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Week No. 07
Last Update: 8 August 2022

Will Geof Ever Be A Doctor?

Chapter 7

Chapter of the week!

Jack slumped down into a chair by the phone. "I never thought you would treat me like this, I want my son!"

Alice replied stoutly, "To beat him no doubt. He does not want to work with you, he wants to be a doctor and that's what he will be, even if I and the girls have to leave you. Grace won't beat him to make him learn, she will teach him and that is something you can't do."

Could one have seen the colour coming from Alice as she spoke, Jack might have been less foolish. Bright and beautiful orange is of determination and a lovely apple green showed her family love of Geof her son.

Jack raged within himself, he had encouraged a dark spirit and a murky green was with it, matching up with the dark bottle green Jack himself was giving off. The spirit was joyful of finding someone losing their temper, but it had not thought of Alice and the light her soul was using; her love comes uppermost and her husband feared to be left alone.

He had no idea that he would not be alone; but it was not to his happiness his visitor was thinking of helping him. Something had settled with him that assured him his son would be back, and until then he could wait. He turned a smiling face to his wife and said "You only had to tell me."

Alice knew her husband, she would have to be well aware of what he would do. She knew she could never trust him.

He started to giggle and the twins not understanding the situation giggled also. With a look Alice quelled their laughter and Jack looked toward the kitchen from where the smell of food was very tempting. The spirit seeing his change of thought left him and Jack felt light-hearted. Looking at Alice he said, "Forgive me, I really don't know what I was thinking of."

Alice retorted, "Whatever it was, if it is repeated there will be no reprieve, believe me, once is enough for a show of temper like that."

© Gladys Franklin, January 2000

To be continued next week