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Week No. 14
Last Update: 6 April 2020

The Teachings Of Gladys Franklin

Understanding the needs of the soul as well as those of the body, allows a fresh insight into many fields of study. These include: the aura; the subconscious mind; life after death; reincarnation; dreams and visions, and out-of-body experiences, etc.

We offer an approach to the understanding of the inner self and the afterlife which does not call on beliefs and superstitions. It is based entirely on proven facts and personal experience; this approach is possible for everyone and is the only way to get at the truth, which is most essential as the foundation for a happy life.

A natural way of life

The brain is a channel translating everything into words but the inner self is comprised of the feelings that accompany each of the actions, words and thoughts of the matter self. These feelings are accumulated in the aura as colours and are our true self that lives on and is a display of one's real nature, which automatically brings full reward or retribution after transition.

Man has always rejected this law of cause and effect and invented all sorts of beliefs, like a God who needs the blood of an innocent being to be appeased, allowing the self to escape responsibility for one's own conduct. In so doing man becomes powerless to build his own happiness.

It is possible to prove everything concerning the reality of the soul without calling on any kind of belief or superstition; dreams and visions are the windows into the worlds unseen and daily life should provide the confirmation of every assertion and discovery. But all has to be done by oneself. No one can live for another and there is no reward in leaning on a teacher or an unseen guide; also there is no reward in letting another lean on the self, which deprives the soul of its life force and light.

Only pure love emanating continually from the self can build the soul; this is achievable by every one through learning how to react to each circumstance, which is the purpose of our incarnations in this dark plane of life.