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Week No. 19
Last Update: 10 May 2021

The Activity Of The Aura

I have often wondered how many people do have appreciation as to who they are, especially their auric field of colour. Do many people know that they have an aura or investigate to find out where the colour comes from or why it is there, and what can be done with it?

Once I had started searching and looking to find the aura's possibilities, I have been much surprised, for it has brought reincarnation and other subjects into play, as well as knowledge of the actual colours and what is possible each one can do.

Each colour has a certain part to play in one's nature. The feelings that we have when the good or bad make an impression, not only upon ourselves but also on other people. Animals especially know what we are feeling, because we give off something from ourselves when we have to use the colour to back up something we are saying or doing.

To be appreciative of colours

The possibility is that the inward body can want very much something to do, but if there is no good colour in the aura the inward body is hungry for food to boost it and to give it friends. Its greater reliance is upon the feelings everyone has which should cause all to be appreciative of the actual colours that show a good or bad character.

The desire to use colour and to hope for the colour to be good is no use, but knowing that we have to use our creative character to be able to use colour is essential. It is important to realise that the inward body has as much to do with daily life than the outer self does. The brain often loses sight of the inward body and few realise that in the auric field there is little or nothing to feed the soul upon. The soul is the fullest part of one's life and if it is not full of light then there is a crack, as it were, in the auric field.

It is a pull and no one can feel full vitality because of it. When feeling tired we are losing part of the soul. When building up the light, tiredness goes and there is a happy and blessed feeling within the self, then vitality increases and makes all the difference.

The inward body is a very powerful agent in its own right; but the fuller nature in the outer self that covers the inward body can so block the amount of expression that it can use, that the particular power it has is cut down very finely. If I could put down everything it can do it would take a number of pages to show it all, for many of the things the soul has the ability to do, the outer self is free from doing.

No one could practice or do in the matter self what the soul and the inward body have the possibility of doing; like perhaps the walking on the sea bed with the wide sea over one's head and going down to the depths and walking across to the other side absolutely dry. That is but one possibility, there are a number more that one should never even try to do, as Jesus did and also the Hebrews did in their time.

The colour shows the natural nature

To realise how much is possible for this inward body to do is solely according to how the outer body and the brain allows it to achieve. The colour itself shows the natural nature, and in sleep what the nature of the inward self has the possibility of doing is more an impossibility to the brain which will have no knowledge whatsoever of being able to do, even a little power like flying above the houses or churches, above rivers, even above seas. The possibility is there. We take notice, this can be done by everyone, only if they allow the soul to live and continue on.

Many kill the soul and by so doing have no idea whatsoever of exactly what they have done to kill it. This means that one will lie in a coffin because they cannot die; but they will only feel the mental self that will be alive. So one can lie in a coffin, not really being uncomfortable, because one would not be able to feel the body, but the mind would be able to think. There would be people walking up and down and talking, and one would be able to know what they are saying, and would fear that someone would take advantage of them while they are lying inert and unable to protect or help themselves.

The aura speaks the absolute truth

The colour in the aura speaks the absolute truth of one's own natural nature. Many people might laugh at that and say, "I cannot see my own aura, so it doesn't mean much, does it?" One might say this, but in their inward self there would be an answer and the answer would say that the earth life is but a school, a time of learning. It is a time when there is a possibility of showing the natural nature and what one has learned throughout the previous incarnations through which they have gone.

One is building from the very word go, from the time when first born with a soul. And after that if the soul is only partly fed the possibility is that one can have a colour and store it in the soul. But when passing over the soul would go to sleep, holding the colour and looking after it, until once again a new child is born and the soul is in the new child.

The faces can look very much the same as the previous incarnation, but they would be in a different country, in a different family, learning different things from babyhood, and by so doing encouraging the various colours and making them stronger, or not doing anything and losing altogether all that which has been stored when transition was being passed through.

When anyone is not telling the truth there can be a cause started, which could mean a sickness of the soul. It sleeps and there could be no attempt to wake it up, until love is born from someone else to raise the sleeper to a state of loving. This may be some incarnations after the first time, when the soul was given life.

One has been in the earth before

There would be quite a difficulty in realising that one has been in the earth before. But only the nature and what had been learned could show that one has been in the earth previously and certain things had been learned and some had been passed by. This of course would not be of the soul in any way whatsoever the difficulties of life, perhaps an early death or sickness in the child, all things can happen to one who is incarnate.

