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Week No. 13
Last Update: 19 September 2022

- Tips For A Happy Day -

Tip no.1:

Man has created the world as it is now, where there is love it is sacrificed to it. As man has built up so must he build the new way, blessing himself as well as all others who care and bless one another too.

Tip no.2:

Man is a medium, a channel for light or for darkness! He cannot turn on and off the one or the other. Neither can he say, 'I serve the light', when effects show his astral self near to the earth when sleeping.

Tip no.3:

Men fear truth; because it is a two edged sword it cuts ruthlessly where it must, but where daily life is concerned the flow of light backing truth will give balm to every sore.

Tip no.4:

Might is of body, strength is of mind! Who will win in this jungle now becoming hell? Strength can fight and can prevail; the strong of body gain money but against strength of mind it cannot prevail.

Tip no.5:

Never condemn yourself; be as merciful with yourself as blessed spirits would be, you will then not mar your light but further add to its brilliance both by day and night.

Tip no.6:

No one can live life for another or feel for another the joys and sorrows by which the brain learns to feel its way! Through tuition comes value with its brighter skies and happier companionship.