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Week No. 02
Last Update: 6 July 2020

Reincarnation And Sleep

We will now continue on with the incarnation of the soul. This is a very big subject which would take many hours to cover. It is a necessary thing for me to do it in such a way that you will understand in part, and wish to find more in further papers. They will help you to understand the might of man when he learns to the full and uses his auric colours to build his soul. When the soul takes over the inward body it can do many things that are beneficial and helpful to one of the earth, but not done on the earth.

One does not have to pass over before any and everything can commence with them. It is in the state of sleep that these things come about, when the brain can no longer put a limit upon what one can do and so give one a freedom of action to do almost anything.

It can do the impossible. What seems impossible in the earth can be done in sleep. One of the things is flying. We can fly, we do not have an aircraft, we do not have wings, we do not have anything that will lift us from the soil, but our inward body can do it. And when we are asleep we can move to other countries.

Aboard a ship to Australia

I will tell you just one incident that happened one night. I went aboard a ship to Australia. I played deck games with other people, and conversed with people, I listened to singers, I had a very enjoyable voyage.

When I got there I was able to sit on top of a cliff and witnessed bathers in the sea and waves that were a blessed sight to see. A fortnight passed and then I came back again on the boat and woke up in my bed at eight o'clock the following morning, from ten o'clock the night before. I felt a happy, contented, healthy woman, having been renewed in health and blessed, for my mental self was quiet and able to start work all over again.

I speak of this at this time to let you know that when one is out of the body and in a higher state of mind than in the earth, it is then possible to help one's health, one's happiness and one's quietness. The brain being quiet makes a great deal of difference to life.

Baby blue in the aura

One of the things we should start off with is quietness of mind showing baby blue in the aura. This is the lovely blue shade that mothers like to knit matinée jackets for the wee baby. Having this in the aura one is quiet in the brain; the colour is not there unless that quietness can be held almost all the time. No matter what happens, no matter what is there, one tries to keep quiet and within oneself to have that peace that has no earthly understanding.

It is of a heavenly specie; it is only for those who share in goodness, who are good in themselves, quiet, unassuming and blessed of the Spirit. I do not write blessed of God, because those who are blessed of God usually love war, love money, love all those things that money can buy. It is not by any means showing goodness. Could it do so, this world could be an entirely different place and we would not be facing the hazards of weather and the tumults that are happening in various places.

Man is bringing the weather as it is

It is man with his characteristics and colour vibrations that is bringing the weather as it is; until he makes a vital change more will continue to be added to the death roll through accidents and the foolishness of men who can be tempted away from things that protect. They allow accidents to happen, and war where lack of mercy is seen all the way through it, especially with children and the aged, and the mother who is pregnant and about to deliver.

We will learn and we will understand if we wish to do so. Only those who are sincere in themselves want to alter the world and to bring in goodness instead of evil all the time. Good intentions will not continue to use the sacrifice of Jesus and to use all things through his name.

He was given his soul, but we have to build it up. When he died he lost his soul, this was because he gave it up. He had not finished the work that he should have done upon the earth; he knew he could be protected but he felt that the prophecy had been made that his life would be taken from him. That prophecy came from the wrong God, it came from the God of Moses who was afraid that Jesus might know who he was, and he wanted to get rid of him.

Fear of the truth

Thus goodness has been a target ever since that time for fear that truth would be told. With that truth people will not worship this one God who picked Moses because he was a man loving sacrifice. He taught him to teach war to the people; the army was almost invincible but will lose much in the time to come, as they have done already.

The land given to Abraham was lost to the Hebrews and it has never been won back by the goodness of anyone that has matched up to Abraham and who could lead the people to love, to understand peace and to bless one another.

This is something of course that one might say, "You should never talk like that!" I have talked like this for one reason only, that this world will begin to be a better place for little children to come into without mothers fearing how long they are going to live, or whether even going to school is going to bring about some illness with the child, or whether they will be met outside by a man who will take their life and the mother know nothing about it until it is finished.

To clear the atmosphere of sacrifice

We are all responsible for these things. We must clear the atmosphere of sacrifice, for it is a killer of peace. As the Teacher was killed, so has every good person been put to death. Do you realise that? Has it ever struck you that they took all the disciples that could talk in the same way as Jesus and do the good that he did, and put them to death in terrible merciless ways? Since then the witches, who are mediums that could give comfort and help those that could not help themselves, are still being hunted down and shut away if possible to stop them following the Teacher.

Even this century through which we are just passing, I have known people who have lost their lives in much the same way, through prominent people who have been given the truth as the truth was giving to Saul. Everyone was afraid of him because he killed all the good mediums and left the others who praised him and had to speak untruth to do it. It has been just the same in this incarnation. The mediums that had good behind them, their soul to back them, could do much more than mediums using spirits and half measures could do.

Soon all will cease and the New Earth will house all who love and are kind. The old earth will find what men have started; one wonders how many will know true love.

Think on it.

© Gladys Franklin, June 1999