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Week No. 22
Last Update: 23 November 2020

The Scroll

Have you had the privilege of being given a scroll in your sleep? Anyone seeking by exercising the feelings in the subconscious mind to good account and the soul building light could have someone to present a scroll showing what it was possible to do in the near future. Should it not be possible to fully follow it all out it can be a grievous loss to the soul and full happiness is lost, for one learns but it is through the hard way of cause and its effects.

I myself through the wrong type of feeling lost the more direct way when needing a man to help me.

I could never fully understand why my inner being did not accept the scroll offered. Today I know I had much to learn and it has taken many years with great and heavy difficulties, regretfully bringing hurt and suffering, which came to a climax in hospital on the first day of this year.

The right partner

Now I know I have the right partner; he is at one with all it is necessary to do, carrying out with me the promise made to a spirit teacher a number of years ago.

I still feel the blessing of seeing a robed figure - in my sleep - walk out of the sea, yet was not wet. Now I find I can do the same, the inward body when the soul has light being able to do many things the earth body cannot do.

It is the inward body that is created from the many good feelings one has.

The scroll is a treasure, a blessed guide to life, and the inward self knowing everything listed in it when wishing to learn. The lesson being learned follows every avenue that will bring of and to the use of the colour the feeling when used brings to the aura and feeds the soul when it continues.

Every action portrays a colour. The bright and lovely colours building the light to feed the soul, can be miraculous when the light is full, and when in life using to good account the light, appreciation coming in return further adds to the light a really wonderful process!

© Gladys Franklin, Marsh 1999