Will Geof Ever Be A Doctor?

Chapter 3

Geof showed no outward sign of the change that could alter his life. His room was tidy when his mother called him for breakfast. "Just coming," he called out, and Alice went to serve the rest of the family.

The two girls were no longer whispering, and laughter was once again near to the surface. They were eating heartily, what one did the other soon did the same. Being twins had given them much in life that Geof did not have. He suffered the results of his father's unruly temper, but it did not appear to him to be right to sulk and to disobey his mother; without her love life could not be happy.

He looked around his room, he did not know his inward self had left a silver light in the corners which would give help to anyone coming to stay in it. There was also a bright pink, because he felt compassion for his father, who despite being a good business man was not yet truly happy.

Going into breakfast he smiled and was soon drawn into the conversation. His bowl of cereal promptly disappeared and with relish he ate the bacon his mother had prepared.

His father was very quiet, but when leaving he clasped Geof's hand and said, "I shall be watching your progress, you deserve to be successful."

Geof laughed. "It's not going to be easy, but I mean to work hard. Auntie Grace will help me."

His father winced, yet said, "You do that, we shall all be glad for you."

Could they have seen the lovely colours around them they would no doubt have been full of joy. A seer might see the silver shining on a wall showing how much they all anticipated success for him.

A good red was moving like a cloud, the ceiling blushing with its bright beauty. All were sincere and an azure blue shone on all their faces.

Over everything and about the people shone a lovely ruby red ray, patience in them all was showing in this way. Adjacent to this red was a beautiful shade of pink looking as if roses were growing nearby showing that peace was with each of them that would last. There is rarely rose pink without its twin the rose red of tolerance. Each colour would be separate from any other, not mixing.

At last the goodbyes were said, and full of happiness mother and son left on their journey; that was just the start of Geof's new life.

Such a bevy of lovely colours will bring automatically the light, which will not only bless them but many around them as well.

© Gladys Franklin, January 2000

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