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Week No. 22
Last Update: 23 November 2020

- Snippets Of Wisdom -

Snippet no.1:

How does anyone sow the seeds of dislike or even hate? Let us look at the darkened pub where things are done that could bring dislike upon them. 'How awful!' one might say, 'he shouldn't do that, I hate things like that being done.'

The subconscious mind picks up and enlarges that dislike or hate that has been seen, and though light in the watcher may have been good, it is cut down by the new seeds sown and one does not lose easily the result of what has been accepted. It is not what one's own adverse feelings do, the subconscious takes in what is felt when observing what others do.

Snippet no.2:

Happiness does not come out of a bottle or by frequent intimacy. Drugs may give some excitement until one cannot do without them. There is only emotional satisfaction, for each of these bodily stimulants.

True happiness is a feeling coming from the soul, the brain unable to supply it. Firstly one makes up their own mind to be content with what one has. When badly used, leaving the source of hurt is wise. Parents should never make a child a buffer in between them. If not being content a divorce might alter the situation. It is wisdom to think well beforehand, as the second might not be at one with the self and be worse than the first. Being sure of each other, love which grows from being thoughtful to each other, happiness can be found and the looking after home and children made a pleasure. Thinking on the same way, dissension will not arise and being wise tolerance is the answer, which is the beginning of the soul and the light coming into play, and though different allows each to have their own opinion.

Snippet no.3:

Some people feel the subconscious mind has very little to do, do you feel that this is true? Have you ever wondered what brings the beautiful rainbow colours and also the dark and depressing shades that cast their deep shadow over the brighter colours and circumstances tend to be difficult?

In respect of what the subconscious really is, it can help oneself to think rightly. Once thinking rightly with understanding and care the subconscious could be really busy.

Each feeling, when active, portrays a colour; the Rainbow shades build the light; they leave the subconscious mind and if building light join the colours already bringing light. When looking for something outside the self the atmosphere is so corrupted that the feelings change and the colours also. What another person is doing, if disliked and thought is strong upon the behaviour, the subconscious can be shaped with what is said and done. Unhappiness can never change when the feelings stay the same and are overshadowed by dark thoughts and depressive feelings.

When sleeping the colours move from the sleeping body and become active, following what is felt and giving hurt or happiness according to the colours that get stronger with activity.

Hurt can be given when darker shades prevail. The knife or the gun very much in evidence; laugh though one might at dreams and the feelings felt on awakening will show whether one has been happy with the bright colours or menacing feelings that can bring distress or death.

All people have the prerogative to live in one way or other; all is known of what one wants to do, but only the self can live according to love and peace, gaining happiness or losing it; this is what is expected.