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Week No. 25
Last Update: 20 June 2022

Saving A Divorce

The Partners still in Love, Parents Breaking down Trust

To get at the subconscious may take three nights to observe the behaviour of all concerned. When the trust is observed one will talk firstly to the female and then to the male, changing ideas the subconscious mind has held for a long time. Habitual behaviour of either wife or husband being a setback to peace of mind, I found a belligerence in one or the other of their parents that was not helpful in any way. I found it particularly necessary to be able to fly upward on to the roof of a house as fists were lifted and shaken at my speaking of their interference in the couple's lives and the children harassed. I continued to speak to both sides until the young people realised both parents were the cause of the disruption; they left their parents and came together, moving away from their forebear as they tried to stop them.

Telephoning the next day the young wife thanked me, she was unaware of what had been done during the night but very happy that one parent had phoned and invited them to a meal and appeared very content. I did not enlighten them, but told them no matter what other people said they did not have to believe them.

To bring happiness and peace

Many jobs are done during the time of sleep when the subconscious will reveal the truth it can be set right by one who has been trained and enjoys doing the work of relief, bringing happiness and peace. Trying to use such methods for money, the soul sleeps and will not work, love is the driving force and companion, a very real blessing as the light from it can make one aware of circumstances in the earth and what is possible in sleep when out of the body.

© Gladys Franklin, June 1999