Love, What Is It?

Without the truth of love, this galaxy will die as many galaxies have done before. Darkness taking away light kills, its full life relying upon men is being ruled out. Desires fulfilled give no promise and love brings no help to its dying tremors as men fight to gain what they want. Such love as men desire is rarely for the love of a child but for the pleasure of the body, which may very soon die. True love being part of the soul would light the way and the body be full of vitality.

There is a choice! One can know the way, but is it wanted?

Almost before full life on earth began man thought woman of no account, playthings until they could not play and death for them was the only way. Were they given respect after years of service? No, they were hurt beyond measure, and man sang his new love song to one younger who could and would enjoy what he wanted, 'tis said it was love. Why then is there no light in it and evil rules? All who can't fight back are victims until this day where true love is, but it shows up man's way and he will kill because of it.

God is not the ruler

What is being found today proves the point. One need not wonder why flood and fire, volcano and earthquake and all that destroys are to the forefront. God is not the ruler of these things, they are a natural outcome of man's behaviour, and now the way of woman also.

There is no blessing given for life. It is said that God gives life, if so, how quickly and how murderous is the God that is known for the horror of taking life and the scream of pain as the many are the victims of the torturer's hands. Violence however, cannot pay for that which has been done, it will never bring love and the light of life will never be enlarged that way.

Hell is in the earth

Hell is in the earth, no longer can man choose to find the right way. By his own actions, all he does each day will give him his choice, but when he too is a victim one wonders what in his heart he will say!

He may murmur "Why me?" forgetful he has already made his own way. The time must come when he too will pass away and heaven is not his. He may still think in the same way, but in his sleep it takes him another way. He cries in pain as his victims did, but he cannot wake up until he has gone through what he has done. There is no one working as he did and no one to give money. What he holds within himself is like a tape recorder, he himself has worked well and he leaves nothing undone but in the night-time it all comes back upon him. There is no one to blame, for no one would want to be the same.

The subconscious mind never lies

The subconscious mind never lies, dark or light is there, and life though free of charge is more than costly for all who shed blood and feel assured that no one knows what they have done. The life within will tell its own story and cannot be hidden. Hell is with that one whose part has been played in darkening the way. The sun may shine, but for how long? Those that truly love are those who will see.

Love brings the light, it can be seen and felt and is the opposite of pain. It always gives needed vitality to do good for those who because of their birth have little to call their own. They can gain something that the killers of light can never have, that is the soul! When holding peace within and giving help in any way, one's light can begin to shine. Being sincere in all that is done will bring the love of service, and using a calming hand and a blessed word brings light. A new world is for those who give and are gentle and kind and do not count the cost.

Doing all things with love

When the soul grows it can play a part, the sun shines, there is no hurt and hands are ever ready to lift one up. Hell is left behind and heaven is made clear. Man need not seek the Kingdom of Heaven, when he does all things with love the earth may not repay but the New Earth will. It is heaven to all who follow love and light the way.

Where other people follow and they find the light, then will love be known, it needs no sacrifice to secure. Blood will never redeem, it will only increase itself and will not stop until the light shows the way and man loves what he has gained. He will learn to think and perhaps to find the way; no one can do it for him. He it is who learns and must always repay, love will show how, it could be today.

Love does not possess

Love, herein one may find a question. Far more possess as love is thought to be the tie that binds. The truth will never bind, it wants the one loved to be happy and find no jealous reaction; trusting as one would oneself wish to be trusted.

Seeking to find love one is ready to give of the self, no restraint holding one back. The soul houses the life force (which is the light from which life comes); without love it is not of light but sleeps and is not easily awakened. To keep the soul awake, kindness and peace, are constantly in use, with tolerance and patience no matter that another might not have these qualities.

A marriage does not last when the light is put out, there is nothing more to give. But hopes and fears have no place where the feelings are full of kindness, which prevents the darkness from overshadowing and the light will remain strong yet one may not be aware that it is there.

One needs no greater proof than to see ethereal flowers and colours on the walls of one's home. The bright and lovely colours come from the example of doing good. Once one has made one's character the base of all that is good it will fill the soul with gladness and one will never feel entirely alone.

The inward body as found by Wesley Senior, then too old to make it known, taught his son to tell others of what he had found. However, his fear at being killed caused him to enlarge the power of the sacrifice and no change came, which meant that the inward self that is seen in dreams remained an enigma.

Love was not in man then, and now life is no longer full, yet men cling as death is not seen for the beauty that might be found. It is feared and the dark could be moving to the vision that Nostradamus saw. He did not know of the truth and that true love can save oneself from annihilation. The choice has been made, the inclement weather and the danger of it has proven that love is not known, and the soul can give nothing as lust and greed bring the darkness.

"Why me?"

Love dies, and should it not be resurrected man will follow, and what has been seen will come about. Though man cries "Why me?" his own share is not known by him, but his revelation will come, for all who need a sacrifice to redeem have no love. They firstly lose happiness and the treasure of the inward self is not there and cannot be retrieved unless the soul is fed and kindness is given an opportunity to bring peace and happiness.

© Gladys Franklin, August 1999

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