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Week No. 20
Last Update: 16 May 2022

Will Geof Ever Be A Doctor?

Chapter 19

Tension appeared to be building up, the twins no longer chatting as they were earlier. Alice was wondering why her husband had been invited; he had made some remarks that appeared peculiar; looking at Jim she tried to read his mind.

There was something going on, she was sure; but Grace appeared to have no qualms. She was talking to their hostess and seemed somewhat nonchalant, not taking too much notice of the feeling around the table that was to her somewhat uncomfortable.

Suddenly Jim made his excuses, he turned as he left the table and looked meaningfully at her, as if something was between them.

Geof left also and they could hear them talking. Then all was quiet until Jack said, "I think I had better be going too." And he also left the table. The ladies looking at each other until Grace suggested they clear the table.

Alice could not put her feeling into words and was surprised when Jim came back and said he would give them a hand. They had almost cleared everything away when Jim asked to be excused and appeared to be in a hurry as he went out into the hall; listening intently, he silently commenced to surmount the stairs, the thick carpet covering his rise to the rooms above.

Suddenly he heard Geof say, "No, I have made up my mind, you take your belt off to me, you will get hurt." A scream left him before he could say any more.

Jim was just in time to see the belt being raised to strike Geof a second time.

"Put that down!" Jim shouted. Jack turned glassy eyed and looked at Jim.

Jack would have struck him; he could not see the grinning inhabitant encouraging his temper. As his hand was raised, Jim ducked below his arm, and getting behind the bemused man pushed him behind his knees, and as he tried to steady himself Jim quickly had handcuffs on him. It was then he realised from the bewildered look on Jack's face that he was ill.

"He's ill!" As he said this Alice came into the room just in time to see the same bewildered look on her husband's face and the unpleasant face of a figure standing out in a murky dark green mist from Jack's solar plexus. Jack was looking at the belt in his hand; he looked doped as if he had just awakened from sleep. He dropped the belt as if it was burning his hand.

Alice gasped; Jim thought it best to keep the handcuffs on him, but Alice seeing the leaving of the intruder begged that he should take them off. Jim could not obey her, he really thought that Jack might still be dangerous.

Voices were raised. Alice did not know the spirit was not gone and was unable to see it getting dangerously near her.

Jim wondered what was happening. What he had heard from Grace was quite different, and in his heart he said, "This isn't Alice, who is it?" As he said this Jack hit him on the head and a chuckle could be heard.

Having Jim slump to the floor Grace and Mrs May came upstairs to see what was happening.

They saw Jack standing over Jim, Alice trying to get off the handcuffs, little feeling the spirit was so near her and this was wanting Jack free.

Grace took in the scene and said, "Alice, have you taken leave of your senses?" Alice turned to her and as she opened her mouth to speak she suddenly was free of what was driving her. "Get out!" Grace said firmly to what she thought was interfering with Alice and fearing what next she would do.

The intruder left. Alice looked at her friend. "My husband had something coming out of him, a horrid green."

"So that was the trouble!" Grace's voice was strong. "Jack's bad temper no doubt, coming when he was bad tempered and ready to be hurtful. I heard of such things before, but never seen it in action. I heard someone say something like that comes when one is exhausted and the mind can't keep it out."

Jim could be heard rising to his feet, he was glad to see the handcuffs still on but he thought, "I can't take him to the station, it must be a medical man, not the law he needs."

Alice having felt what it was like, said quietly, "I nearly had it as well. I didn't know of such things, thank goodness we knew in time if Jack can curb his temper. I know he can be a very pleasant man. I have dreaded the periods when this happened, it was always because of what he wanted but couldn't have.

"He will have to see someone or really gain help to overcome his temper. That will be very difficult to do, having given way to it for so long."

© Gladys Franklin, January 2000