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Week No. 25
Last Update: 20 June 2022

- Tips For A Happy Day -

Tip no.1:

When asleep, the mind comes into its own; the brain being still does not impede, and according to the truth of one's own nature are circumstances affected, the night giving opportunity for arrangement of detail that is not understood by the brain and its yearnings for and on behalf of itself and the body.

Tip no.2:

When children love and they are ready to give, not thinking of taking but blessing those who receive, light will shine and happy is the night when many like themselves play in light and further learn happiness most of the way.

Tip no.3:

When filled with light the soul can take one on a holiday, even as far as Australia and be full of health on returning, all of this when asleep.

Tip no.4:

Who do you think is building up the menaces man is now facing? Will it get worse or could much be saved? Light can definitely save, but man sees no other way than his own; what do you feel about this?

Tip no.5:

Words are the basis of every action! As one meditates the brain becomes concentrated, enlarging every detail natural to the self. The wants, likes and dislikes featuring as the basic seeking is creating the foundation from which all else must come.

Tip no.6:

Your chair is your prize possession, the colour from what you feel when sitting in it is the magnet that draws every visitor to your home. The colour stays like an old friend waiting to receive you.