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Week No. 13
Last Update: 19 September 2022

'Seek And Ye Shall Find!'

Such are words that speak, they speak much to everyone.

The years passing see much seeking as almost everyone seeks, but in their own particular way. But what is found? This question might arise many times, the answer most promising is 'Seek firstly the Kingdom of God and all things else shall be added on.' Such words bring different answers as all seek according to the feelings each and everyone has, for who knows where or what is the Kingdom of God?

Love appears so evasive and the whole world is disquieted, as man is leaning on God and not taking into consideration the Teacher who was made soulless when his life left him - it was his soul that went. His mother had no idea that it was the soul that had entered into her womb, the child was of the earth and was no different to the main body that his parents gave him as they gave the seed for his birth.

A source of miracles

Prior to manhood, the soul was a source of small miracles. He was able to convince eminent men that a great understanding was in him. Because he accepted his death and did not realise what would happen to all who would follow his tuition, he has been the instigator of all good intent. This being crushed his understanding was committed to his brain, which was not intellectual. Intelligence was there, he knew the characters of men but did not seek to find the future, which he could have known had he sought to find it. The future however, to those who have followed him has been extremely important, because everyone who managed to do good by doing things that were extraordinary were called witches and were put to death. And this was not a few, this was a great many people.

Jesus is reincarnated

His soul having been put in his mother's womb without him working to build it up as we ourselves have to do, is no longer with him. It returned from where it came. He now has to have incarnations as everyone else has to do and power to forgive is no longer with him.

Therefore doing all things through Christ must indeed push them through the God of Moses who will turn them toward the darker side of life more so than that of light.

When we speak of these things, we feel that there is a wide breach between the power that gave birth to Jesus and gave him the soul with which to work, and the God of Moses who taught Moses how to build an army, how to fight, how to kill and to pillage and burn. These things are with the God of Moses and he followed where the God led him, much to the indignity of the Hebrews who had been relieved from Egypt to find a greater burden and a harder taskmaster than they had had previously.

The seeking from every individual comes from the feelings each one has, dark or light they might be, but as the light in the soul of some is cut down by death, the whole atmosphere is filled with the dark of war even though at this time there is a great urge toward peace; such an urge cannot fully win until everyone finds peace with their neighbour and love brings the light into every family.

The twos and threes

As created, nothing given life dies. It may lose certain facilities and death may be of the body, but the mind lives on, unable to speak, to open the eyes and see the hope of things to come or set free to speak on one's own behalf.

Too late one may seek the Kingdom but when the heart is not in it, life is but the shadow, still clinging on until the light of love is found to join and can join all that is good together, from the union of bodies one has a full life.

This may be found and peace claim its right to be expressed and happiness found. Doing all things with love will open wide the way and though the real teacher has been misused constantly, it can be seen and found as the poor in spirit see the good in others and by doing so see the good, the God of love within them.

The Kingdom of Heaven

There are those who are now learning; the twos and threes as prophesied who by their own seeking the soul light and the building of it up, the New Earth will have every opportunity to come in. Only with the light is this possible; it is not too late to learn. Be at peace and seek the Kingdom of Heaven, this is but to love and be kind, and Heaven will itself be found.

In the past it was felt that there might be something beyond the grave, but there was no opportunity to teach of love and speaking of the beauty of the soul, one is seeking the Kingdom of Heaven. The soul has the power of miracles as promised by the Teacher before he died. He had no idea and was not made aware that all who followed him would be called heretics and would lose their life because they showed up the so-called teacher of the God of Moses who sought no peace to find no neighbourliness with other people, but war being in the heart is followed. Started unduly by getting into the subconscious of one or more, the greed of the country that they live in brings that country ill repute and love had to be sought to find the blessing of seeking.

© Gladys Franklin, July 1999