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This website is designed for seekers of the meaning of life. Sincere seekers endeavour to test and prove all the principles on which they base their life instead of relying on unproveable beliefs; they also apply them genuinely to their daily living. Such a systematic approach to seeking has been developed by Gladys Franklin, a British medium who used her outstanding gifts to investigate the mind, the aura and the afterlife.

Her research in and out of the body for over sixty years has revealed the importance of brightening our auric colours which originates from the feelings in our subconscious mind; these bright colours produce the light needed by our soul for leading us to serenity and contentment.

We present here the texts, books and lessons of Mrs Franklin. Our teachings are based entirely on personal experience and proven facts, endeavouring to help us live our lives naturally.

The texts on the site are changed on a weekly basis to provide inspiration for every day of the year.


As our work is a work of love, our policy is to provide our services free of charge. Our life is entirely dedicated to this project and we rely upon the support and appreciation of our students to carry on spreading the Word.

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