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Week No. 25
Last Update: 20 June 2022

Will Geof Ever Be A Doctor?

Chapter 8

The evening passed speedily; Grace tired from the exertion of cooking and clearing up the kitchen rested while Geof excited at being given his uncle's books began a study that would help him through the preliminary classes before he could grasp the real study he so longed to get started upon.

He had helped his benefactress by wiping the dishes and stayed in the dining-room, spreading his books on the table and taking copious notes. He had already found that by writing down the necessary details he could remember far more than just reading and repeating the words that seemed to get smaller when he had to read them two or three times. He was so immersed in what he was doing, he did not at first hear his aunt come and remind him it was time for bed.

He found his room commodious and light, a great temptation to stay up and continue to study. Grace laughed at his fervour and smelt a lovely scent, exclaiming, "I know that scent, it was what I gave your mother for Christmas. She must be thinking about us." No wonder the house felt to her as though it had opened patient arms to receive this handsome boy, who even now was underway to dedicating himself to the work he had hoped to do.

Packing up his books he left them on the bedroom table while accompanying his aunt round the house, fastening windows and seeing that all was well before they retired.

Geof had not been asleep for long when he began to dream. It was as if he was wide awake but he knew he was not. He dreamed he saw his father climb over the garden fence at the back of the house. Somehow he entered the house and made his way to the room Geof was in. It was as if a dark green smoke followed him and clung about him as he came up the stairs and entered his room. Geof was unafraid, he seemed to wake up but was still asleep. Sliding off the bed he faced his father who was advancing towards the bed; he leaned over his sleeping son and said, "You can't fool me, you are coming home."

Geof jumped up in the bed and he shouted, "No, I am staying here where my uncle can look after me!"

A figure came out of a bright red glow, smiling at Jack as if he was being friendly and said, "That is my boy too, you ceased to be his father when you struck him and did not know when to stop."

Geof was wide-eyed, his uncle was dressed as a Cavalier and brandishing a sword. "No son of yours Jack, you do not know how to love a family."

With that Geof woke up. "What a funny dream," he said, "my father will not come to get me after that." And easing himself back into bed he was soon fast asleep. No longer worried that he might have to leave his auntie Grace. "I am her son now." He could want nothing better and would bring new life to her.

© Gladys Franklin, January 2000