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Week No. 17
Last Update: 18 October 2021

- Snippets Of Wisdom -

Snippet no.1:

Fearing death, life has nothing to give you. Let go the line you are holding to and in sleep you will be with friends. They say, 'Stay, come to the concert with us.' Laughing happily you do not know your soul, which has a body and holds the life, it has come looking for you; your old body is no longer there and is not coming back.

Snippet no.2:

The great battle of right against wrong commenced many years ago; the signs of this are in the clouds, dark and menacing, or lovely to see, sailing like gallant ships across the blue sky. The good is in the sun that shines, may the light in man keep it there. There is no fear of Armageddon when man learns the truth of life, casting out fear to love and be kind.

Snippet no.3:

So far the hounding of the followers of the Master have used him as the sacrifice. He - like us all - followed a God, but the God he followed was not of light and love, but of war and avarice. He tried to bring peace; the God of Moses knew that in time Jesus could expose him as False. What is man to do about this? Do you love and are kind? If so the true life force is in you and brighter is life because of this. The feelings produce good or bad, the good will clear the way, the bad will worsen and pollute.