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Week No. 17
Last Update: 18 October 2021

The Spider That Did Not Catch The Fly

A queer title, you may think, but a situation I have seen many times. For some it might be an experience one could do without, for the spider would devour the fly and there is no joy in such a way to go when not knowing life's possibilities.

A similar incident could bring about unhappiness and in the end death might be near and nothing much to look forward to.

Two clairvoyant symbols showing the unwary and what can happen. I had to give to a lady at one time an answer to her request to know that she would be happy with a man who had asked her for her hand in marriage.

On sitting with a quiet brain my soul would let me know the truth. I saw a lady hanging by the neck on to a branch of a tree, apparently dead. On being told that she would lose everything if she married him, she spoke somewhat harshly to me.

"I'm not now a housekeeper, you know," she said haughtily and walked out. She had been a nurse housekeeper to a wealthy lady, having no freedom until her patient passed away; then she found all that had belonged to her mistress now belonged to her.

Some months later I heard from a mutual friend that the marriage had taken place and all was lost. The man was a gambler, he had sold all she had, and even the house went to pay for his debts. The woman was now sick and in a home, the man was quite free to do the same again to some other unsuspecting female.

I was sorry, there was no way of giving her help, her brain could not discern and she did not want the truth.

This might happen to others who, having had nothing, suddenly become the target and are easily tempted to other happiness.

The sleeping time could be a mine of information if one is open enough to receive instruction, the self happier for seeing and knowing the truth.

The young widow

A different outcome came for a young widow whose husband had left her a comfortable home, and was thinking to gain a father for her two little girls. She had found a companion, every bit a gentleman that appeared trustworthy. When coming to see me excited and happy, I saw a spider, big with long hairy legs, not at all as she had spoken of him. Speaking to her of what I could see, she looked heavily at me, her dream of happiness fading away. She said, "I will do whatever you tell me to do, though I know he loves me so much that he will not let me go."

"If that is the case," I said, "you will have to move, not letting anyone know what you are doing; privately sell the house, and should the man try to follow a solicitor's letter should put him off."

The young woman did as I advised and was not molested - he had found someone else who had thought he was genuine and trusted him. He was an alcoholic and the woman had a very bad time. The young mother came and thanked me for saving her home and her happiness. I was able to say she would find a very pleasant friend and be happy with him until he is free to marry.

"Oh, I do not want to get caught up in divorce proceedings!"

"That is not the problem, he is a good son to his mother who has cancer. Be patient; he is the best, believe me. You will not have to wait very long."

Within the year the mother died and the son was free to live his life; they had met as I had predicted, he loved the children and the home was a very happy place.

Justice will teach the criminal mind

Throughout the many years of investigation, much has had to be done that has gladdened and astonished me, the many quirks of man's nature that closes eyes and ears bringing false notice, causing fear more so than giving help and love whereby beauty and blessing has no opportunity to give.

The symbols appertaining to character gives a particular value to all who learn of a full life and its possibilities. The spider luring its prey and mentally taking life, as the soul loses all its light, is not classed as a criminal offence in the laws laid down for the good of the people.

Every victim misused is accounted by the Purple Brethren who keep the books, kept up to date so that Justice will in its turn teach the criminal mind by its further life, where spiders are many. The one used on innocent people, whether male or female, will be the victim many times over until the lesson is learned and thought is no longer destructive; but it may take more than one incarnation to clear the debt built up, for all taken must be returned.

The one who loses all to traits of character that could be overpowering will repay all who have suffered unduly. Should it be thought unjust the sleeping time of the spender will face a menace that will turn the brain, constant fear of losing life growing until life is taken by the self. A court of justice in the worlds unseen is then faced and all done to hurt is seen as it is and when sleeping the subconscious is taught to give until the practice of taking is overcome and ready regret accepts more of life in which to pay what is owed.

There is no injustice when truth is shown and no one can hurt and not feel the stripes themselves. May we all know love and ease pain more so than giving what is thought by legal means.

Love will not accept the hunting of the spider; the willing acceptance of seeming happiness learns also that dreams to show what is right and checking where love dwells, will always show the way to light.

© Gladys Franklin, April 1999