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Week No. 02
Last Update: 6 July 2020

- Snippets Of Wisdom -

Snippet no.1:

Once loving within the inward self one will not make mistakes, but will bless and share what one has. In this way the sun will bless all life and in the New Earth see only light and the joy of neighbours one with the other, for none will defile the light.

Snippet no.2:

Much is said today when a probe fails to reach its target; is there another way? Planets are visited, rarely do we see grotesque and unsightly beings who inhabit them. There are however various people, some so full of light that, not long awaited, a child may be born. Other places are full of violence and hate, the light in them put out.

Snippet no.3:

There is a scrutiny of everyone, a record of a family's life is taken on Christmas Eve and Good Friday. A loving visitor staying with the family, but unseen by them, gives a truthful account of the behaviour of each one. The night is much longer than can be imagined and the scroll or programme of what could be done comes into being, starting almost immediately. The outcome is solely because of what has been observed. Some have problems solved and others find sickness and perhaps death awaiting one who is not thinking rightly. This gives opportunity of change, it is good to take it.