The Green Tree

Full of the green of the leaf, the green tree is seen often in vision and dream as a strong and vital person often beset by envy and covetousness, because they have trained themselves to achieve a rightful position whereby their strength may qualify them to an office of valuable service. The rewards are plentiful but not so adhered to the self because as the Bible predicts, the birds nest in its branches and the animals shelter beneath it, in which case the tree is regarded as a protectorate under which many take advantage, forgetful of growing by themselves but relying and leaning on the one that is strong, until with saw and men's effort the mighty tree is cut down and it can do no more.

Symbols in animal form are sent from the worlds unseen for the strong and loving individual to mark out a way and also to show those who have particular habits or active brain. The rabbit is one who fears, the camel one going far, the lawyer the lion, the solicitor the tiger, etc. One can go through almost all the animals and find people whose personalities match up with the instinctive practices of an animal; one may learn to see the truth of someone's nature by the type of animal seen in action, much being accredited as vision or dream bespeaks growing tendencies. The dream is not always positive but is given to show what may come; that could be changed if one is trusting the wrong individual - it is most valuable to know the character.

The time to bloom is wasted

Spring and its perfection bringing the blossom will show whether the harvest will be great or small, good or dried up, so much depending upon the weather. All trees that bloom show the beauty of their growth, the fruit or whatever is growing dependant upon the rain, the sun and the soil wherein its roots take their life to bring food that all may eat and know the bounty of the earth.

Man in his growth is not still, his time to bloom is often wasted in what it brings for him; he is reliant upon the tuition he must take in, the food of thought from which his senses burst into bud and the flower of youth he stretches forth to the adult before he really knows how. One cannot tell from all he does whether his aids in life will bring him to find beauty. To advise he turns his head so he may not listen, often moving in the wrong direction his feeding of the atmosphere perhaps polluted, though he may not notice or know that what he feels he knows may not give him hope for what yet must come.

Mothers often protect and youth does not always learn; when the bill to pay for misdeeds done is paid by the parents and not by the miscreant, love and happiness have no place, there is very little to pass on. The son who has not paid his own way will not build a family and increase their growth, they will take what they want and when tired will lose the one who could have loved and the family who could have given him much when learning from him. The fruits of their labours may have been full and life be lived and the taste of life found to be beautiful. His progeny spreads from the seeds he has sown. Bounty may come but only the soul can give a surety of what is to come.

But man can change

Few feel they should suffer for their misdeeds but incarnations come and go. In each life the opportunity comes for a new start with a new brain; but should the past hold sway the bloom of life will have no way of opening a new way and of finding a heritage where happiness can have its way.

The offspring of the tree will be the same as its parent, but man can change; he can build the light, his soul triumphant over death and life hereafter is well set. The fruit of his hands that have laboured on will bless him as sweet to the taste he is loved and blessing can come each and every day. No longer does the cure hang low and many fear for their lives, days are quickly passing and the voice of man in his greed must be heard.

Peace so long talked about, will it soon come? After this year is finished we all may see the way, the prerogative is man's not god's; none can push the effects of their lives away, closing the eyes to what is there. The outcome will show the effort and the fruits of one's labours will bless. Happiness and peace will come but only the soul of men will find it and with joy will love each day through.

© Gladys Franklin, April 1999

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