By knowing that it is so immense a job from one incarnation to another to build the inward body so that it might do some of the things that I have spoken about in this paper, we realise that during the night our natural nature comes to the surface. The brain asleep cannot interfere, and it is then known by the use of the subconscious mind in sleep and having various colours uppermost. If there is any colour in the aura, one's own mind uses it with the colour that other people are using; all will be using them in the same way, thinking on the same level; there will be no difference in any one person.

No possibility of picking up on anything good

Much can be picked up on the way; a colour being used may be of intolerance for one thing, then there would be no possibility of picking up on anything good. Once the brain cells are closed and cannot be used, then naturally the soul would go to sleep, for there would be very little for it to do.

Colours speak the truth; they will expose anyone telling untruth and cause sickness of the soul, which sleeps and no attempt can be made to serve the soul by waking it up.

Anyone should not try to waken the soul of someone else when they themselves are not doing anything to build the light in the soul. That is they are not sincere in what they are endeavouring to do and they are giving very little love and perhaps only a little peace to someone else, they are not building their own soul and are no example.

I would be sorry for anyone who tried to bring such a one back into the whole and empower them with the light of their own soul, because that is what they will have to do. They would have to use their own soul, and a certain amount of the vitality that was in their soul could go to the one who is being awakened. In being awakened, they could perhaps enjoy life for a little while and then go to sleep again, as the soul must be continually fed.

The soul is the main objective

In the night-time, when the subconscious mind is the ruling factor in the worlds unseen, the soul is the main objective. Where there is some light in it, it can go with others who are very much the same, finding friends and companions, the night-time passing with happiness and love. Even letters go to one another.

If one however, has no light in the soul they cannot get beyond the Astral - the Astral meaning earthy; in the paerimeter of the earth one cannot gain anything good, as one is not able to gain what is beneficial from the atmosphere of the earth. This is why the moving about of the clouds with evil or goodness in them affects the people on the ground. Sometimes they do not know why they have done or said anything contrary to their own nature and they may be exceedingly surprised.

What is in the atmosphere can affect the brain, either to boost that which is good or to boost that which is not good and should not help to create ideas where other people may be hurt, where wars may be started, where businesses may fail. This can be arranged by the subconscious mind and by the darkness of the Astral that is still with an individual throughout the night. People who are in the darkness, getting together do make plans and can alter situations to their own benefit.

One might say, "What a lot of bosh." That may be so to the mind of those who do not wish to know the truth and who perhaps even fear because of what they have done themselves. I would say, the better thing to do is to look into the self, and should anything make dark the atmosphere, it is not possible to help the giving and loving of another or others so that the atmosphere around the self is changing. If everyone could change in this particular way there would be no more volcanoes, earthquakes, torrential rain, floods and all manner of accidents and evil intentions.

One realises that what is in the atmosphere brings everything; building up darkness one builds up terror. We have already seen this when we look at the television and the news that is upon it; one wonders what next there will be from the darkness that is gathering in momentum.

By the end of the year if this does not stop, if wars do not cease, the possibility of this earth will face a climax and much will alter that people may not want to alter and would be very sad to see the difference. Yet the New Earth is coming in despite what the old earth is doing. The colours of those who are to enter the New Earth are good. They must have the azure blue of sincerity, using the soul to the full which is a beautiful yellow, helping the colour purple that is strong when people love to serve.

This gives great benefit to people when loving service and giving to others so that love in them may come to the surface. There is blessing or there is no blessing, according to man. God is the great and wonderful power of light, man is the creator of that light, and by so doing there is God within oneself in the beautiful colours of love and peace, of tolerance and kindness.

Blessing will come when man himself allows it to be full.

Colour can come from one incarnation to the next. Should darkness keep one individual or more in the lower Astral, as I have been talking about, they could be there for some time and then having to return to earth when the one they have hurt becomes a baby in the earth at the same time. Both have forgotten what they did in the incarnation passed, perhaps three or four incarnations each have been in the Astral, or in the Spirit higher than the earth, for a period of time in which to forget what they have done in the past.

One being a murderer, the other being murdered; having forgotten there is a possibility of being able to learn to love and to fulfil the Spirit even in one incarnation. If the two who hated in the previous time come to love one another, then the possibility is that they would clean the atmosphere around them, making of the atmosphere a help to themselves and possibly other people watching their happiness could follow suit, which could give light to them and become friends, enjoying the love and happiness that they share. No one would think that in a past incarnation they had hated one another and one had hurt the other. There had been no forgiveness, they do not have to be forgiven, as in this life love does not destroy but is powerful to build.

© Gladys Franklin, June 1999