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Week No. 13
Last Update: 19 September 2022

The Master Said,
"As Ye Give So Shall Ye Receive."

These words hold truth, as one gives so does one receive. Should one be able to see the truth of this statement it can be proven to the satisfaction of anyone sincerely wanting to know.

After death it is very plain, but what one wants is proof of finding, it is here and now that the understanding must be made clear and positive!

From every action, every word and every thought the brain encourages to nestle close to the self, the subconscious mind is ever ready to make room for anything the brain has a tendency to hold onto or to react in opposition as another puts their own point of view.

Words that may carry the weight of truth

Each and everyone quick to make plain what they think, barely give time for someone else to speak before coming in with words that may carry the weight of truth or be completely against the truth. Yet, by putting a point of view others might be convinced that there may be some truth in what has been given.

Such words have an aftermath: they are rejected or taken in. The brain playing around with the idea, from which it grows strongly and from then on, will move into the atmosphere leaving its residue in the subconscious mind to prove by its colour its use and value. This may start as words but can increase, and by moving into the worlds unseen can commence an action that in the earth could bring its own repercussion, in this way gaining far more than one might expect, but could be a very different culmination of fact when once coming into detailed action.

Thoughts and words come alive in the atmosphere

Carrying on from this point, the subconscious and all that is in it moves in sleep to where the strongest thought might be waiting to find action. In sleep it is more than possible to commence a full active programme; should it be false it will start something bad, even from that which might be just spoken. One is left with a problem, not knowing that thoughts and words come alive in the atmosphere from where nothing dies, except when some unclean is being cleared up, which allows all the bright colours to remain bright without interference.

Such is giving with the tongue, seeming truthful and being received perhaps gladly, only to find after a while that one could have been taken in and disillusionment follows.

At the moment we are investigating an idea of signs between teachers who are now wanting to protect innocent people from perjury and falsehood. Students who learn will have work to do in the New Earth where only truth is spoken and the false prophet does not betray another's confidence.

The teachers will see that no one slips from using a dim light which would commence darkness to despoil the pure light and peace of the New Earth.

There will be businesses of all kinds

There will be businesses of all kinds but none will create an influence of taking away the living by forcing another out of business. Sitting on the board will be one who can see and feel untruth, making everyone aware that an undesirable influence was trying to get in.

The donation of a gift can be given in two ways: one with love and happiness at giving, the other way with a view to receiving greater value in return. The mind behind the giving is very important, in the sense that as one gives so will one receive.

Considering life one can think only of the present, the past having made the action of the present time. The present activates and shapes the future and the happiness of the future. Many people make it comfortable for this the present life, giving only that which pleases themselves perhaps in order to gain more in return will find a very hard bed to lie on and hard work to find food, for food is very essential for the soul as well as the body.

The place where ambition is carried out to hurt

There are no really comfortable places lower than the earth plane; let us look at one, the place is where ambition carried out to the hurt of one or more people.

I visited this plane where people dwell who have pushed someone else to gain money for the self, there is no colour in anything; this did not appear to be seen by the one I wanted to speak with. She was sitting on grey sand, that looked like damp cement rather than sand. A child was playing in the sea which was also grey, an unhealthy looking colour. The lady picked up a grey towel and called the child who came straight away, and draping the towel around him she smiled. I backed away, her teeth were grey looking like metal. She did not appear to notice what she looked like. Her hair was beautifully set but I felt repulsed by what I could see. The smile was wider when she saw me. I quickly spoke and then found myself back in bed. I heard that persuasion was being put upon the husband who was not wishful of taking on a different job. There was apparently no love or kindness showing encouragement but only pushing him to get what was wanted.

I did not make them aware of what I had seen.

This is only one incident among many that added itself to my identification of fact.

Having seen with my inward self in sleep I knew that there could be places shown that are much lower, the inward body like those who inherited a place in them.

It is how one feels

It is not only what one says and does in one's giving in life, it is far more of how one feels when speaking or acting in the life of every day and what pushing does to another when they might have hopes for themselves, quite ready to follow what they feel is best for the family in all things.

It is the lives that follow the present time that are mostly affected by what is done in any one incarnation. The feelings not easily dying once allowed expression are still lying in the subconscious mind, creating continually as the atmosphere is charged with similar feelings that meet in the spreading ethers, touching far more than just the planet Earth. Other planets find themselves embraced not only by anything given off by their inhabitants but also from the ever circulating colours that the feelings naturally show as to their natural nature, mostly today showing darkness as it is overcoming the good in loving individuals that show the beauty of colour in their natural daily life. The whole universe taking them into itself, the varying shades as they meet similar shades effecting the movement of the clouds overhead.

A child given life but not wanted

A child given life but not wanted, badly used and who dies, then the parents will never again have a child, no matter whether in the next incarnation into the earth one or both parents want a child. Should a birth be enforced by the medical profession the child will die at a time when least expected and its death be suspect.

However, genuine regret and giving time to learn how to love, a child may then be conceived, its life a blessing when taught to love and to share its life with other people.

To give unclean clothing that is not suitable to wear but can only be used for rags only giving help to those who need to clean their hands; but in the giving there is no love and no life as the clothes cannot be worn, such will be the clothing one would wear after leaving the earth.

No one else is to blame but the self!

Any article needing repair and of no use until repaired awaits the giver when only a hut may be the new home, broken furniture especially the legs are the same where life will be lived. No one else is to blame but the self!

Loving and giving stores up abundance and life is altogether different. It is a blessing of love to the self and happy because one will be living with people who are the same in nature as oneself, pleasant and contented.

Like meets like, nothing can alter this except learning to love and being at peace. Then all that is given will have a true value which will bless all concerned.

© Gladys Franklin, August 1999