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Week No. 25
Last Update: 20 June 2022

The Heart Of The Matter

Since the world began its own cycle of revolutions, the atmosphere has taken in all that took place on the spinning orb; because it comes under the aura of colour, it has had to bear witness of the policies of man.

From early years a God has been called upon to make it easier for all to live. Life however, has become subject to the intellect of men and intelligence has lost its power; as it relies upon the soul man has had little knowledge to produce.

The soul would need constant and continuous attention, a deliberate building up of light; unfortunately betrayed by its darkness, the good that could have come is no more, and many run short of the light through no fault of their own.

The ever-changing atmosphere was seen brown in colour by the astronauts who could see it in its entirety on their journey to the moon. Continuous, all is in the atmosphere; never mingling but ever separate, the colours are within. It has numbers of colours growing, building life in the ethers from which man must take his fill.

Blaming God

Who or what gives life? The God of love men sometimes talk upon could not give life to the seed of all species. The will of anyone other than through men has given little to life, for being free of cost men take life and do so with what they will. Blaming God if it does not serve him, he uses emotions to justify the darkness he leaves behind him, not knowing that the self is moving into the same atmosphere that is slightly different. The earth being part of the worlds unseen is part of the whole; lived and loved are those who still minister to people whose loss of life comes because they are not muddied by the way greed, since early days, took life to gain what was wanted.

Nothing stands still; the atmosphere is as old as the earth, its pollution commencing almost before man was given habitation. Words and actions were not in any way the same and yet can be found should one look closely for them.

Ignorance being made a type of religion

Colour is in very early books, they are not explained but their nature is realised and can be taken up as seeking to destroy good in the earth. The early contamination of intelligence was close to the tuition one might find today as simplicity is coming back. The emotional hazard of early life far outreached that which could be witnessed of the dark ages when ignorance was being made a type of religion, causing people to hurt or maim themselves to please a God which was only appeased by sacrifice.

The past is moving closer; its power to destroy in the atmosphere brings greater power to kill. Men take life with no regard as to the aftermath for the killer who is not saved. Cain was saved but made to wander; the same could be done as the God of that time served the Hebrews by bringing them out of Egypt. No good being in them, their own deceit was the chain that kept them bound to Goshen. One could say however, that they were innocent, their forbears being the people who cheated Joseph by speaking untruth at a time when truth should have been spoken. The descendants were the sufferers; the release for them brought a stronger chain as the commandments brought fear when they brought death very near. Victors in war but open to being victims in this the present time.

Love not being present, family life may still gain much as granted to Ishmael, but today it is known who follows the father Abraham or the son Ishmael. Hates, dislikes and sacrifice bring blood, and love though thought to be strong is weak and of little account when like Ishmael they have the goods of comfort while still not following the truth of life nor knowing care as Abraham did. Though his tribe was of many yet he was loved by kings and granted safe passage, unlike Moses who had to teach soldiers and build a powerful army.

The atmosphere is like the computer

The atmosphere holds all earthy tendencies; they can be repeated at any time and life not being loved, it could be taken and blood meant no more than that which was shed each day. The commandments mean more today than they did when brought into being; fear however, was an established fact as forgiveness and compassion were not in the atmosphere to the extent that war and the seeming justification of it still is carrying on, very little new coming in the atmosphere. The past and its bloody record can be read in many books, even of today.

The light of life is creative; all that happens has that light behind it and once created, whether good or bad, is there to stay. The atmosphere being like the computer, all that is put into it does not move unless deliberately taken out by the same creative resources.

Circumstances drawn in meditation

It is rarely that anything is erased, for creation is unknown and its true qualities misused as evil spreads as quickly as the weeds in the garden and are as difficult to remove, unless taking them out in the right way.

Not only do incidents and conditions stay in the atmosphere, there are circumstances drawn to people seeking in meditation to find help for themselves. The vast field of circumstances is constantly creating the causes that produce other incidents and an individual does not know how to use what they find. Without knowledge the creation could misfire and conditions complicate that might bring accident or discomfort. One person may perhaps want to put a stop to one close to them from doing something not wanted, and keeping in mind this rejection they might suffer with some discomfort they keep the person at their side but have to be sick to achieve what is wanted.

Truth is all about oneself; yet often unknown, discarnate persons cling to what they know and imprint upon the nature of those who would be sincere a completely different picture.

What of those who have built up partial light and who must lose life from the earth? The soul will protect the parts where colour has given light into it. The soul then sleeps, only awakening when the few colours are going to be active in gaining more, and light will increase as love blesses and leads the way.

© Gladys Franklin, April 1999