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Week No. 13
Last Update: 19 September 2022

Roger Boutin

Roger was born in Montreal, Canada in 1945. He found the teachings of Gladys Franklin in 1984 and after visiting her the same year in Wales, he joined the work full time to study, teach, translate, etc.

He came to England in 1991 to work and live with Gladys, helping in all aspects of her work and life. They married in 1993, after which Gladys left her public work and concentrated on her writings and clarification of her teachings. They both say these have been the happiest years of their life.

Since Gladys passed away in 2000, Roger has continued her work with other disciples through the maintaining of this website, the preparation of her books for publication and the support of new students. He has chosen to remain in England, his beloved adoptive country.

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