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Week No. 25
Last Update: 20 June 2022

Will Geof Ever Be A Doctor?

Chapter 12

Geof soon found an interesting friend in Jim who had many trophies in sports, running especially. His lively tongue amused Geof who was studious but soon became animated when listening to him. He felt that there must be more to this man than his job, although he was most serious about that. Geof felt he was a good chum to be with and hoped to see more of him.

The two women chattered amicably, Grace on getting up from her chair said, "There is a lovely feeling in this house, Mrs May."

May said rather shyly, "I saw small gold pieces falling like rain from the ceiling, look what it brought me, I felt it was a blessing. You are my friend Mrs Grace, that truly is a blessing, isn't it?"

Gold is a colour warm and comforting. Grace took her hand, and speaking with love she said, "You are to me a very dear friend. Oh how I have needed a friend, now I have Geof and you. Bless you and I really mean that. Now you know just what to do?"

"I do," was the reply, "and so does Jim. I hope it really works."

"It will," was the ready answer, "now we must all be off. He mustn't get there first." Grace gave a quick laugh as she continued, "Won't my niece be glad; they all know me as auntie Grace, but I am not their aunt, we are more like sisters Alice and I, auntie is just for the sake of the children." As she said this she felt there was more to this house then she had felt previously and hoped very soon that her own house would feel the same. She wondered about the gold her friend had seen. 'It must be when there is happiness,' she thought.

On shutting the front door Jim wished Geof a happy landing, "You'll be great, one day."

They all went to the car, May and Jim taking Grace and Geof to his first interview which luckily was on the way to Grace's house where May was to work. Grace felt that Geof would easily pass the test.

Once inside the house Jim looked all over it and May his mother put on her apron. She laughed when her son said, "What about your hat?" They both giggled like children having a spree. Jim then left his mother as she went to the sitting-room with her duster. He took the stairs two at a time and was just going into the bathroom, when he heard footsteps in the kitchen - what a good thing they had left the door unlocked. A stealthy tread went into the rooms at the back of the house and stopped with a jerk as Jack saw Mrs May dusting a shelf, the articles from it on the table.

She looked round and screamed - one scream only it had been arranged, more Jim would have come down. He heard his mother speaking, "What do you want?" She was acting as if very nervous.

"Where's my son?" Jack could say no more then repeated in a loud voice, "I want my son."

Mrs. Fuller said, "There is no man living in this house."

"He is here, I know he is," was the jerky rejoinder as he became doubtful.

"You had better look upstairs and see for yourself."

And Jack taking her at her word began to mount the stairs. He was feeling more sure; 'Hiding that is it,' He laughed as he thought to surprise his son, but who was going to get the surprise?

Various colours were coming and going, there is no doubt there would be more and how strong they will be we shall soon know.

© Gladys Franklin, January 2000