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Week No. 19
Last Update: 10 May 2021

Do Not Fear

Fear is the deadliest of enemies. There is one fear that can be removed by learning and that is not to fear sleep, especially the last sleep from which one does not hastily return.

Little has been investigated into the life to come, from which much speculation has brought fear, and from this the real life has had no basic foundation.

In sleep it is more than possible for the self to find the place that one is going to.

Being versed in a job, no matter what it is, can be continued once this earth life has been left behind! Liking the job is a must.

Being the same in mind

Just loving someone is not enough to preserve a place for both, only by being the same in mind is oneself able to join with family or friends.

It is possible to drive a car where a home is situated, the car loved by the self and used for good purpose, not using the car for anything other than to ferry the self to where it is necessary to go. On the Earth the car may be rusty or laid aside, but in sleep will have no rust and be ready and able for use. However, unhealthy thought cuts down this benefit and very little is gained.

All things giving hurt take away benefit and loses happiness, becoming a servant to the master that has given help in the earth life for all the things one has asked for from the heavens.

Forgiveness through blood

Should a child be found out in deceitfulness and is punished with physical or mental chastisement then it will continue to be deceitful and also harbour resentment. Wise parents are not only a good example but will talk quietly to the child about the outcome of their actions and any unhappiness that could come from them. Remembering that health could be made uncertain when underlying dark emotions prevail with violence!

Heavy blows on the body can be the beginning of sickness; the effects may not be immediate but later in life when strength may be needed for a particular stage in life.

A child bullying or blackmailing others will find when reaching adult age the bullying is increased, but could return upon the self bringing hurt and much shortage of what is necessary.

Parents putting upon their children the blame of God or forgiveness through blood should not be surprised if the children go astray or become violent, for blood breeds blood.

Learning to love fully will cast out all hate and will bring the blessings of love and all that goes with it.

© Gladys Franklin, April 1999