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Week No. 13
Last Update: 19 September 2022

Where Do We Start?

We start many years ago and far away in another era altogether! A galaxy where peace is found and the light reaches out for where is the goodness that provides the light and children born in the light without pain, the sacrifice of goodness to clear; evil is not known and would not be accepted as we read in Revelations.

The soul full of light was in the child whose continual life need not have changed without the need for reparation.

In the earth when at that time all knew, evil had set a root, deceit was the root, the hiding of truth. No forgiveness allowed the child that was deceitful to carry on, its life had to vitally change; earth needed the good to come in and the young were brought in sleep to bring the good into the earth to clean out the evil that had grown from the root growing fast.

The good left behind, the earth claimed its victims and all that tried to follow the blessings the good could bring in found death; their reward as a sacrifice was said to clear all sin and God willed everything. But where is God when the good in man has been blackened by flame or in some other way hounded until dead.

Today we are seeing the result of the time so long ago, the soul crushed out of recognition and having no life, yet not being able to die. The body in reincarnation, the soul - the life force - continues, yet how much of goodness do we see?

The vast death role is just beginning, yet over many years has it tried to find full life; will this be found?

It could but what will the end be? We seek to find it and all the misery of death and deceit will cease.

© Gladys Franklin, August 1999