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Food For The Soul

Week No. 17
Last Update: 18 October 2021

- Tips For A Happy Day -

Tip no.1:

Should a voice speak to your brain, could you discern the value, good or bad? The brain cannot say, but the soul knows it all.

Tip no.2:

Should the subconscious mind be full of wants, desires, ambitions or frustrations, it will have very little life force to keep it going; the soul then fades and becomes insignificant, going into a deep sleep.

Tip no.3:

Silence is golden, so they say. One can wonder whether this is true? Perhaps it might be good to say that silence in the brain can give value.

Tip no.4:

Sit quietly letting nothing move through the brain for one minute. When that can be done increase the time minute by minute. Rarely can true auric colour be seen, but when the brain is quiet it is then possible to observe it and to use the inward self.

Tip no.5:

Soldier Brave, no legs have you and it seems there is much you cannot do. Take time from your thinking to rest, sleep will take you far away; your legs are new and you can swim and dance as your inner self loves to do.

Tip no.6:

Some people prey upon the sincere; wanting to be kind blessed people allow domination and the fire that is eternal in them begins to go out.