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Week No. 25
Last Update: 20 June 2022

Personal Colours Showing Understanding

The absolute personality of ourselves is what we ourselves build up, that creates a personality standing out among the crowds of people around us. I speak of the aura! I know that many people talk about the colours in the aura, but how many are able to explain how they come into the aura, what they do once they are there, and how easy it is to lose them once we have found them.

This is posing a difficulty for a lot of people, for the modern day is approaching far too fast to be able to recognise almost anything that is actually being taught, whereby the good in life can come to those who long for peace and for prosperity to come, peace being the only way that will bring real prosperity.

In my papers I have spoken many times of the New Earth coming. I never ever thought that I would live long enough to be present when the New Earth became a fact. At the moment it is already very near to us and many people are wanting to make their way there but do not know how. They feel that it is through leading themselves with the will of God or the benefit of the Sacrifice.

Where has this led us?

But my friend, where has this led us? Has it not led us to wars, to everything that is bad where man is concerned? The greed, the lust, those who take without asking, and those who perjure the innocent that they take prison sentences while the guilty ones laugh and enjoy life - somebody else has to suffer on their behalf and because that person says they are innocent they get the remark, "They all say that." But some are true, some are there not because they have earned it but because someone has organised the possibility of them carrying the sentence for them, for what they have done. I must say in answer to that, there is no escaping evil, all is known and all have to pay the price of what they do.

Colours will show up all of this, where people begin to understand that the aura is a living thing and will never die. It will change, it will rise and fall, but it will never die, for the simple reason that the soul is part of it. The soul needs the colours, but I would say in all earnestness that it is only the bright and beautiful colours that the aura needs. These put together bring light into being. Even the light in the sky is built by the goodness and the blessedness of people. Where there is black it travels far and wide; there is hate and war and the noise of guns and bombs, that shatter the peace within the atmosphere.

Man has got to clean up his own mess

Now the time has come when it is said from the world of Spirit that man has got to clean up the mess he has made of this the earth world. He has to clear the atmosphere of all its corruption and all that despoils the glory of the light and the benefit of it, to the clearing of untruth and blessing all those who seek so they find light to build and to bless, all going the same way.

The soul is a wonderful part of man and we shall talk upon the soul a little later on in this paper. We shall know the point where the blessedness of the soul can reach into many things and allow the self, with the aid of the colours in the aura, to do many things that the earth world does not allow.

Like Moses who lifted up his rod, the water parted up and went each way, leaving a pathway dry to be passed over. Some people have tried to make out that this is but a legend. But truth is there; when I questioned it I was allowed to witness this in my state of sleep and walked over on a dry bed with walls of water terrifying me each side. I went over but I was not allowed to hurry; I just had to walk and not to run until I got to the other side. Then with a great noise the water came tumbling in as I woke up in my bed.

Man can follow the Teacher

Although I have been talking about colour I have not given a great deal concerning the actual characteristics that builds with them. The colours come from the characteristics and come from what man feels within himself. This is written in a book and could be available should one wish to have it.

What I have endeavoured to prove is the possibility that man can follow the Teacher. All through the years since the time of the death of Christ, good has been put to death, the earth world clear of it by war. Earthly conditions have brought the hate and the dislike that cripples the goodness in people and stops them from yearning to be good, turning to those things which can appear to justify what they do.

© Gladys Franklin, June 1999