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Week No. 09
Last Update: 22 February 2021

The Subconscious Mind

Everyone builds auric colours from the feelings they have. Because of this, the subconscious mind becomes the ruling factor when one sleeps as the brain stops and can no longer interfere with the thinking processes.

It is possible also to use the subconscious mind when anyone is put under deep unconsciousness, having an operation or having a blow upon the head and the going out of the body. Every time one goes to sleep, one relieves the self of the body that is of the earth and uses the inward body that comes from the actual colours the feelings themselves build up. This is why it is said, "We die daily."

Subversive feelings

The realisation of knowing that the subconscious mind has something very important to do, one need not wonder why some people feel that the subversive feelings and the subconscious mind have nothing to do with one another, and that the subconscious mind is somewhat of an enigma, not useful for anything that is good.

Yet, when there is an emotional strife within the self, the subconscious mind takes everything from it. If one presumes to believe something, even if untrue, but just presuming and letting that play havoc with the brain, the possibility is that it goes into the subconscious mind and does not release itself from that position. It becomes part of the actual feelings of the self, as many other things do that cause one to have dislikes, to hate, but on the other hand to love, to understand, to be tolerant and kind.

These things are very necessary to realise the importance of them. We cannot sweep them under the carpet. One might try to do so, but then that plays no part within one's own particular life. The fact is that one's life is very much interpreted by the position the subconscious mind might put one in.

The subconscious mind is filled with the reactions of all people one against the other, whether it be in family, relatives, friends, school, work, or wherever it is that one has a reaction rising from within the self. It becomes a solid part of the subconscious mind and does not easily give up, without finding the real type of love, a real understanding, making the self a true part of something that is good. But as goodness has now been chased away from the earth world it is not easy to pick up from the atmosphere the way that can move the inward self to enlarge itself to the full.

Nothing willy-nilly

These things are fact, they have been proven time and time again. By realising the full importance of the subconscious mind one's own life can have a complete and utter change, much for the better. If one has lodged complaints in the subconscious mind and let them grow, they are the roots that are within the consciousness that displace certain parts of nature and become natural to individuals to use. But when one looks right into the factual nature one finds there is nothing willy-nilly about the subconscious mind. It is a purely factual part of the self and is built-up of one's human nature, and by doing this then it can injure or it can help other people and especially the self.

One uses the subconscious mind, it is the power of thought that comes through the brain. The brain being injured gives no possibility of use, the brain cells themselves can neither remember or forget. They are just dead, there is nothing there whatsoever. This then gives certain opportunities to the individual, they may be put in a home because the family cannot look after them the full day and night because they are a danger to other people and to themselves, they do things without thinking or even knowing that they are wrong in what is done, and will cause a danger.

It can be erratic in its attitude

These particular people are using their subconscious mind all the time, it can be erratic in its attitude, being an enemy of some and the seeming friend of another, and yet there would seem to be no reason, turning against one who does a lot of good for them, and would take no notice of those who really love them and so on.

Such a one who is dead in their thinking capacity, gradually loses all the mind as well as the brain. This leaves them completely unappreciative of whatever comes in front of them to be able to see exactly what is meant or what is understood.

When these people sleep they travel some distance from the home in which they live. If they are at peace then they will begin to have lessons for the next incarnation, and will be chosen to enter into a family that are authoritative and will be given an education to do what is required and what is already in the subconscious mind to activate their lives. It is a very powerful thing altogether, especially if the country is going to be submerged in war, they would have ways and means of knowing things that the other side do not, and can use a type of thinking that will be quite different to anyone else and no doubt would be able to bring a quicker peaceful solution, if they were allowed to do so.

To become aware of the thoughts of others

It is most necessary for all people to watch and to train themselves in their reaction to other people through their thoughts, words and deeds. I say thought because if people begin to train to use themselves wisely and well, they can become aware of the thoughts that someone else gives out. They can be told when they sleep in a dream; a dream can be extremely important, letting someone know that they are on the right track for the Kingdom of Heaven, or they are not on any track that will bring them greater and blessed benefit.

If they would like the truth, if they wish to find the truth of love and peacefulness, then the first thing they take is a look at themselves, they may not want to hurt anyone else, and do not in thought cause them any hurt. If pushed into it by the individual, then one could keep silent as much as possible, and not allow any dissension to enter into the subconscious mind.

It is a particular position one will move into if reaction is taken and in that reaction some hurt may be given to someone else, not necessarily the person that started it in the first place. Why is this? It is because one can suffer for another; a possibility of one being sensitive can easily pick up from the atmosphere what is there, whilst another might entirely pass it by and not be affected by it at all.

Some take advantage of kindness

This is something that one should watch most carefully that one can use what is necessary to help the self and to help others as well, knowing that some people take advantage of kindness. There are those who take advantage when someone is doing what they can to help other people. Their mind often set upon money and if money is thought to be in the pocket of an individual that is endeavouring to help other people, they could be sadly mistaken.

One of the first things that discarnate beings do who are near to the earth, is to make very sure that anyone who is trying to do good works are put out of action. Here I do not mean the do-gooders, the do-gooders will often interfere with a condition, they do not help, they often hinder, by using violent tactics or shouting certain things, carrying banners, or sitting down in the street and causing the police to shift them and so on. All these things can be done, they give no value to anything or to anyone, the best thing to do is to be quiet in mind, the moment one can learn to be quiet in mind there is a possibility of helping other people, even when they do not say a word or do not make it known that they are helping and giving comfort.

Training the self finds help being given when the inner body takes over, a teacher being interested will teach when the inward body is free of the brain; the lesson received will never then be forgotten and can add value to the earth life.

© Gladys Franklin, July 1999