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Week No. 25
Last Update: 20 June 2022

Will Geof Ever Be A Doctor?

Chapter 25

Chapter of the week!

Picking Jack from off his chair that he had slumped into, Jim not unkindly said, "Where is he? If we have to search it will be the worse for you."

Jack allowed himself to be taken outside and led the officers to the shed where Geof was, who was wondering what all the noise was about. The door then opened but Geof hid himself until in the flashlight he saw the officers and then he showed himself with tears of happiness running down his cheeks.

The lovely red of strength around each one brought a lovely note to the macabre situation.

Once outside Geof drew in a deep breath and would have fallen, had support not been there. Jack tried to absolve himself from what the officers could see.

"The rat!" one of them said to Jack, "the boy's hungry, that will not go down well on your report."

Locking up the works, two of the officers said they would walk, the rest of the party were soon in the car and making there way to the station. Jack did not look at his son, for he knew he would see accusation in his eyes.

At the station Jack was taken to a small room and given a pen and paper to write out a statement, but he had no idea of what his temper had done. His statement read as if he had done no wrong, and he argued with an officer who queried it.

"What's the smell around that man?" Jim was asked.

"I've smelled that before," he said, "I think it comes out when he is lying. The truth will have to come out in court; there is no other way. I am just about to ring my mother, she will know more of his activities than he might tell us."

"Let me know what you find out, and if any way he is dangerous we can charge him. It won't be too easy for him having lied to us previously. I wonder what his wife feels now that she knows she cannot believe he does not lie?"

Jim laughed and added, "But I must say I am glad I have had time, it has proved its worth and I am very grateful for the support given me, most efficient."

Grace answered the phone and excitedly said, "There will be no indecision now."

Jim laughed, "Don't you want to know if we have Geof? Get a meal ready, he is a hungry man."

Now Grace laughed, "We knew that all would be well when you phoned, you have him I am sure. Jack almost killed his wife, so she too is sure and will no longer believe what he says."

Jim was sad and said, "Now the law will decide," but continued with, "well at least Geof will be able to become doctor now, with your help dear Grace he cannot fail."

The End

© Gladys Franklin, January 2000