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Week No. 14
Last Update: 6 April 2020

Gain Or Loss

Cross currents of the brain and the mind often bring havoc to the long awaited and well laid plans of the Spirit, where energies never fail, no matter how long it takes to find people of the earth ready to carry out their plans that may. According to the state of their mind, these people may work with the soul for good, or disposing of the good in others they wish to do, causing fear in them, this being an unpleasant enemy of all who truthfully follow the tuition of the Teacher.

The brain of man seizes upon an idea for its own livelihood, never really understanding that encouragement of an idea can have a full destructive plan, the earth and the active self losing monetary values; the light losing power cannot energise itself to forestall the damage it could do.

All conditions of the inner and outer bodies working in harmony have no loss to face; but loss comes all too quickly when the brain breaks the plans of the Spirit as the one feels they must seek of the earth for support. Seeing the mistake in good time can be openly blessed and no real loss need be sustained.

When Jesus lost his soul

The greater loss of all time came when the soul, given by the angel Gabriel to Mary, was stripped from her son; the pain was so great he could not use his soul to support himself so that he could live on.

Once having had the forcing of his soul to leave him, he became only a man, the work he could have done left for other people to accomplish. He had to have a body through which to express the mission of his soul that was given to Mary before the seed of the flesh was lodged in her womb.

The Teacher knew no other life than that which he wished to follow. It was scheduled that he should teach man and become a ruler, kind and just, bringing peace to the world, starting an era of love and plenteous in goodness. He had no need to build the light within his soul, it was already full of light whilst he grew up and in his home made life easier for many as he changed the small irritants of life, bringing to Mary a peace that helped her to believe the child was the son of God. This belief grew strong in him as his mother encouraged him to do small miracles. The same could be done now in this time by all who build the bright colours from the feelings they have as the soul can grow sufficiently with a similar light that allows small miracles to be done today. It proves the power of light and what could have come had Jesus hid himself after turning the water into wine as his mother bid him to do, her request bringing the words of reproach from him, "Woman, my hour has not yet come."

The crucifixion need not have happened

Staying where he was he found himself caught up in his ministry before the right time, when the right people would follow his word and authority invested in him as it had been prophesied, and believing himself to be the Messiah, whose death had also been prophesied, he thought he had to die. He sought no way of protection and left himself open to the wrong people, ending in the crucifixion that need not have happened.

Unlike man today who builds his own soul and earns a future life, his soul left the body of pain and he cried out as he felt the full force of all the tremor his mind had suffered, and the body hung maltreated in every part of him without his soul light to ease the finish of his earth life.

The Teacher, though understanding a great deal, had no idea that the God man worshipped was not his father. The great works of psychic power were not correct without the aid of the soul. Moses was full of the thought of sacrifice and was ready to follow it as the priests used the power of the psychic; unlike the prophets in earlier times he had no love of people and gave commands that filled the Hebrews with terror. This is why the hounding of all really good people brought death and imprisonment to all who followed the Master's example, no miracles for them. They were called heretics and money was paid to those who denounced anyone who was kind and loving, and with herbs could heal people and the helpless animals that rarely found mercy in the hard life meted out to them.

A merciless and warlike God

For their unchosen beginning there were two directly opposing people. From Abraham who loved and blessed all he did came two sons: Ishmael and Isaac, the one to have much of the earth, the other to carry the Covenant that gave mercy and love, and beget those who were good and kind.

To rid the earth of those who came from Isaac the ancient God worshipped before Abraham became the main provider of power, releasing the families of the sons of Jacob who cheated Joseph, the brother that had brought them from Canaan to Egypt, in the time of Jacob, father of the sons of idolatrous servants. This ancient God has commanded his life to kill all goodness, a merciless and warlike God encouraging hate and all its effects as the feelings of people run high.

Goodness could not grow, for all who were following the Teacher, learning to love and to be kind, caring for other people and giving blessing, were building the light of the soul but were crushed by the followers of the sacrifice. Today many are beginning to find that this life can have its miracles, but only where the soul has the power of light to use them.

Coming back to earth

The Teacher had to return in reincarnation to learn - as ordinary people have to learn - through the natural source of tuition: cause and its probable effects!

Great plans were laid for the whole world by the Masters but man has served spirits through his brain, thinking to better himself more so than the light of the soul might have produced.

One may lay upon other people the burdens they themselves should carry, for by doing so they might learn the truth of life. Knowledge, even in part, is the leaning post for those who put no effort into life to learn and build their own heritage. One would not have to come back to earth and try once again to clean the stain of the past, awakening the soul and giving it the opportunity to work as did the Teacher, as he himself recommended; obviously he was not aware that having given his life he would put in jeopardy all who followed him. The disciples were seeing no wrong in losing their lives as all the followers from that time on have greatly suffered, losing much, even life in many cases.

Had he done the same as when walking through the temple unnoticed during the furore and been patient to await the proper time of his tuition, he would have been a great example to people who would have gladly done the same. Even unto today the hounding of those who care is still being carried out, the guilt of those who hate all who show up the weakness in the emotion of hate, appearing to win what they want. But this may be only for a little while and once transition is passed it would be seen what the hate has done as in their turn they became the victim, losing the soul. Some time might pass before someone truly loving and kind talked to them and hate could be taken away, the soul being able to find love. Life can then continue on after reparation is followed out, a sick body in their return to earth, perhaps being like the Teacher as it helped people to see with their inner eyes and ears, to work together and to see the justice in what was being done.

Serving one's own desires

It is more than easy to allow the brain to be swayed to its own desires and to serve them, though once having planned with the inner self to move on, fear to be without money makes one forgetful that the Master said, "Take no purse nor script, no added food, no clothing." He knew that in that time all could be earned as one walked from place to place. Patience being much blessed is able to provide when tolerance is present and love helps make the most of tuition and care.

The gaining of the light of the soul from the feelings one has worked to build up in the subconscious mind gives one the key to rise higher, taking a place in a mansion when asleep to the earth.

Entry of a mansion in the third plane of life above the earth gives promise of a good and happy life, no more study but actively using all one has learned whilst tuition has made progress. The mansion has a master, someone having been a teacher while reincarnated, having no need to return to earth unless wanting to further teach and to make happy anyone ready to put into practice all that has been learned. One cannot be sure of doing all one wishes, for taking on a brain again it is possible to side-track the soul that has been used during the time of finishing one's tuition.

It is wisest to bypass a return to earth; when the New Earth is waiting it is then to be more positive on the happiness one will receive wherever the mansion will be.

Blessed are those who find a place in a mansion as all are of the same mind and freely blessing each other.

© Gladys Franklin, April 1999