Tuition For The Seekers

What differentiates our approach to life from most, if not all other teachings, philosophies, religions, etc. is that we are not based on a set of beliefs or principles but on an endeavour to prove all concepts on which we base our life as well as being on the lookout at all time for any sign of being in the wrong, and ready to change accordingly.

Most people try all their life to escape and deny the law of cause and effect. Religions and philosophies are there to give them that opportunity by providing scapegoats to blame, leaders to take over their freewill and excuses against their neighbours.

Our investigations led us to acknowledge two basic facts which offer us a common ground in our quest. Firstly is the law of cause and effect mentioned earlier. The moment we accept it, we set into motion the power of creation, the ability to transform each and every aspect of our life not conducive to happiness for us and others.

The other is simply the fact that our true self is not our matter self and brain, but is our inner self and soul. The inner self has a life of its own while the brain is quiet or asleep as well as before and after its incarnation into this matter body. Our actual personality is the result of our many previous incarnations.

As a result, happiness is understood as the feedback from this inner self when it is cared for properly. From this we can prove everything and build our own truth, knowing that when we think rightly, everything goes right…

If you feel that your approach to life is successful and leading you to happiness, or if you are looking for additional knowledge for the brain, this course is not for you. To have any chance of success we have to start with a clean slate, being ready to question any and every aspect of our life. We will have to let go with the control of our brain and learn to listen to and trust our inner self, which for most of us is not easy.

Welcome to the discovery and exploration of your true self and the start of living in accordance with our natural nature.

The series of lessons has been prepared by Gladys Franklin and is entitled The Scene Today. There are 30 lessons provided singly on a weekly basis. Each lesson is comprised of a three page text and a thirty minute talk by Gladys which is not a repeat of the text; they are meant to be studied daily.

The lessons are not so much aimed at providing new knowledge for the brain but for initiating a transformation of the subconscious mind by gradually cleansing the elements of darkness from the past and helping to build up bright colours in the aura.

The subconscious mind learns by repetition and by the intensity of efforts. This is why it is important to do the lessons daily. The text is best read early in the morning, before the brain is too active. This way it will have an impact on the whole of the day. The purpose of the audio lesson is to prepare the mind for its activities of the night, which are as important as the daytime; it is to be listened to just before bedtime if possible.

Instead of registering immediately as a student we suggest that you download the first lesson and give it a try. To do the lesson, there are two files to download: the text and the audio, they are both different and both needed.

You can choose the file that is most convenient to you: to read on monitor or media only or the file that suits you for the size of paper and characters, click on download for the text of your choice then make sure the file is saved in your computer where you can find it, and do the same for the audio file.

We suggest you to save the file, as you need the lesson everyday for a week.

Lesson no.1 - Title: Natural Nature.

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Full Lesson 30min:

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If you have problem to download the lessons and need help, you can contact us and we will do our best to help you.

The normal procedure is to register at the end of this first week (or more if needed), providing you feel a positive feedback from within. You can access the registration form whenever you are ready, after doing this first lesson (not before) through "Online Course" above or by clicking here:

You will then be given access to the student's website where you will be able to download the other lessons and will have access to more writings by Gladys. Additional support is also available.

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