The subject is much barred from platforms, so little being sought to know of its effects on the earth life and upon those who speak only with certain discarnate beings, that see no further then the area wherein they have earned the right to continue to live. Each plane of life is dependent upon the light having been built solidly within the soul, ever ready to be used when accident or trauma is waylaying progress.

Far off may be the driving point that is creative of darkness, through which one is unable to observe the reaction to the soul light; its power to propel people to safety is sure when the light is strong enough for them to be lifted up and carried to a place of safety.

The use of miracle power

The coming and going of the soul depends upon the amount of light the auric colours have been able to produce together, and when backing goodwill and truth with colour the light becomes strong enough to use miracle power. Full light however, is necessary to alter evil practices, as violence causes fear and all colours are subdued by it. Overcoming fear gives great bounty as other colours are not swamped to the degree the fear will solicit.

Fear of loss to the self is more often felt than fear of danger; many people having courage give fear no opportunity to swamp other colours, giving to them an enhancement of power to face almost anything, determination adding its beautiful bright colour of orange to support where it is necessary.

Man is often his own worst enemy; he is not able to digest knowledge unprovable to people who have no natural use of tolerance, patience and peace within the self and by collation of colour is unsure of anything beyond mortal sight.

The natural instincts

The repertoire of natural instincts may travel through many incarnations, falling back in some and in others making progress, reaction to circumstances causing multiple damage to the way of life or allowing the self to gain a bright colour able to give another individual the help they need. Once gaining brightness and then falling back the soul sleeps, holding the bright colour without losing its help in daily life.

From the first time of entry into the earth the soul begins its journey, finding its way. Incarnations can give it much when accepting tuition toward building the light. Its power held when tolerance, kindness, patience and generosity come together, brings enough light to the soul for it to carry on. Progress claims the right to move onward, not moving back which means returning to the earth and adding further efforts to that which is already in the soul, that awakens once being used again in the further incarnation. If one uses other people or a sacrifice to make one's own life easier, the darker colours in the aura do not awaken the sleeping soul and intelligence has no place as the soul sleeps on.

Finding good companions and adding to the bright colours already present, the soul awakens and love offers the way of light by caring and blessing other people more so than serving the self, adding to the number of enlightening colours, which causes happiness and love to further enlarge. Such may be the finish of sufficient tuition, enabling the soul to move to a higher plane of life after transition and by continuing to learn will find a much happier environment.

Pain and suffering

Moving backward by using violence will alter anything that might have had a tendency to grow, and by so doing must return to be the victim of one hurt previously. Pain and suffering are questioned as to why one suffers, not realising the change of mind from one incarnation to the next. Rebellion in any way stops the brighter colours from manifesting, except should they be with the sleeping soul - often termed spirit when discussion of the inward body is searching for the reason why sickness holds firm and can be terminal.

Rebellion can be said to stop evil practices for sport or mismanagement. Whatever the reason for rebellion it has still no value as a clearer of what does not serve. The darkened aura has no possibility to clear anything; it brings only enlargement or dishevelment. To enlarge discordant factors is a natural understanding when the brain invokes positive desires that enlarge discord. Being still in the brain will bring peace within; light enlarges and miracles, small though most helpful, come into being.

The number of incarnations

In coming and going as one does without making progress enlarges greatly the number of incarnations one can receive. One starts one's incarnation in a good family, wealthy enough to do good to other people or to boost one's wealth by stinting other people of the necessities of life. To share and bless others with what one has there is no need to return to earth, one but carries on enlarging the light until the whole of life is creating nothing but good.

Once commencing on the downward path it is not easy to move higher, except when one makes the learning of life a sincere and earnest project, knowing the soul is affected by everything that is done. Full justice comes speedily. Now the world is harassed by the darker side; where will the New Earth be? There is one surety: that evil will not blot out the light. For only people who have built the light will find a habitation there. None can deceive - the aura shows it all!

© Gladys Franklin, April 1999

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