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Week No. 17
Last Update: 18 October 2021

Worry, Anxiety And Its Result

It would appear to many people that anxiety and worry are natural to oneself. This I think is a constant and continual reminder when one sees people in trouble and the way they talk about it to other people, not knowing that their talking about it adds to the worry and to the anxiety as well, gaining admittance to the subconscious mind from where life never dies.

Anxiety troubles the brain, worry troubles the subconscious mind, it goes very much deeper, and because of this has a result that could be far more lasting than the actual anxiety, if it is allowed to get out of bounds.

It is very easy to give the mind to trouble. Keeping it just into the brain need not cause too much anxiety. But when allowing it to get where it does, it is given life, which enlarges the difficulty and everything connected with it.

Cause and effect

When we are talking about cause and effect, then we must look at this question and look at it with clear sight, not interfered with by any other condition of mental persuasion. Anxiety is a mental persuasion, it causes the self to talk since one cannot help telling almost everyone about the problem because people ask. There is no need to go into the type of problem and all that is happening around it and who it is affecting and so on. This is the easy part: to talk about it, but this is not helpful to the self or to anyone else, for it enlarges the troubles, words and the conditions around the self, all are increased for the simple reason that anxiety and worry bring a dark shade of green with them into the aura!

A murky green colour

This dark shade of green is the colour upon which unkind and not very useful spirits lean on. They can feed on this murky green colour and can enter into an individual and cause harassment. The person does not know of any difference within the self except that the anxiety or the worry increases, because there has been changes in the condition where the cause is commenced and from this the cause is increased as further things are added to it.

One who encourages anxiety and worry encourages trouble at the same time. Whatever one hopes to save oneself from finding will indeed make itself very much felt as the individual increases the power of darkness or overshadows the troublous conditions in such a way that it can be seen that it is not doing any good whatsoever.

There is a continuance of anxiety after the troubles start and betterment begins to come although there would appear to be with the brain a raising of the vibrations of the self. The unfortunate part of it is that the amount of worry that has gone into the subconscious mind stays there.

One does not easily root it out without the purpose of making sure that it leaves the self and one does not allow it popping in and saying, "Well, it might not be finished, there might be more to come." We cannot say there is not any more to come, and cannot say there is. We hope there is nothing to come.

Drawing spirits

The anxiety carries on and one is not easily taken away from it. The brain can rather distort the feelings that one has, the worry element now lodged in the subconscious of the mind being seen in this dark colour will affect the other colours in the aura, and all the brightness that feeds the soul could actually fall foul of this dark colour and the spirits that it draws to itself.

The spirits of course are lethal, they like someone to fall foul because of what they are doing and they are not easily persuaded to leave them alone until one is powerful enough with bright and lovely colours to bring the soul into its action to clear the subconscious from the harassment that has been moving it into the troublous conditions that were increasing.

The distortion is not very good at all because one can rather believe what comes into the brain from the actual atmosphere. The atmosphere holds what the subconscious mind puts into it and when one goes to sleep what is in the subconscious mind goes with one to the planes of life where one's feelings have to be made absolute.

We can so easily get caught up in darkness

In fact one uses all the feelings in the subconscious mind at the night-time to prove the worth of them. If one cannot prove the worth of them for good then one proves the worth of them for darkness and one can so easily get caught up in darkness, like one who stands and watches hooligans beating up somebody else and you know that there is darkness around that situation and there is no help for the victim who might die of the assault.

They will not even come forward when it is finished and say, "I watched it all." They will be afraid to put themselves forward lest something happens to them. By enlarging the feeling they get enwrapped in the darkness that the beating up has brought in and no good comes from it at all.

A distortion of truth

Anxiety and worry are therefore a distortion of truth; truth is that if we give love to the sick person in bed, love itself would heal and there would be such a feeling of strength after the visitor left that the person would say, "I feel somewhat better for my friend coming to see me," even though they do not know the soul has been giving off the love and peacefulness it had and could be relayed to the one lying in bed and that they would feel the benefit of it.

The people who thought of Jesus gone into the wilderness betrayed themselves and so did the nine men who were not healed; they also betrayed themselves but they blamed others because they themselves had lost what was given to them.

Today it is much the same, there are a number of people who could do excellent healing because they love and are kind and do the best they can with what they have, but have no confidence in what they do and lean on outside help. They want them to do all the work and all the living in goodness to gain the power of the soul so that the soul could do the healing and that one who was receiving, gives very little, in fact perhaps nothing at all.

There is an outcome to everything

These things are extremely strong and one must know all the time that there is an outcome to everything that is started; one cause may be that someone has lost their purse, and they are very anxious because in the purse is their credit card perhaps, as well as a little money. They say, "I can make up the money, but the credit card I cannot make up." But if one prepares the way and makes it very sure, they can ring up to report the loss of the cards. Then there is no cause to worry any more.

When one does what is necessary to protect the self then the possibility of protection is much better than worrying over situations and not thinking to oneself nothing can be done. When one loves and is kind, blessing others instead of taking blessing all the time for oneself, what money is lost can be made up. That can be done and it has been done a number of times before. Now I am perhaps only glad when I lose anything and I say, "I trust that the person who finds it has a greater need than I have for it.

By blessing an individual in this way then one will be repaid for all that they have given; that will be a great blessing for them indeed and they will not mind at all. But if one loses things, especially to get something better in exchange, that will never work and one would lose perhaps far more than they had ever gained.

Getting muddled in the mind

If an emotion adds its weight to the result of anxiety then one begins to get muddled in mind, like if one has in the past not forgiven someone for doing something that was thought they shouldn't have done.

When not forgiving, people will say, "Well, if one does not forgive, one is not forgiven." But there is a little bit more to it than that. The fact is that as we give so shall we receive. When one does not forgive, it goes into the subconscious mind and there it stays; and the result of having it in the subconscious mind means that all the good that one would like to do comes to very little and does not give the benefit that it could have done. There always seems to be something that is not yet finished and that very well could be the fact that one should forgive the individual that has had the thought, hanging about in their subconscious mind, of someone doing something they just should not do.

The power of forgiveness

Forgiveness is a mighty weapon and can help anyone who wishes to find the truth in anything that is in life. Allowing worry to stay in the subconscious mind, just the same as unforgiveness staying in the mind, it holds this rather unruly situation and then the brain begins to lose its life, the cells begin to close up. And that which is worrying that is the outcome of the items of which we have spoken, then the possibilities that the person would appear to be perhaps not exactly insane, but not quite right mentally, for they will keep talking about the situation long past that has not been forgiven.

Let love bring peace; there is then no need to forgive, for one has not been made angry or emotional - this saves such a lot of anxiety that has nothing to give. Unfortunately sometimes forgiveness allows repetition of what has been done; when this happens there could be much hurt, but if discerning truth it would be known and right prevail.

© Gladys Franklin, June 1999