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Food For The Soul

Week No. 19
Last Update: 10 May 2021

- Tips For A Happy Day -

Tip no.1:

The atmosphere is full of noise; never stopping as it carries on through the years. Voices talking to God expect much; not ready to give so cannot take, and disappointment rides on heavy cloud. Rain cannot wash it away, can you?

Tip no.2:

The aura is a treasure chest without which one cannot be happy. It is alive! Each colour living has a work to do. The subject is much talked about but few know what it can do.

Tip no.3:

The bread of life is the spoken word of love that feeds the inward self. When nourishing the soul others can also be fed.

Tip no.4:

The inward being is invigorated with the water of life, a mythical spring that wells up within that many look for but do not always find. When found youth is within until the soul carries on and life eternal takes over.

Tip no.5:

The lonely heart can soon be filled from love's own gracious store, the light fills life and one need be lonely no more.

Tip no.6:

The mind is all knowing! There is nothing locked away from it, providing it is free to find as it seeks. Proof of another's loyalty and honesty can be known and there is no need to find oneself caught in a maze from which there is no hope of getting free.