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Week No. 17
Last Update: 18 October 2021

The Milk And Meat Of The Word

I had asked when I saw the need for it, to have the privilege of teaching, and this had been granted. From the time of being accepted I had to learn from every cause in life and I commenced to write upon the knowledge I retained from the beginning on to the end. The lesson almost always began with a phone call from someone requiring help in their life; firstly I had to go through the milk of the word which allowed students to lean somewhat heavily upon me. This was followed by a breakdown, as stamina was lost, with no energy for a number of years.

During this time the third lot of lessons brought in the meat of the word and a true following of the first way, which is to be a follower of the teacher Jesus. This I found was much less complicated and most valuable as no one leaned at all, having to carry their own responsibility. Every cause bringing its own effects continues in the atmosphere to live on; nothing completely dies. All is simple, providing effort is put into life whereby one takes note and is able to remember. When putting into action each point one does not forget, it is stored in colour in the subconscious mind until the brain has the need to turn the colour into words.

© Gladys Franklin, September 1999