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Week No. 25
Last Update: 20 June 2022

Will Geof Ever Be A Doctor?

Chapter 1

The whole house had been so different today, somehow it looked dingy. Alice had cleaned and polished it but it looked the same, her work had been unable to brighten things up and she couldn't face going to bed.

The children were quiet, her son had not been hungry. Her husband seemed to be the only one that was happy; he had gone to the pub and brought some chips in. The children loved them but strangely never touched them, and he had laughed and ate them himself.

Alice sat with a cup of tea, everyone else had gone to bed.

She sat very quietly and suddenly found herself full of life; a dog was nuzzling at her hand and then walked to the door, he turned as if it wanted her to follow. 'Why is the door open, I am sure I shut it,' her thought ran on, 'where are we going?' They came to her son's door, it was open and the dog walked in; there was a slight uncomfortable smell, she wondered as the dog shut the door with its nose and the room was flooded with a dark murky red, 'It looks like drying blood, how can I see that?'

Alice was not aware she had fallen asleep and it was her inward body that had gone with the dog, which had gone to the bed; there she was listening to Geof's muttering. He was sound asleep, yet she could hear the words coming from him.

"I'm surprised at mum letting dad beat me like that; I was not like the others. I would never want the stuff again; I'll take up auntie Gracie's offer and stay with her. I don't want to be like dad; I will learn by doing what I like to do, which is to become a doctor - I'm no good at mechanics."

Alice felt a cold shiver go over her. "So that's the problem, and Jack won't let him go. I must help him." As she said those words she woke up; she had no idea that such things could happen.

"I suppose that horrible colour was hate, the whole house is filled with it. I must find out more about it." As she looked around she saw a bright colour which struck her eyes, it was the brilliant red of strength of purpose, not a bit like the red upstairs. Suddenly it was as if she could see a lovely blue sky, and breathing a sigh of relief she said to herself, "I am determined to see Geof will have what he wants, he will make a lovely doctor. And that dog, of course he is Grace's dog; what a friend to have. I will go and see Grace and stay the day, it will do me good." As she spoke a colour quite unlike the others showed itself briefly, the orange of determination. 'How lovely' she thought. Stretching herself she made for the door and bed saying to herself, "Tomorrow is another day."

© Gladys Franklin, January 2000