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Week No. 09
Last Update: 22 February 2021

The Malformed Aborted

Parents who have taken drugs or used heavy emotions have total dislike destructive of life in the soul and the child cannot survive, death comes before the birth; that could be normal but usually is prematurely born, mindless and in some way malformed and the mother turns away with horror at what she has produced.

The child can be kept alive for a while, being watched and investigated until the small soul departs, it then dies. The mother could be relieved, the child not belonging to her any more.

The soul will never die, but as there is no mind it cannot reach the planes of life where humans have the possibility of going.

Although there is a lack of belief in fairies, dainty creatures that can fly, and elves, lively little fellows very obliging when helping one of earth, as I myself have been helped by one who used to sit on my wardrobe and chat.

Bringing the child to new life

The Fairy Queen full of love and all who serve with her took me to see this seemingly lost child. Nursing, loving and teaching, the fairy workers bring the child to new life. This is the only way the fairies increase their numbers, no male and female to give birth. The children are those malformed, born before time and too small to live, but having a soul.

A full new life is for the baby; to all who believe in fairy folk they can become visible, the seer blessing them. Where music is happy and eyes can see the fairies dance, a joyous sight, leaving the light of love behind before they go back to their work.

Gardens loved by their owners have the help the fairies give and loving elves work with them.

The development in life of all creatures depends greatly upon the power of light. Lack of belief gives little to them, I have been with them - they are beautiful, the light drawing them to it.

May love before long bless in the earth for much can come from it.

©Gladys Franklin, September 1999