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Week No. 14
Last Update: 6 April 2020

- Snippets Of Wisdom -

Snippet no.1:

Britain is a lovely place, but how many now see the beauties of it? Who wills the way? Good is not in it, grumbling cannot pave the way. The love for the land is not seen, the past shedding blood to gain. The volcano spitting its fiery breath, the tornado breaking down what men have built up, the earth tossing mighty trees and buildings falling, will this come into this green and pleasant land? Some want it, but when one looks at London town which could be flooded by water what else do we see? Underground is much of life, will it be saved? Man can save, he can build and use the power of light.

Snippet no.2:

Earthquakes beneath the sea have been prophesied, great ships tossed like corks upon its heaving waters, can man stop this when others put pressure on those who lead? He still can build his light, it can bring love into the home, the young learn to love and not to blame God for everything, neither can Jesus who can be no sacrifice now; he has come again but no one knows him, they do not love and are blind to the light that can cleanse everything.

Snippet no.3:

We all have often heard that we shall not rest until we see Jerusalem built in this green Isle. How are we going to be able to do that when blood flows freely at the assassin's knife? The light will not only stop the knife and change the mind of one who kills but will build their heavenly place that can be part of everyone. Not only loving mum and dad but having love like a many coloured fountain spraying out its colours that heal, bless, comfort and control causing many flowers to grow; one sees them on the walls of one's room as love is growing with them. May the love of beauty live and build on, New Jerusalem its target, peace its aim.