One of Gladys prefered flours: the Forget-Me-Not One of Gladys prefered flours: the Forget-Me-Not


The Aura

Have you ever wondered what it meant when someone said, "He has a special aura about him," or someone else said. "I don't know what it is about that person, I'll never forget how good I felt in their presence."

Today if we didn't know already, we are going to find out that we all have an aura and that it is the feelings that we all give off from ourselves.  We have a very mixed bunch of feelings which we use constantly, not thinking about the good or the bad they can cause.  These feelings surround our body and when we rub shoulders with someone we can feel something different but we don't know what it is.  It is what we are picking up from them!!  Loving and kind feelings, peaceful feelings, patient and tolerant feelings, all kinds of good feelings.  We can, unfortunately, pick up on the bad ones as well.  Anger, frustration, violence, greed, envy, desire, just to name a few, although people are reluctant to say that they feel bad.

Do you think we can change our aura if we don't like it?  The good news is of course we can. How? one might wonder.  Because when we are angry we want to lash out and the feeling is so strong we seem to have no control.  Some people use this as an excuse, that they cannot do anything about it so they don't change.  But deep down they wish to be a better person and unknowingly we have all come to this earth to clear our aura of all the dark feelings we put in there, either in this life or past lives.

Through experiences in life, we learn.  But what when we are fed up of making mistakes?  When we wish we could change our lives.  For some, even wish they were dead!!!

Well, the good news is that we can all change.  Everything is possible when we are sincere and seek the truth.  Then we are ready to look at our faults and change them.  You may see yourself looking through a mirror at yourself.  This is a wonderful vision to show that we are ready to look sincerely inside ourselves.  Some though, may say they cannot change, well this is just an excuse not to make the effort.  Our world has become so corrupt that evil fills the atmosphere and good is very hard to find.  Nothing is easy that is worthwhile having.  Have you ever noticed when you're faced with a challenge and you succeed?  How wonderful you feel inside!  That is our reward for the effort made.
When we clear all the bad feelings and replace them with love, patience, tolerance, and peace, what a difference in our character and our aura.  Others notice the difference and perhaps want the same themselves. 

It is possible to find the truth, starting with our website, which explains more about how to clear the aura and how we can at last find peace inside ourselves.

Author: Denise