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Week No. 05
Last Update: 26 July 2021

The Flowers That Bud For You

The symbolic words and pictures of the Spirit do not aspire to dark and unwieldy symbols. Flowers are frequently seen and even the scent of them can fill the room, full of its power to please and to invoke blessing from the one to whom the scent is given. Not everyone in the same room can take in what is there and some could very well say the recipient is imagining things.

The colour bespeaks what may be building within the aura, giving encouragement to one who may be struggling against difficulties and praying for relief.


Roses are an especial favourite; they speak as to the rising of the soul to a level where life could take on service and be blessed for what it could do, difficulties righting themselves.

The bud bespeaks the effort of example that is doing well and the bloom gives knowledge of one winning through as patience with the slow growth will be well rewarded.

It is not a good point to promise the Spirit that one would do something at a given time. There could be a pain that would cause the self to stop doing what has been commenced and cause one not to do what was promised, the pain disappearing completely if being obedient to one's own promise. Should a condition arise stopping the promise it is wise to sit quietly and rearrange the situation, perhaps cancelling it if finding the promise difficult to cover.

A bunch of flowers

A bunch of red roses or just one seen in its fullness will show good companions all supporting one another, the power the people are receiving and the love that comes from them. Being sincerely appreciated allows a far happier feeling to stay within the self and the points to cover building up love for the soul are adequately covered.

One rose speaks of another's love of Spirit. The vision helps the self to appreciate the love which adds itself to the soul and gives sufficient light to heal and comfort sufferers, who themselves could further their own help by being loving and kind despite their disability.

Such is the power of seeing roses in vision, that one can be very thankful for the privilege that one can really see and be assured.

A bunch of varied flowers will tell the seer that a birthday is near and flowers would find appreciation; this does not show a particular month of the year but a duration of time, and one should not make queries with the brain, for invariably it could speak without full truth, vanity being the point that one should watch most carefully.

Moving along as if in a vehicle and passing bushes of flowers encourages the feeling of comfort, for it speaks of a time when one will be going through a real summer of life.

The leaf of the flower has its benefit also, it points to one finding a quiet mind though active in a busy life, especially should one be working where there is a comfort to other people to be considered.

Flowers like trees can give off life; if in a room where a healing meeting is taking place, the flowers could give help and die rather quickly when all the life force is gone. To the atmosphere they give strength and in so doing benefit comes from them; but where there is no love they cannot have life drawn from them.

May we all be like the flowers, giving as we love and to us the love is greatly returned as the soul receives and is blessed.

© Gladys Franklin, April 1999