One of Gladys prefered flours: the Forget-Me-Not One of Gladys prefered flours: the Forget-Me-Not


Sleep State

Had a dream (sleep state) of insect bites on my legs. This shows symbolically that I would have nuisance problems in real life.

This occurred on the same day. I walked to the main road to catch a bus to the supermarket. I noticed at the stop a timetable for the different buses. As I was reading it a bus was coming, before I could ascertain it would do the bus had passed by. It was not either of the two regular buses but would have taken me to where I wanted to go. I waited in the cold for the regular bus which came within fifteen minutes. Reaching the small town there was a diversion, and the driver asked if anyone wanted this stop. I should have alighted, but I was confused and went further than I needed and had a longer walk to the supermarket.

Got some shopping and went to the checkout, where I noticed one of the tins was dented. Went back and exchanged it.

Then I walked to the next supermarket to check first time usage of a cooking pot I had bought recently. It said I needed to look online.

I had made some mistakes, but because of the dream, I was prepared and kept calm, and hadn’t become emotional with these little setbacks. By not enlarging the problems they became minor and not bothersome.

The dream had been a warning, but by taking notice of it had prepared me for what lay ahead.

Author: Paul