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Week No. 02
Last Update: 6 July 2020

The Joy Of Teaching

A dear friend of mine who was passed to the Spirit, came to my bedside one night. He had passed away some time before and had gathered some people together who were taking my lessons before they had passed over. They wanted to know whether I would leave the earth and go to teach in the worlds unseen. That was a poser for me as I would have loved to leave my life on the earth. It was a constant pull because people opposed and many took advantage and made money after partly learning.

I said, "I am afraid I can't. I've made a promise that I would teach on the earth and that promise I must carry out."

Since that time everything seems to have come against me, to cause me to leave the earth, until today. And now I feel at long last there is a possibility of carrying out what I had said many years ago when asked did I want to teach the few or the many. I said, "If you mean just teaching my family, not at all. I would far rather teach the many." And that's what I have kept to all my life despite the many things that have happened, which have stopped me from carrying out the promise I have made.

To rely on the soul

I realise very strongly now that I was not ready, that still my brain had a lot to say in what was happening. Now I rely far more upon my soul and upon all that it can do, and this paper is something to do with that. It is the outcome of a lot of parts of seeking whereby knowledge was able to come through my soul and through the writing on the wall to be put down so that the many can read. Even if I cannot teach them personally, the papers will do a great deal for me and for them.

During my long life I have been through a great many difficulties that have been set in motion because of people and because of conditions and incidents that have happened in the earth. I wrote books but nobody wanted them, I had hoped that I could finance myself and keep myself going while I was finishing the training that was being given to me. This did not happen. And I was made to fear certain things that came to my ears and eyes where I had felt that there was a particular guidance and that voices speaking to me told me what I should do. Some of it was not the truth, but I still followed it thinking it was the truth and it has been with me ever since that time and caused me much heartache.

Learning through someone's experience

I say this: the conditions of my speaking are not because I want to put myself forward or that this is by anywise a biography. Not at all, I feel that if I myself have gone through these things I might save a great many people going through them as I had had to do. Knowing that somebody else has gone through them and learned from them then the possibility of course is that learning is a far quicker way to cover a lesson than to reach the cause and the effect which sometime take years to cover, as it did for me, and which caused many things to happen that need not have happened to bring to me bad health and unfortunate situations that I had to cover financially in my life.

Therefore I speak of these things to save people the trouble that the heartache and the hurt that can happen when we are green as grass as it were, as I felt I was in very early days and asking to teach. It was a great thing to be able to ask but I know the way that one thinks. It is a far greater thing now that I have learned to be able to talk in such a way that I can reach people far away from me and yet so close that we can feel each other's presence and know the possibilities there are due to each and everyone of us. Therefore may the blessing of truth and right be with us. What I have learned can be done through the lessons in months whereas I had to take years.

© Gladys Franklin, June 1999