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Week No. 14
Last Update: 6 April 2020

- Tips For A Happy Day -

Tip no.1:

No one goes hungry whose senses appreciate the beauty of music; the moving vibrations transporting oneself, other planes of consciousness far removed from earth are found.

Tip no.2:

No one is perfect. The true individual however, does not rise in anger or any other negative emotion. One who uses emotion to gain their own way succeeds in falling to the level of the earth and, being familiar with it, sees only through the limited vision of the emotional mind.

Tip no.3:

Noise and rebellion have become the order of the day, both bringing the darkness of which man could be afraid. They are causes from which the outcome has to occur; what will it be from the many agitations the dark clouds ensue?

Tip no.4:

Not always the changes one fights for are the correct way to happiness as the brain is easily brought to bear upon something wished for, and taking the shorter view that of possessing it the truth of happiness does not necessarily arrive.

Tip no.5:

One can live without the soul, but may have no intelligence to use when needed; the night can set things right.

Tip no.6:

One can meet the manager of a firm in sleep, and can then be sure of obtaining a job when awake, if one is practical and of the same quality of thought as the one making the offer.