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Week No. 05
Last Update: 26 July 2021

Magic In The Night

There is another way that is quite possible for people who perhaps live alone and are lonely, feeling that they would so much like to have people around them or to be loved and give of love. They are hungry to give themselves and to be able to do something; getting elderly and just sitting does not do the body any good.

They can have the opportunity of looking after children in their sleep. There are quite a number of loving people who do this sort of work. It relies quite a lot on people giving service from the earth world in their sleep because there is not enough people with the knowledge of young children that are passed over and are ready to enter some school, or a home of some kind, or a place where little babies are kept, or even in the fairy palaces.

Fairy palaces are places where babies who are born disfigured, limbless, etc. go to. These little things are often prematurely born or aborted; they are sent to the fairy folk. Always there are elves ready to come and get a malformed baby, taking it to the fairies. The babies have a soul; after the time of quickening, whether the baby is whole or not, the soul comes in with the subconscious mind.

These hungry people who wish to serve

It is wonderful to see the love that comes from these hungry people who wish to serve and to be among little babies, even if they are malformed and under the fairies to do the work that the fairies cannot do - for they have plenty of other types. It is for people of the earth who understand certain ways of the earth to help these little ones to become fairy folk. They are not formed sufficiently to be human, but by being fairy or elf this of course is a joy.

It is a joy to enter the kingdom of the fairies to be able to watch what happens. I have been there myself and been made very welcome by the fairy queen who showed me some of the babies and said that they were reliant on them because fairy folk do not have babies and to increase their working company they had these little babies that were malformed, and they form them into little fairies.

This is one job that can earn money. Another of course are school teachers who have loved being a school teacher and have retired from their job. Here again a type of hunger comes to be back where the children are if they loved the work, they would love the children and love what they do. Therefore the possibility of getting a job in the state of sleep was theirs. They would do it with love and great satisfaction.

Sleep before eleven o'clock

Entering into sleep must be before eleven o'clock at night and to be able to sleep until at least five o'clock in the morning, longer if it were possible, and with no sleeping tablets. This must be because the peace of the mind and the love that is with the individual can help the body to rest that long time without disturbance. Disturbance for the body's sake has to be done some time, but if one can pick up straight away again on the work that they are doing, then this is not an impediment.

The children in schools are numberless as animals are numberless. All of these things need people to give time and energy to being looked after. Many of the animals are pets for the children in school and only wake up when the children are ready for play.

When they are called back to school the animals curl up and go to sleep again and are lost to sight. It is amazing to see a field full of animals and children one moment, and the next moment to see nothing at all except lovely green grass, with a certain amount of light covering it. The animals sleep soundly until once again they are with the children they love, and who love them and look after them. A shining coat shows the child's love.

The people looking after the children to see that they rest, that they are clothed properly for what they have to do and where they have to go are able in their spare time to encourage the children how to react properly. When the people who look after the children wake up in the morning, they feel a sense of quiet satisfaction, which can last all day, and which can be so happy a time that they might wonder that the person living on their own and having little to do could be so happy with what they have to accomplish during the time of sleep.

It is a wonderful work and it is a very blessed thing because when the ladies pass over they can go there full time, should they wish.

Using one's body

The third way may be not so pleasant, but it does earn a sufficiency of money to cover one's own needs of the moment. I would not have known of this at all had not a medium of some repute rung me and said, "I am in a muddle, Mrs Franklin, can you please help me?"

I said, "What do you want to know?"

She said, "I have a debt to pay and I have not enough money to pay it; what can I do?"

"Well," I said, "it is very funny but I see nothing wrong with your finances. It is not there now, so I rather fancy you are going to settle it one way or another." I was not aware at that moment of what it was possible to do. But I could see that she had the possibility of earning money.

A fortnight later the same lady phoned. She said, "You are a wizard, Mrs Franklin, I have not only paid my debt but I have been for the weekend to Paris and had a beautiful holiday."

I then told her what I had seen. I said, "On the night when we spoke I followed you to see where you would go. You joined a queue of ladies; they were all dressed very well and you were dressed well also and looked pleasant. Some were young but some were getting on in years; all seemed to be anticipating what could happen."

When we got into a building there were three people sitting on chairs behind two tables that were put together; each was writing and when the lady that had phoned me took her turn to answer the questions she said she wasn't bothered at all who she had to take. The other said, "Well you might even get celebrities and royalties, who knows!"

I thought myself, 'That's jolly funny! What on earth is this all about?' Of course I was behind her, next in line, but my soul answered for me and before any questions could be asked of myself I said, "I'm sorry, I came here by accident. I am a one man's woman and I do not wish to alter what I do." Two men then took my arms and threw me out. I was not too hurt in any way but glad not to be there.

My friend on the phone was not worried too much; she said, "Well, I am not surprised because I do not really love my husband."

So this is another way, but only those who do not mind what they do should go for it, as I understand one never knows when one will be called for any one person.

That I think covers the earning power when one sleeps. There can be perhaps other ways, but these are from my own experience.

© Gladys Franklin, June 1999