Life, A Continuity

Science proves great wonders of the earth but full belief in the continuance in the earth has not been held in belief and therefore unless watching keenly will not know of the absolute continuance of everything in life. It is not only providing man with the provision of the resting place he will have earned before moving on to higher planes of life, or falling back into the earth's atmosphere to gain what is necessary to move away from violence, brutality and the fear many have. So little is known that really encourages man to look to find goodness, not to kill it as the past has proven but to bring goodness to the forefront.

Diana, from her point of vantage, spoke to me from where she is now learning using her own goodness, which hate and covetousness wanted to kill. Her love is not dead but is much enlarged as it will be with this other well-known figure who was hounded and has just been murdered. Death came to them as it did to the innocents who were mercilessly murdered as witches; yet they were good, kind and loving people, but as this showed up the evil in men they were not wanted. The atmosphere is taking this continually - as darkness is loved so is it paramount and usable in its death dealing practice.

Nothing ever dies

Everything having had life never comes to a standstill; man has the privilege of living on the level his feelings allow him to live his life. All gone before is still a living quality; once beginning to live man can move upward or further down as his words and actions have an aftermath. Should changes be required it is the cause that must be altered, the atmosphere drawing darkness or light together. As friends meet so do the qualities that come from all that is living; in whichever century the cause was commenced it is still active. It can only be abolished when a loving individual may find evil in the atmosphere harassing them; using light goodness can eliminate it. This is why since time began evil has to be an enemy of goodness and in this way rid the earth of goodness and the light of life.

Writers have but to peruse a point and in sleep the drawing to the self brings added words, no matter into which century one may search for facts.

The planets are affected by the earth's atmosphere; evil has done its work and has killed, there is no colour present, only where colour from good characteristics brings colour around itself has it the possibility of goodness in life, and light and beauty enlarging itself.

Where war is inflicting eager death upon innocent people and life itself is seemingly taken away, the greater privilege comes of moving forward to further life in places where as yet life has had no foothold; but love builds and new life embraces the one thought to have lost everything.

There is no hand of God

It is a simple matter for the brain to consider that no one knows of hidden evil traits of character. This is entirely fictitious, only a belief nothing more, as much more is also a belief and has no living quality behind it.

All is man made, there is no hand of God shaping the whole. Man himself gropes with his own feelings, and always is rewarded according to the amount of light his living self is giving off. He or she can have no more or no less than held within the self, and no one can give or take away what is there.

The Word said, "Naked he came into the earth and naked he goes from it," but that which is supplied by the self is still with them. Clothing hanging in one's wardrobe is his to select what is needed, nothing more than the set of clothes he is in at the time of passing; much is the merriment of people already inhabiting that place when he has little or nothing his loved ones have put on him.

All who pave their way with light find the clothes they had loved cleaned and ready to wear; keeping the light and enlarging it by what is done, there will be no need to cleanse what one has on, the light will automatically take care of it.

War is a corruption, it gives every opportunity for all that is evil to come to the surface and be used against the good some have sought and have found, but protection may be at a minimum.

No matter how many reincarnations

Noise and the cries of pain enter the clouds and where many suffer and shouts are heard rain can do much damage; be it a war or an uneasy peace the dark clouds gather, wiping out the beauty one might have had and life has no way of helping itself until no vengeance is wanted and pain does not invoke the hell that many others share. No one takes the burden of another, sufficient unto the day is that which they must carry for themselves. Nothing is passed on and nothing taken away, only light is the saviour, it was and is careful and must build up life according to that which all would appreciate receiving.

Man cannot take the ripe fruit from the tree, he can take only that which he has had the right to receive, no matter how many reincarnations he has in which to create his own better life.

All can change by altering the feelings and the causes; the feelings being tender and kind bless, but by harassing the self there is nothing to come and in no way can one cherish the blessed outcome that comes from love and peace, with Goodwill and honesty to bless where one can.

Light is now endeavouring to clean the earth, but so much opposition has it received that now it is known that all who love the light have a new place to live in and service would be a delight and to curse would have no base and one would not know that place any more. Love and know the light is a healer of all things. May it bless you and give you all the vitality and energy you need, its light never failing and ever continuing on.

© Gladys Franklin, April 1999

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