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Week No. 09
Last Update: 22 February 2021


It has been found by some good teachers that their students do not wish to learn but to repeat with the brain, the desire to teach drawing to themselves a subtle spirit that will lead them to believe. The words of a lesson should be acted upon in readiness to be passed on as teaching.

Gaining prestige and perhaps charging higher prices for the work the good teacher has formulated, using the physical tuition to gain enough money to live on, without really learning to find the example and live it, to show the right way of teaching, the colours corroborating the tuition.

Many who would be sincere are caught, and finding much opposition to being the example leave disillusioned, as the good tuition is not followed and untimely thought against the good teacher has caused sickness and sometimes death when the label of witch is given to them. Even in this century this has been done, when truth is put over to the earth but is not wanted but used against the speaker.

I myself have had this done to me and a great deal of pain put upon my body to put me out of action, but like Job I too have found the strength to talk and to write, and truth now can be a proven fact.

It is not wise to feel one is a teacher until proving every point in its action and to show the light fully, the miracles coming to life showing the full value of tuition and what the earth can benefit by using, overcoming all the hazards that the darkened low level brains of people have brought into being. Words are not enough, it is the example and the action that brings peace and are proven by colours seen.

© Gladys Franklin, June 1999