- Snippets Of Wisdom -

Snippet no.1:

A child that dies at birth or soon after if sick, its touching of the earth and being carried in the one womb will be finishing the light building and be needed on a specialised job. The mother when giving up the baby willingly will fall pregnant again within the year and the baby healthy and happy.

Snippet no.2:

A child being precocious when very young should not be chastised or have all its own way but should be taught with love, the parents being a good example, guiding not disciplining. Pushed by others the child might be tempted to try a stimulant of some kind. Chastising, though the child has made up their own mind never again, will never serve, it will drive the child back to where they feel comfortable. Encouraging and blessing the child for not wanting to repeat what was done will adhere the child to the parent and love be made stronger.

Snippet no.3:

The light of the soul needs no cover to protect it. It will stand all it must if sincere kindness puts no key upon it to hold it down. It will want to give. One died because he did, by example, show the sincere what they can do to build their own soul, not taking from you.

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