Storm Clouds

The Battle of Armageddon is coming to its final closure; this war is the greatest far-reaching battle of all time.

It has raged throughout millions of years, breaking into an earthly conflict where the mind of one person will accept war, greed overcoming the truth of life. During this time many Kings have wanted to rule and Gods have arisen at the bidding of men.

Life is the greatest blessing man has freely been given; its power has never been truthfully understood and the understanding of truth has not so far been further investigated by people having total authority. All of life was overshadowed as man made his ancient weapons whereby to strike his neighbour, thoughts of possession becoming powerful giving prestige; but was it lasting? War gave rewards, but it also gave much away in pain, loss and suffering.

The Battleground

The atmosphere is the Battleground that has dispensed all manner of weather; in every century it has shown its might in avalanche, the fury of wind and rain, and the fire from volcano, earthquake and the excess of sun.

The weather may bless the pocket of some people; for others it could mean death and destruction. The sun may be a delight, but to many where there is little water food cannot grow and is a menace.

This alone would not have brought the avalanche or the grumbling volcano beneath the deep sea, had country after country not followed one another. Clouds gathering and passing from country to country, never really dispersing, much more can come from them as the atmosphere moves on.

Once commenced in one area, darkness moves on, the atmosphere continuing to gain the darker side of people's nature, hell has shaped itself on earth as fear gradually became natural to those who could not protect themselves.

Death need not have been feared, but such was the merciless killing of all who would do good, giving no relief to people from what was fast growing: a fear of death, whilst greed became the natural way of many taking advantage.

Now a change is coming

Earth has become the breeding ground of evil intent, the poor the victims. Now a change is coming, but armaments will not cure. From the atmosphere other planets are being affected, a greater danger lies in what can spread, as corruption makes its presence felt in almost every home.

Because of that which could appear to be natural to all people the darkness is spreading rapidly; now heading for the year 2000, what shall we see as greed menaces the farmers and all they have to do? Man sees no reason why he should change his ways as he grasps at everything he can to serve his pocket that he may become the ruler and gain all he might.

Colour is leaving

As months speed by, where might the brain of man take him? At the moment the heading of all is toward the darkening side, and though at the moment there is a travesty of ideas concerning the great financier and the small and fearful shopkeeper, who has no opportunity of lowering his prices beside the great combines now rising as great edifices are carved in the darkness, embracing everything.

The light that is of life is not loved neither is it seen by man, it is slowly leaving the darkening world, the noise of guns and bombs darkening the clouds. Colour is leaving and in many places there is abundance of rain, when nearby there may have been a brilliance of sun.

The molten mass of lava that gathers itself together in many volcanoes will only be just one menace men will have to face.

Since the world began the horror of outrage has hung over the heads of those innocent of any crime; vicious wind, earthquakes, twisters, etc. will use the mighty power as evolution brings the landscape into change and all people will be moved to where each and everyone will be the same in mind as their neighbours. Like meeting like, only the inward being able to change for the better at this time or drop into a lower place where peace is rarely found.

The past is still carrying on

The past and all that has happened is still carrying on, every century functioning as it was when people of today were present in the area. Only if change of mind is made positive is one able to speed the change that must come in.

All minds that think in the same way come together, encouraging a certain way of living; dark some places might be, the earth life reflected in them. It is wisdom to be pliable in mind, ready for change. But keeping the colours in the aura bright with light, one should be assured of going forward and a happier life a blessing, as peace and love are sincerely part of life and lived every day. The temper not reacting without humour, love or grace is being found, there is no hurt to anyone and no falling back upon the self.

In many people the change to where food or water is very scarce will show they have wasted goodness and are not giving anything, their muddied colours showing the way they are going. The colours allow other people to see the state of mind of one who cannot change course before they learn of the right to move one way or the other.

To clean the atmosphere

Moving forward into light one cleans the atmosphere by meeting one through whom the past incarnation may have made unclean. The atmosphere and its cleaning is most valuable as it will cause a total difference in the life of other planets, perhaps far away and happiness instead of hate be the outcome. No dissection of body of an alien without cause.

Man's directive is to care and bless. The old nature will benefit when made clean.

Recently the TV was the means of showing people who were interested in the great calamity that befell the earth in a century long ago, the whole earth was embraced in darkness for some years.

A vast explosion from a volcano was the cause blotting out the sun and moon; the lovely sky one might have seen, with stars shining bright, was completely covered.

The full effects brought starvation, famine, and the chill of the atmosphere bringing death and destruction, not to mention the plagues wiping out civilisations and empires.

To ease the self by blaming God

Men make it all too easy for themselves by blaming God, but it was not God who brought the evil picture to life.

Now a warning comes that darkness will again cover the earth; the eclipse is nothing beside the might of it. What is it to be? The anger of men is encouraging the dark clouds that have brought all manner of disturbance and the death toll is rising, evil intent having no power to stop the verification of natural calamities. Natural only because man closes his eyes to all that now the weather is producing, and blaming a God that is using psychic phenomena as wars and greater misfortune is about to fall, the end of the century soon to be the time altered.

"It will pass." many might say. But will the earth drop into a low state of intelligence that will not be able to cope and the covering sheet of darkness will not be removed, for man has used the resources of the earth that all should share, allowing greed and covetousness to claim more than it is right to have, slavery once again not too far from the fear of daily living for the poor today.


Man may pat himself on the back; "We share," he might say, as those who lose their jobs are given an amount that cannot help them to keep their family about them.

There is a chance whereby the light of life built in the souls of men can oust out the darkness, bringing love, tolerance, patience, generosity and peace to all who will build up the light. It would give evolution the happy opportunity of clearing the atmosphere and settling the innermost parts of the earth that beneath the sea the molten mass does not pass over the earth instead of lying still in the depths beneath.

Who will be the next victims

What shall we see that can further warn the populace? Who will be the next victims to lie entangled in debris or washed by a giant wave way out to sea? Many may smile and feel they are safe, 'It won't be me!' Perhaps others have said this before, but now they are with others who thought in the same way. Only the light sincerely showing the right way will stop the desolation.

Will it be God or will it be man? Maybe it could be you and me who with grateful hearts seek the light and find life in the New Earth that is waiting for the souls of those whose God is the love coming from within themselves, given life as wars cease and children learn to live in peace.

Storm clouds can menace; can we say life can be enlarged! I am thankful for it and I know it will bless all who have love and peace within.

© Gladys Franklin, July 1999

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