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Week No. 25
Last Update: 20 June 2022

Will Geof Ever Be A Doctor?

Chapter 16

Sitting alone, Jack was feeling sorry for himself; it was quite an easy matter to draw from his subconscious mind the anger and resentment he always felt when not getting his own way. He had no knowledge of the effect his possessive self had upon people as he drew from himself the dark red that harassed his aura; his good colours were overshadowed by it and he gradually lost them all together as he allowed it to enlarge and to move out from himself, affecting the atmosphere that could alter the lives of all who were thinking good about someone else.

In this way do colours become drawn to the same colours, making in this case a dark cloud continuing on and joining more dark colours. One in a family may pick up the colour by its altering and overshadowing of bright and workable colours; animosity could build up and hatred among a happy family could commence.

This is why the atmosphere must be cleaned, as the white of fear - the great menace to prosperity - has to go. The God of Moses brought it into power and it has continued through the many years to increase.

The colours that could show great promise have almost been wiped out. Soon it will be too late and many, like Jack, will have the occasion to add more to the murk of dark red and move with storm clouds over the various countries as the movement of the world continues. But I stray from my point and from Jack who was not thinking of the good years and the happiness they had shared but of the unfulfilled desire that he must make sure that he would fill in for himself.

He had no idea that how he felt was now affecting all who were near to him, but speedily moving on gathering the darker colour and adding to unhappiness.

Such was the happiness in the home his wife was visiting where the bright colours were so strong that no dark shade could show itself and they would pass by.

For a moment Jack felt elated, he thought of something that seemed to him a good idea, he would ask his son to visit at the weekend to give his aunt a rest and start to work on his feelings. No sooner had this entered his mind he rid himself of it, he knew Geof would see through a ruse like that and he didn't know where he was; it did not dawn upon him that he could feel friendly toward his son and not lose him at all.

He thought then of going to the pub and called the dog to take it, at least he would not be by himself. He waited but the dog did not come, he was entirely alone.

Somehow he felt like laughing but he was afraid. His wife had never been away before and he had not realised he did not like being alone with himself, the idea of the pub was gone. He could not go to bed, he couldn't think why. "Other people live alone, why can't I?" His voice sounded different in his ear and for a moment he felt he must go out, he could not stay in the house alone.

Suddenly there was a knock at the door. No one visited at night, he said to himself, "Where is Alice, she always answered the door."

© Gladys Franklin, January 2000