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Week No. 25
Last Update: 17 June 2019

Will Geof Ever Be A Doctor?

Chapter 24

Jack made for the pub, one hand on the handle to open the door but he felt as if someone was behind him, and he hurried away lest he be recognised. For a moment or two he wondered where he would go but then he turned his steps towards the works.

The spirit knew he was no longer able to bait this man and thought to leave him; immediately Jack felt the release but was perplexed, he had hit his wife and she had fallen. He had no knowledge that she was now in hospital having her arm put in plaster - for trying to save herself her arm was broken in two places.

The neighbour having phoned the police also phoned the children's auntie that they had left earlier in the day, who said that she would come straight over and take the children back with her.

Jim and his colleagues had not thought to investigate Jack's works and he rang Grace to tell her they were still searching. Grace was then able to remind him of her dream and suggested that many dark places might be at the works and it would be a good idea to look there. Jim had thought that Jack would not be so foolish as to hide Geof there, but begun to change his mind. Laughing at his own thoughts a light he could not see was above his head, and to him strength was given, his own sincerity and love allowing his inward self to look ahead.

The group of associates and Jim found a kerb-side café and quickly had a cup of tea, and taking sandwiches with them left for Jack's works and hoped that this would be the end of their journeying.

Lighter of heart they were soon back in the car and speeding across the city. Within minutes they were outside the gates; there was no one at the entrance but fortunately Jack had forgotten to lock them.

"He's here," they said between them. "But Geof won't be with him," said one, and heads were shaken as all thought of the hungry lad, no doubt hoping that someone would find him.

The car had been left near the gates and as Jim pushed open the door to the premises Jack leapt from his chair, but there was no way to escape. His animosity to the police caused an amber colour to rise up which seemed to give him strength and he challenged the officers from whom he had felt safe as to why they were there.

Seeing his efforts were no good he started to bluster to cover the weakness he now felt, and a lovely red colour came over the officers as they saw him break down.

© Gladys Franklin, January 2000