Will Geof Ever Be A Doctor?

Chapter 22

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It was past one o'clock when Geof heard the stealthy tread of someone on the stairs. Quickly he put one or two things in an inside pocket and picked up a small book not directly related to his studies.

He laughed to himself, Grace seemed to know most of the moves his father made.

Jack entering the room thought his son would be in bed. It was somewhat dark in the room and he was startled when he suddenly heard Geof's voice, "So you lied when you said I could be a Doctor."

"I changed my mind, you're coming with me or it will be the worse for you," was Jack's sullen reply.

"Oh, I'll come," was the response, "no need to do anything, just lead the way." His father was joyful and his thoughts brought a fusty smell, and Geof wondered what he would do. Jack laughing to himself said very quietly, "You won't be so cocky in a day or two where you are going."

Grace had said, "All would be well," and he did not reply to what his father had said.

"No more studying my lad, only hard work like I have had to do."

Geof then knew that despite his father having said he loved them all, it would be truer to say he was not at one with his family. He knew his mother had thought he had been ill-used and that he loved her; what would she say when she found that Geof had disappeared? Would she believe her husband had nothing to do with it?

Jack was thinking of Jim, 'That's put a stop to his interference.'

Jim however, was glad he could give full time to helping his mother and Grace who had been so good to them. He told no one of what he would do but was unaware of Jack's full duplicity and what he was actually doing at the same time as Jim was thinking of how to stop further nuisance.

It was quite early in the morning when the phone rang. His mother asked him to answer it as her hands were wet.

Jim hurried to the phone and heard a calm voice saying, "Geof has gone, his bed has not been slept in, I had left him in his room last night studying."

"I'll be round, don't call the police. What a good thing it is that I have this time off, they will know before long the truth," was his assured reply.

Grace then laughed.

Jim was surprised, "Was it arranged?"

"Yes," came the ready answer, "I had one of those dreams and was told what to do."

Jim chuckled, "But you don't know where Geof is, he might be in trouble. Do you want my mum to come over?"

"I would be very pleased if she could come. Do you think she could stay with me for a few days?"

"I am sure she would be happy to be with you, she would only worry while I am away."

"That's settled," she said with a sigh, "I keep wondering whether Geof will ever be able to become a doctor?"

Jim laughed heartily at that, "If all goes well he will become a doctor, maybe a surgeon, that's more to the point."

"He will follow in my husband's footsteps if he does," she replied.

"He will," was the breezy answer. "But first I must see my super' and tell him what has happened; I shall need some help maybe, he will let me have it."

"I am glad, I wondered what would happen for you."

"I would never let you down; now I must be off, mum will soon be on her way." At that there was a click and he had gone.

Grace felt at peace, and a lovely rose pink came around her; "How good to have friends!" and so saying she turned and made her way to the kitchen. "I will wait for Mrs. May," she said to no one in particular, "I wonder what Geof is doing now?"

She would have been surprised if in some way she could have seen him; his father had taken him to an old shed. He thought it right that Geof had been quiet, who could have questioned? But Jack well pleased just took it for granted that no one would find him there.

Geof was sitting on boxes against a small window, the early morning light was just coming in, and pen in hand he studied the hand written notes that his auntie Grace had said were very valuable. His father thought he could not study with all his books left behind, not knowing of the small pocket book that he had in his jacket.

Finding the book a mine of information Geof was not worried as to where he was. Someone unlocked the door and he hurriedly put the book away just before Jack brought in his breakfast.

He looked at Geof who had slid down on to the floor and was rubbing his eyes as if he had been asleep. Jack gave an inane laugh, "You'll have plenty of time to sleep, no one will find you here."

Geof looked up at him and politely thanked his father for the food as he put it on the floor beside him.

Jack thinking it was very funny put his foot on the food making it inedible and was also trying to make him lose his calm which in some way made him annoyed and wanting to strike his son.

© Gladys Franklin, January 2000

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