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Week No. 14
Last Update: 6 April 2020

The Windows Of The Soul

The brain of man has produced wide and wonderful things in the earth, but none are so great as that which can be known and used when the soul has reached the fulfilment of light and all that can be one's own, especially in sleep when the brain with its power of persuasion is not in the way by its own concoctions.

Long have eyes been dimmed and people made prisoners of fear that man's own true fulfilment has flown by the way and few have been able to lift themselves up to it.

Enforced laws of mental poverty have closed the eyes and the ears have become hard of hearing, skies being dark, yet for a while the sun is shining and all to the brain looks good.

The soul whispers

The soul whispers, the brain unable to hear its voice and life with its wider way cannot be seen; neither is it understood as reaching out to please the self with time filling projects so that life is thought to be full.

The windows of the soul are the shining of the full sun upon the way of life. The mighty works it can do were thought lost when all who followed the Teacher were put to death and the soul had no opportunity of doing the miracles it is thought only the brain can produce.

Lost, but not for all time are the wonderful miracles the soul might do when in sleep fear is cast away and the promised power brings in the wonder of things long passed away.

The importance of the rainbow

One of the biggest windows through which it is possible to look is the rainbow, exceedingly important in its symbolic form. The true seer doesn't rely upon spirits but uses the psyche (the soul), as the Teacher himself used when gaining quiet by looking on the ground, his brain no impediment when his advice was needed and he wanted the truth. Seers today using the soul's bounty will need not seek but observing the symbol would find the full benefit of being truthful.

The rainbow is exceedingly important when being seen in a dream in its entirety. The whole of the colours producing the bow of colour bespeaks to the seer that a promise given from the spirit is about to be fulfilled.

Lesser windows show that in part one is on the right road to building up the right way and by continuing, the whole in time would be seen, and by following the rest of the way all will come to fruition. The 'whole' means the use of all the colours by being the example of the appropriate feeling each colour needs as it is used.

Destruction is creeping into everything

Love needs the various colours the rainbow uses as the great bow is seen across the sky. To see this in vision can bring great expectations, for it speaks that one must use the effort of goodness in all that is done, the reward worthwhile. Even for people of the past, who being intelligent and using the soul light despite destruction of all they worked for could make life more abundant and beautiful. This destruction is creeping into everything for instance people are being made to believe that beauty must die whilst trash wins the praises of the modern day.

When using the soul one may observe and feel all that is beautiful and good. However, those who could know more are subjected to those who would despoil the soul's bounty, and what is good will soon be lost altogether with the darkness invading the light, which will bring far more harm than the wars, that will not cease until the light is strong enough to enhance beauty, its love of life and prosperity.

The two windows: vision and dream

Such are the two windows of the soul: vision and dream, which are prophesied to become widespread, and the New Earth will make its appearance as prophecy foretold. All being at peace within themselves will stop greed that takes life and leaves nothing but desolation and hidden brutality.

Bringing the inward and progressive body to the forefront, gives goodness in life and through its light the seeming impossible can be done so that men put down their weapons, their eyes wide open and the soul enlarging truth.

Another window through which one can see is the healing, even of death. Elijah in his day breathed life, his soul enlarged because he was not afraid. The greatest healer is the light in the soul. There is nothing that cannot be done in one's sleep when the mind may travel many miles, the sincere saving life.

The eyes and ears

As eyes and ears are now on film showing the inability to love a further window could be opened; the use of the soul when full of love, which when manifest, will prove that all will see goodness coming again with full justice rising over the perjuries of the past when some men sowed the seed of all that was good but others took the benefit.

Now the turning point is coming as the wonderful power of the bright green cloud that H. G. Wells wrote of that passed over war and the colour turned war into peace.

This was not the work of any God but is of man himself; he it is who can see what love and light can do, from helping blind eyes to see and deaf ears to hear, and the soul making life longer and giving the joy to live it.

© Gladys Franklin, July 1999