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Week No. 05
Last Update: 26 July 2021

- Snippets Of Wisdom -

Snippet no.1:

Have you understood the Bible? Does it provide an uplift through its words? Do you feel much is true? Proven it can be and truth is there, but alteration because of the lack of understanding has taken away truth and put in falsehood that has been surmised by the different minds of the various expressions necessary to modern life. Many there are, each sect having its own way. The sacrifice still being the easier way of living, but like all who cut corners it does not provide the light and the menace lying waiting is bursting in upon everyone. Where is God now? In watching closely, I find it is in the souls of those who are loving, compassionate, gentle and kind.

Snippet no.2:

What do you talk about when you meet a friend, does happiness stay with you from all that is said? Is there something of value to talk about or is it sickness that brings words to stay? It is thought the body is whole when passing into further life, yet is it? Have you been where you can find out? It is possible!

Snippet no.3:

Does your inner window open wide for you? Can you see the beauty of all about you? Blessing the light that comes from the love of all things, sending out beams far and wide and like the lighthouse saving many from hitting the rocks as only truth is said.