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Week No. 25
Last Update: 20 June 2022

Will Geof Ever Be A Doctor?

Chapter 9

Alice looked at her husband, he appeared to be calm, enjoying the meal and making the twins laugh with his humorous remarks. He kept looking at his wife, almost exposing the fact that he did not believe she would leave him. She was independent and he knew she could have a number of places where she could go.

He felt he had to act subtly to gain what he wanted; he thought to himself, 'She will never get away with that,' and without fail he would see that his son did not have his own way.

Alice eyed him with suspicion, his play-acting to please the twins covered something deeper, she felt the need to keep alert. Suddenly she smelt the unpleasant smell she had registered in Geof's room, hate was hidden but it was there. Much show was seemingly of good humour but with what she could smell she knew that around them flowed thought that danger lay in wait, and when he offered to help wash up the dishes she knew there was no love with her husband but something that would do everyone harm.

Jack thought he knew his wife; her strength was something new and as he helped putting the dishes away, he said, "I will just pop out and have a pint."

Alice laughed. "I knew you were helping for a purpose."

Barney their small dog pricked up his ears and stretched himself ready to go out. Jack looked at him and shook his head. "Not tonight old boy."

Alice looked up and wiping her hands, said, "Then I will come and bring the dog."

Jack went and opened the door but slammed it shut again when hearing what his wife had said. The smell became worse and Alice knew her husband hated her for being strong and being able to checkmate him.

He wondered how she had known that he was not going to the pub, and he had to speak as if he was pleased she was to accompany him.

In the corner she saw a very dark green, and shook her head wondering, then realised it was different to what had been in the bedroom that she had seen. Had she known her husband was coveting her strength, she might have been unable to be quiet. Putting on her hat and coat she quickly followed her husband who had thought to get away as she phoned her neighbour to come round for an hour to stay with the twins. She had had to hurry, he had not turned the corner when she hurried out and knew he was making for the bus. She let the dog off the lead, who scampered away and was soon walking by her husband and he stood still hoping that she would think he had been waiting for her.

He could not show his temper but vowed to himself that he would not be put off the next time. His mood changed when he was with his friends and Alice realised he would not leave now he was the centre of attention.

All the time Alice had been quiet the baby blue was strong around her, and the lovely red of strength was also often covering her; they could not be seen but it was very apparent she was holding herself in readiness, should he make a move to sneak away.

© Gladys Franklin, January 2000