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Week No. 22
Last Update: 23 November 2020

Heaven And Earth, Will They Come Together?

All things are possible with the power of light, the full life force being within it.

What may appear impossible upon the earth can become possible when effort is the guiding force, the light fully behind it. These things of men's nature are proven fact. One cannot be assured that loved ones definitely find paradise when leaving the earth, neither can it be assured that there is a place where paradise might be found.

Man himself on his own behalf may find Heaven; but to do so he must commence to observe his own actions, causing them to be of peace within himself. Nightly by his own works, his patience and tolerance he is building his own mansion, his own habitation wherein he will find the future life while his own action could help the soul to survive.

Many people there are who do not believe there is an afterlife, or that man builds towards it. Of this factual evidence of life he could become aware, vision and dream showing there is far more to life than the earth and its often ill feelings given out by people, proving nothing when effort is needed to bestir the feelings of life within the living soul.

Life after death

There is no God willing the way for man; man's actions are his own, each action building its own reward, be it only of the earth. When one disbelieves there is life after death, a coffin will be the home until awareness of people nearby proves life is there and that ears may hear, but the tongue cannot speak. Becoming aware a light shows faintly from the body in its hard bed; this being seen by watching people, the body is taken from the coffin and laid upon a bed. Colour comes from it as a greater awareness of life brings into action the feelings that were with the individual when losing consciousness of the earth. It may take some time for the true feelings to come into being, having been suppressed for a very long period.

Many people think of Heaven and pray that it might be their habitat when once the earth is left behind.

Is there any thought that the Heaven they wish to inherit is within them, showing its light to encourage as days go by? Each day the heaven sent gift allowed to grow within the inward self, that being strong when the time comes, there will be no problem as to where the next part of the journey will be full of light. Love being the key, light coming from it will show the way and from the light made brighter each day the soul is ready to make its way and perhaps more than ready to play a fuller part and stay. The light in the soul shows that time on the earth has made it possible and in a place where peace with friends and neighbours make for Heaven, the soul knowing the way. The planet one can live in is where the mind has found its own and is the same as those already resident in it.

There is no need to pray

The inward self goes travelling each night; there is no need to pray, asking for someone to show the way. One's inward self need not look around, the inner eyes behold the light and automatically move towards it or towards darkness when the mind moves that way.

Would one expect to hear songs of praise and chanting as if to praise the breaking down of the walls of Jericho as did the God of Moses when driving him to fight, not to love and to be as Abraham in his day?

Sodom was an evil place; mortal death gave entertainment and many thought they saw Heaven as they shouted while innocence screamed with pain. Who would find Heaven in that day? Today it is much the same but it is not the ones that are cut down. The gun, the bomb, the aircraft dropping its load destroying numbers one may not count; this is double-barrelled danger as the noise brings dark clouds and like bombs the rain takes life and is just as merciless.

The minds of men taught to kill bring the wind to toss the rain in its downward way, gaining more and more as women and children are made destitute with nowhere to go. Heaven cannot be found, yet when love opens doors and lets the people in, Heaven can come within as thankful hearts praise men for compassion and for the way that gives light as each one makes sure they do the best they can for all who need shelter and food to eat.

From one country to another war spreads like a disease, covetous eyes needing no encouragement to take what they want from those having little protection; their homes costing much in time and effort are lost to them and when love of home is gone, Heaven cannot any longer exist.

Earth is man-made

Earth and all its properties is man-made, created with the feelings held within each and every person. Should earth be so strongly entrenched upon the inward self, any possibility of Heaven coming within is lost and some time might elapse before the feelings can change and peace with its quiet happiness be found.

All that love hold mercy and its attendant goodwill; whilst no one interferes. Heaven may come quickly and to pass from the earth is a joy and a blessing, for all given away has been good and the home that during sleep to the earth, that has been built up is Heaven, a very real comfort, for all given would be usable and nothing needing change. Light is everywhere and love brings people together. None are friendless, and they add to the joy of living where the light gives evidence of goodness and love; food is not really needed but taken for its taste and the enjoyment it gives. Love and blessing will bring Heaven near, none are hurt and beauty of love gives all that is needed to bless the new way and light to lead children the right way.

© Gladys Franklin, April 1999