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Week No. 05
Last Update: 26 July 2021

A Call To The Rescue

In life, whether it be day or night, there is the need to remember the subconscious number to call; in sleep or when wide awake one must be prepared and ready.

"Why in sleep?" it may be questioned. The answer must be - because in sleep the preparation is for making someone ready to move to the next phase in their journey of life. Calling the change death is not helpful, life is more full than that of the earth.

The key to eternal life

Many have travelled for thousands of years, and still have no idea of where they are going or what they have to do to help the body with the living soul to move higher, the dark side always covering the light that is the key to eternal life.

Had Eve chosen the fruit of the tree of life, one would not have to increase goodness to pass on and live. She chose the tree of knowledge and death that had not been known started its journey to and from, to learn how to build the light that allows the soul to continue on living.

Learning how to love

Learning how to love and to build the soul with all light-giving colours, a sound body will carry on, no necessity to return in reincarnation to the earth.

Because of the conditions of men, the beauty and the bounty of love and thoughtfulness cannot find a footing in the aura and preparation for the new life cannot always be covered.

When the soul is brilliant, miracles are found to ease life and no further return to earth is needful. Joy causes the body to be full of love also.

Hell now is in the earth

Hell now is in the earth as greed is moving toward its climax; greed is productive of wars and covetousness, and man takes what is not his own, giving hurt and pain. When leaving the soul asleep but protecting any part of the light in the soul, that could be a good commencement when the new brain is received.

Light will do the impossible

Light is of profound importance and will do the impossible in the earth when nearing the state of readiness to move higher and to find blessing and love, as the awaited happiness is found.

There are people who care and are full of love, who will meet the sincere and earnest traveller, making the stay worthwhile when wanting to know how to face the future, building a new life and bringing happiness by helping other people in the same way that one has found help for the self.

© Gladys Franklin, September 1999