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Week No. 09
Last Update: 22 February 2021

- Snippets Of Wisdom -

Snippet no.1:

The children born with soul alight give far less pain before and after birth. The parents frown; 'What have we here, one that could tell us what to do? Not for me,' it could be heard, 'it is no good for us.' So the good that could have grown and the love that could have bloomed are not alive, but are locked within the child, who is taught a different way; and the parents do not get what they hoped to have, the child dies, it is not their way.

Snippet no.2:

Hope in the heart can bless each day, when put into words and deeds it will amply repay. Men kill hope and the good life is not theirs. Do they know the clear blue sky and the sun that shines? Without love they may not see, except rain and wind, and shattered home is there. Can money always bring change one would like to have come in? A song in the heart and blessing each day brings the wonder of the light when the feet need not stray.

Snippet no.3:

Dreams can allow the impossible to be done. All that the Apostles could do can be done by oneself when the soul leads the inward body to do the impossible, the result of actions in one's sleep, changes unaccountable to the brain but very valuable to one's progress. Through learning to keep the brain from wishful thinking it can widen as the inward self gain strength.