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Week No. 22
Last Update: 23 November 2020

- Tips For A Happy Day -

Tip no.1:

The true initiative of the self is seen in the positive action lived before and after the passing from the earth life. When one follows the light, one is indeed blessed, whether on the earth or not.

Tip no.2:

The voice has melody; let it be heard! Many will listen, when bringing in the peace that can be felt.

Tip no.3:

The winds of adversity are as cold as winter time, but where light is present the wind does not push the mind about; it is stable, able to know and to act.

Tip no.4:

There are those who teach with love; from them the student will rise to fame, for love will be in fashion, nothing better to gain.

Tip no.5:

There is a beauteous colour that means your hopes can be fulfilled : it is silver. It means to anticipate; it happens when light continues like the lighthouse, you too can shine.

Tip no.6:

There is always help when love is within and one does not look for someone for security. The soul has the greater fulfilment when light is within.