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Week No. 09
Last Update: 22 February 2021

- Tips For A Happy Day -

Tip no.1:

Hide not your heart, let love keep it strong; it can do the impossible.

Tip no.2:

Holidays bring their relief from work but should time give hurt a bill must be paid and happiness cannot be known.

Tip no.3:

How many look forward to the time when free of the body of earth, its pain and its trials cast away? Take note of your dreams, you will find in them you will be doing what you love to do.

Tip no.4:

It is just as important to clear the brain of dross as it is to teach a child how to live and learn, for both are the responsibility of those who have the use of mind.

Tip no.5:

It is not possible to choose one's way with wishful words that may be uttered from the brain; cause and effect of mind and of subsequent action is the only way whereby strength might be established, the joy of much experience becoming natural to daily life.

Tip no.6:

It is not possible to have peace and depression at one and the same time, as the aura does not accommodate both colours simultaneously. Happiness stays with the self only if the aura is bright, and that is entirely up to oneself.