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Food For The Soul

Week No. 05
Last Update: 26 July 2021

- Tips For A Happy Day -

Tip no.1:

Do you feel hemmed in while the great world outside spreads wide? In sleep you can fly when you want to; bless and sing when all else seems dead, for you are alive. Where there is love within there is life.

Tip no.2:

Do you find it easy to be tolerant with a child? It can be easy when one is content within oneself; it is one's own dissatisfied emotions that make one intolerant and the child reacts - they know they are not loved.

Tip no.3:

Do you know what the soul can do when full of light? It can fly, walk on water, give healing, and so much more; but do not try it without the light.

Tip no.4:

Do you know you can visit loved ones when in sleep, even if they live far away? More so if thinking like them, you can stay a while, happiness always.

Tip no.5:

Do you want to learn to fly? Watch your dreams and follow them. You will fly but drop heavily if not learning to be kind. The happiness at loving the good in man adds wings to the feet and joy keeps you up and continues to show the way.

Tip no.6:

Does it occur to you to notice the dreams you have? They are most important, and a joy to be in them. they can help one to live.