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Week No. 19
Last Update: 10 May 2021


Man, does he know the final outcome to all he feels that rejects the light he is here to find, feeding the soul that it will live on and will not die, relying on the sacrifice to free him from responsibility is something it cannot do?

To regret too forcibly, become exceedingly anxious or worried takes from the light, if it has commenced the building of the soul, the darker overshadowing over the light serves more the darkness and has no power to help.

After taking life and becoming imprisoned, the day may show only the routine; at night however, dreams will put one in the place of the victim until the change comes and a new life would find no violence.

The victimiser living a full life will meet after transition his change of life; he will move to where the darkness of his feelings matching with the people he may meet. Many centuries back he might go to where life may have no value; not only in dreams are they made victim but the day will prove just as menacing.

Hell is not one place

It has been found that all centuries continue to live and all move to where they are at one with the feelings from within themselves. Hell is not one place, but many centuries include violence, and fear is like an animal having no brain to stop hate and violence.

The soul full of light with numerous people could stop all the hazards the God of Moses has predicted, more death from mighty winds and flood or any other killer of thousands. Can you help? Can you build the light? This is the only way to life beyond death and the bounty one can be blessed with receiving.

It would be wise to take the new life of a child before the seed is sown of one brutal, giving no happiness but much pain, the child growing similar to the father.

© Gladys Franklin, January 2000