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Week No. 02
Last Update: 6 July 2020

Can You Fly?

Does your inward body love, and is it with the outward self finding gladness at being alive? Can your inward body fly? The outer self can be made aware of why it is necessary to fly. A dream can show a promise; it can also show a new life and its gladness to continue in life. The soul will never die, it has been through many generations to learn to build the light; but what is in the earth life to give it its permanence? Life and the gladness of having it comes by learning in dreams how to fly.

The very stones beneath one's feet cry out as blood is shed upon them. Wars and all manner of death-dealing machines now are the cause as man battles with man to gain all he covets, his desires not always fulfilled.

Innocence provokes greed and vice

The atmosphere is shown in symbol form, it is full of unspoken desires of all man covets and would find gladness in taking by force, no matter from whom blood flows.

Can it now find the soul that is lost when advantage is taken of a sacrifice? The very innocence provokes greed and vice, as man lives with deceit, no God to do all for him. Only his own goodness enlarging as love proves its own way.

Life is now being taken in many ways: from earthquakes, volcanoes, wind and rain in vast quantities to flood the land. This has no recent beginning, but through thousands of years man has built deceit - the cause of ill health and death. Light alone can bring its relief. May man learn in dreams to fly; he will find life unique.

© Gladys Franklin, August 1999