance. Without bones but looking good and ready to eat, the fish shows something given that will give help and comfort. Could be publicity or good advertisement.


Such a dream or vision shows that it is time to let other people know what is being done, and this individual or with a group, publicity being followed out. The field of potato plants in bloom will show much additional value when certain meetings are being advertised.

A dresser with dinner plates.

When hopeful of service in some capacity, to see in vision a dresser with a number of shelves, dinner plates set on them, all being bright and clean. The meat of the word is being taught and is given on the plate where people wish to learn.

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