Creation's Secrets

Have you ever pondered upon creation, feeling it might not be that of a God, who built it in so many days and then chastised the people put in the earth to enjoy its bounty? If this is the case, why has so great a challenge been given to the populace as to the feeding and keeping of the body that left so much to be desired?

The wonderful brain almost killed off everything living as some made life almost unbearable while others showed the creation of love, peace and goodness of heart, adults like children loving to play.

There are those who have used wisdom, that gave happiness, creating beauty and peace whilst others used methods of pain and death to get their own way.

Greed came in like a reptile

Everything could be grown in the earth that was good for man; but greed came in like the reptile that was seen and brought temptation. While innocent minds became workers as others were given what they did not deserve, the workers could do little to help themselves. If loving, as it is said, this God brought no love but such a muddle that creation is killing off thousands and few are happy to see death and wonder where it could strike next.

Where will it end?

If I were to say there is no such God, it would be refuted; there is only one who was made a God by one who wanted to rule the people and taught man to fight, destroying what others had built up. Now it is getting out of hand as money passes hands and businesses are now those who are fighting for supremacy. Where will it end?

The ruling God will smile, men will kill one another as against each other they build the biggest, then creation will be in their hands; what of the workers then?

Will the sun lose its light as volcanoes spit their fire into the air? One wonders, for what is created never dies; man must show the will to survive and repair all the damage that he has done. Where will everyone go?

Only one way out

What man is made to believe is truth to him; he will not learn, neither will he change his mind. He can forfeit his soul; without it he lives only as a servant, no surety his, as mind brings the dark of night to stay. Then one has no need to be told the outcome for there is only one way out, not to heaven as all hope to find, but the result of his own creation - starvation and death, unless light is once again built by love and the sun has the opportunity of shining once more.

© Gladys Franklin, September 1999

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