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Week No. 08
Last Update: 17 February 2020

About us

Studies on Life has been founded by Gladys Franklin, a powerful medium who used her exceptional gifts to investigate systematically the inner self and the afterlife for over sixty years. She was a pioneer in the understanding of the subconscious mind and the aura in relation to the development of the soul-light.

Her teaching is different from most religions and philosophies as it is based entirely on proven facts and self experience. In her long experience she found that the psyche of the soul is the only reliable source of truth and that without it the calling on spirits and psychic phenomena can have disastrous consequences for the self.

Therefore her teaching is focussed on the learning of how to react to the circumstances of life in order to brighten our auric colours; when bright enough they will produce the light necessary to awaken and feed the soul, which has the power of miracle and can fulfil all our needs.

The present organisation was founded in the early 1990's to support a new phase of research into life and for dispensing her lessons and publishing her books. Her previous organisations were the Universal Philosophy Study Groups, the Fellowship of Truth and the Sanctuary of the Rising Spirit.

Since Gladys passed away in the year 2000, and her husband and disciple in 2007, her other disciples are continuing her work, endeavouring to make her discoveries known to the general public and to provide her teachings to the sincere seekers. We are presently based in Great Britain and Canada. See Contact us.

Our Biblical studies could be perceived by some new visitors as a religious approach, which it is not. For us the Bible is an historical account which remains at the centre of western culture and the Master Jesus a wonderful teacher despite Paul leading people to use him as a Sacrifice.

The organisation is a small unregistered charity supported by the students to pursue its objectives. We provide our services free of charge. We are devoted entirely to the teachings of Gladys Franklin, which are neither religious nor academic, but simply natural to the soul. We do not recruit members and are not linked to any other group or organisation.