- Snippets Of Wisdom -

Snippet no.1:

Sexual love would appear to be the right thing; this may not last as love does not reach the inward being. To touch one truly, love gives joy, to be one with them brings the full light for sure. The child that comes will have love with it, no intellect perhaps but having a decisive intuition.

Snippet no.2:

What oneself has gained money for speaking about, and when repeated many times, there is no other way but to follow what the tongue has said. The mind and its open window closed to all else, by understanding truth it can be followed, but be sure the truth is not of what ails the self, there is no sympathy there.

Snippet no.3:

There can be no expectation of someone else providing the future of oneself. The self only lays the pattern and as this continues on there are those who will supply the words that speak of the needs the brain can place upon the body; in and out of the body it lingers on and in sleep quacks supply treatment, there is no relief in this!

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