Seek And Ye Shall Find

What does each one seek and what do they find in answer to their seeking?

One may ask this question time after time, not realising that each one does not seek with the brain or the mind unless determined to do the right thing for the benefit of one's own eternal life.

I can state this quite simply: the feelings one has become the cause by which one seeks; this is why the way life proceeds does not produce the answer one would wish to have.

The want from the feelings one is hoping to find and fulfil often falling foul at the crossing of mental swords with someone else who may not want the same thing in life; therefore peace is not present and one cannot hope to be productive for the needs the self might anticipate.

They were called heretics

It is unfortunate that the great thinkers of the past, and those of the present time did not investigate the realities of life instead of calling heretic to those who sought to find the benefit of goodness but only found death as an entertainment to many who used sacrifice whilst enjoying the fruits of other people's labours.

Seeking commences the moment the light of the soul is put in jeopardy, for the inward self knows all that has been done and what it is necessary to repair.

Until greed became the master

The many incarnations past may have set the seal upon the seeking one might have to do. Often crushed under the weight of avarice, the inward self is given a great deal of room by the brain to enjoy life, whilst at the same time the soul may be losing the power to find that which could be worthwhile to the happiness of incarnations, since falling to the darkness of the money wise merchants. At one time there was honest trading until greed became the master and in time those who have will not receive, as the opportunity of honesty has in many places lost all. After passing from the earth life those who are dishonest will find they are the masters no longer but will become the workers where food is scarce and hard to find, with no sun to ripen and nothing but damp to rot all that might grow.

This earth has gradually - through its people - moved into this state of affairs. Having killed all who could have saved it there are now only the few who might find it possible to bring light from which the sun might again start to shine in its permanent splendour.

Should there be no goodness

Should there not be the goodness in those who could save from fear of what could happen to them, the desolation will continue and the earth will become as other low astral planes of life have been made. Man himself either saving the world or seeking only to serve himself.

There may be a great migration to the hills, but nowhere will be safe as man and beast must eat. Should there be no food, nowhere will be safe to hide and all life would be gone. Pessimistic one might say, but look around, there have been the innocent who have hid but the bark of the gun shows they have been found.

Without love all life will be lost

The revolution by man against man seeking for power, what profit will be the finding of it? One does not have to question to find the answer, once darkness settles over the countryside nothing will grow and without love all life will be lost.

Once loving within the inward self one will not make mistakes but will bless and share what one has; in this way the sun will bless all life and the New Earth see only light and the joy of neighbours one with the other, for none will defile the light. Through the great increase of love the light will be full and death not feared, for love will continue and it would always be there.

© Gladys Franklin, September 1999

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