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Week No. 13
Last Update: 19 September 2022

Will Geof Ever Be A Doctor?

Chapter 13

Chapter of the week!

Jack was soon standing outside the door, he thought he might surprise someone in the room. Quietly he opened the door, then pushing it hard; it made a noise as he stepped into the neat room that appeared to have no one in it.

He opened some of the drawers and found only ladies' wear neatly folded inside. Disgustedly he shut the drawers he had opened and then went to the wardrobe where he expected to find Geof hiding behind the clothes hanging inside.

From room to room he went and then out loud said, "Ah, the bathroom, I should have looked there first." Jim behind the door smiled to himself and thought, 'What a surprise he is going to have!'

Pushing the door hard it resisted opening wide and he knew someone was hiding behind it. Feeling certain it was his son, he laughed and said, "I knew I'd find you somewhere."

The door did not moved further and Jack slipped inside the room; as he did two arms shot out from behind the door and he found himself pinioned by the strength of the arms holding him. The words he had been about to say died on his lips, as his frightened eyes took in Jim, whose six foot and more seemed to tower above him. Observing the uniform he began to make excuses for himself.

Jim said somewhat harshly, "I know all that, you will have plenty of time at the station to explain yourself." Jim held him tightly and Jack struggling to free himself stopped, he knew he could not get away.

On arriving downstairs Mrs Fuller met them. "I suppose you are known, making free with this house."

Jack looked at her wondering who she was; he felt he must have come into the wrong house. Where was Grace? But he did not dare to say much since the warning he had received.

Many times Alice his wife had said she would get the police, this must be her doing. Round about him came a misty grey colour tinged with dark green; no one was able to see it but Jack shivered, cold had come from self-depression and coveting the gaining of his son, darker became the colour as he blamed his wife who had tricked him, he felt sure of that.

May spoke quietly when she said, "Won't Mrs Grace be surprised that we have caught an intruder."

Jack knew he would not be believed, he could expect no success with the tale of the abduction of his son.

On arrival at the police station he was put in a room by himself, it was not very uncomfortable, only a table and some chairs. A young officer came in and started to ask questions; Jack was gleeful, he could get around this one he felt sure. But it did not turn out as he had hoped. He was given a pen and a paper that explained he should write a truthful statement of his breaking and entering the house whilst its owner was not there, having caused fear to the housekeeper who had been unable to finish her work.

After writing down his excuses he was put in another room and told to wait.

As time passed and he became more and more afraid of what they were going to do to him.

After sitting and waiting for some time Jim came in and told him his statement was not satisfactory. Jim must have known how he had looked in every room, trying to find something valuable it was presumed.

"The lady has lived by herself for some time, she will have to be visited before we can do anything more," the terrified man was told. Like all people who can be violent he was cowardly, he feared what might be said to him that might affect his future.

It was late in the evening when a further officer came in and told him they would not hold him, the lady did not wish to press charges. He continued with a stern warning: "Should it ever happen again you will suffer the consequences."

Jack was so thankful, but said to himself, 'My wife will do the suffering, I will see to that!'

The colours deepened; Jack could not see that his way would be worsened by the talking he was giving himself. Alice would benefit by his lack of truth and his idea of placing all the blame on her.

© Gladys Franklin, January 2000

To be continued next week