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Week No. 14
Last Update: 6 April 2020

One Man's Meat Is Another Man's Poison

This would appear to be double talk, but unfortunately it is very true.

Being proved by many who might say nothing of the experience but suffering the consequence is not always easy. Some people might take it in their stride but others may find it difficult to take, yet still keep quiet about what is being felt.

Recommendation is the key word; one is finding benefit from what is used or is taken into the system and accepts the result of following the word given to them. It might cost more than can be afforded but the recommendation of bodily help would appear to be worth it.

The spirit may not speak the truth

The result of being obedient can work against the system and does cause them to be unwell.

What the one who recommends does gain is the reaction from the subconscious mind of the receiver, which could relay sickness back that may be worsened, not knowing their recommendation has caused hurt. From one to another the details may be given, this gives more than one mind to react and to rest upon the results of their hope to help and to give benefit.

Taking advice from a spirit through a medium is not always wise, the spirit may not speak the truth or charge a price for what is done, this being settled when in sleep, the medium knowing nothing about it.

© Gladys Franklin, September 1999