Gladys Franklin

From childhood Gladys Franklin (1909 - 2000) started to develop her startling gifts, having regular conversations with nightly spirit visitors.

She eventually became a well-known London medium and healer, only to find that her thirst for understanding was not satisfied. Her profound desire to learn and help others brought the offer of instruction from an advanced spirit teacher.

Training took the form of exploration and observation in and out of the body, watching cause and effect in daily life. As research continued she began to write upon her findings, a process which continued all through her life.

The subjects under investigation include the inner self and the soul, auric colours and light, planes of consciousness and discarnate beings, dreams and visions, and the hidden background to biblical accounts.

Gladys founded various centres and organisations during her earth life to share her experience and show how to prepare towards greater awareness and fulfilment. Thousands of contact and postal students all over the world have benefited from her study courses.

"Studies on Life" is her latest achievement to deal with the ultimate results of her long life of investigation, which has been purified of all link with the psychic and focussed on the true psyche of the soul.

She has now departed to carry on her work on the New Earth, and prepare the way for us. - Additional biographical notes are available.