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Week No. 25
Last Update: 20 June 2022

Will Geof Ever Be A Doctor?

Chapter 6

Grace closed the door quietly; silently she stood rubbing her hands together, showing her satisfaction at the turn of events. She had helped her husband and he had much to thank her for. 'Now I have another dedicated man in the house, how glad I am,' she thought. She did not know that by feeling in this way she would not age quickly, and she would have enough vitality from her soul to keep her youthful enough to help her sister's lad in the best way, so he could study and be happy in what he was doing.

She had years of nursing behind her, almost knowing as much as her husband from the many times she had worked at his side. After he had died, gone was the activation of the desire to help; this left only mauve in her aura, showing the desire but nothing more. Now she would have a rich purple for the service she now hoped to accomplish. She felt the sincere urge that was in Geof and knew he would not let himself stray far from his goal.

Going downstairs she commenced to prepare a meal. 'Boys were hungry,' she thought, 'it must be something sustaining. Not a roast, but something quick.' Settling on her own pastry she felt at last her wish had been granted and Alice had blessed her.

'What a love she was,' Grace mused until she became solely immersed in what she was doing. Alice was doing the same, she did not regret parting with her son, he was a doctor in his mind already and would do well.

The loving thought Grace had sent to her sister came into her subconscious mind, and although she did not know where it came from she felt as though her whole body had been lifted up and new life came into her. She too made a pastry but hers was for a sweet, her husband loved apple pie, and she made it to please him as she felt he would sorely miss their son.

The twins were always hungry and she knew it would not go amiss with them. When they came in they wanted to know what was being cooked and she told them stew and dumplings. "Oh goody!" they chorused, "and afterwards apple pie, what a feast."

Alice's heart warmed towards them, they would prove no bother; but what of her husband, one could not know what his reaction would be. She shuddered by the way he came in, and he soon gave her an understanding of his feelings.

"Where's Geof!" he wanted to know.

Alice sighed. "You know I have taken him to Grace. You are no longer going to beat his hope of being a doctor, you will not knock that out of him, and Grace is the right one to help."

"I am going to fetch him back!" he stormed.

His anger was more than Alice could take, she took off the food from cooking and said, "Girls, go and get the cases I have packed, your father doesn't want us."

He kicked and chair. "No you don't," he said.

But Alice had the phone in her hand. "The police or my brother?" she asked.

© Gladys Franklin, January 2000