- Tips For A Happy Day -

Tip no.1:

There is no need to tie the self to the hurt of this earth, finding the pain that others inflict. Allow the brain to be in its proper place - it is a channel - let everything pass through it and should it hurt do not hold it but give it into the light and peace will be retained within.

Tip no.2:

Thoughtfulness in little things smoothes away the frowns, easing tension and blessing the overworked.

Tip no.3:

To want to love has no return, the self must love, the colour a brilliant green, light supporting it from caring, kindness and warmth of heart. When this is not there love has nothing in it and where it is not given it cannot find anyone to receive.

Tip no.4:

To wonder as to what is going on might gain untruth, enquire and truth will open eyes and ears to see, to hear and to understand.

Tip no.5:

True happiness rises from the self unbidden; it can never be given as a gift from anyone else. If it is dead, the inward being is dead also, or sleeping, and in need of being awakened.

Tip no.6:

Unsung heroes, many there are. The Angels sing for them, the quiet brain will see no ill and reward is great for them. There is always a reward for those who have had to suffer when not failing themselves.

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