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Week No. 13
Last Update: 19 September 2022

- Snippets Of Wisdom -

Snippet no.1:

All is possible though the eyes are not always awake. The conversation about the body takes the inward self where all are the same and sympathy is not passed from one to the other, there is always complaint. When sickness is finished it should not find speech, sending it into the atmosphere after words are said, there is no healing all continues on, and might so easily return.

Snippet no.2:

Not all thought of by the brain goes into the mind that bestirs the inward self to use the truth. Looking for sympathy it can be carried on while waiting to see a doctor in sleep not knowing on the earth he was not known. His lack of knowledge cannot give truth, but the grounds for gaining sympathy are made and the afterlife follows in the same way as the earth, but is never cured until light moves it out of the way.

Snippet no.3:

Watchers (spirits in the house) come at man's bidding; he does not know the heavy price he has to pay for what he is given. What of his light? It does not bring debt, the good he has given means he will receive. The soul is the storehouse, it's light very full finding far more than he might have hoped to do.