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Week No. 19
Last Update: 10 May 2021

- Snippets Of Wisdom -

Snippet no.1:

The aged lives long, spent in service to family and friends, lying in bed, perhaps much alone. The inner body already has found its way home: when sleep comes, a joy can be with each one, peace taking them to lands afar where friends and loved ones can be in party spirit, the sleeper joins them, night can be turned into day, youth has been present within all the way.

Snippet no.2:

Seeking to find the truth, the Sacrifice should be left well alone. It drags one down, nothing gained by it. Let love for the Master lift up the poor in spirit; throw away depression and the light of love will give its peace. The brain cannot know it, the inward self finding peace becomes rich and full of life, no more being pushed in the corner and made poor.

Snippet no.3:

Needing an operation; let the heart be glad, no dark thought of any kind to hold you back. The inward self letting love flow out from it, need have no complications and the body find help as it awaits the ministration. God gives no healing, the self can do far more by comforting other people, not thinking of self and surprises might be in store, added life force can be given from the self, its renewal within will cover and help everything.